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Best Push Notifications

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Have you ever been so busy that you missed an important update? Push notifications are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest news. You can customize your push notification preferences, so you only get the updates that matter most to you. Sign up today and start getting notified about what matters most!

Frequently Asked Questions on Push Notifications

Can I filter Push Notifications?

Subscribing to push notification means that you would like to receive updates on a specific website or app. However, not all updates regarding that platform may be interesting for you. Receive updates on information useful to you by configuring the settings on what information to receive through push notifications. 

Is there a free push notification service on the market?

Most push notification service providers offer free app and web push notification startup plans. If you want more features and custom setups, you may opt to take premium packages. Always remember that sourcing out free services will give you limited features you can use to promote your brand.

How can I find the best push notification service available?

Before finding a provider, you have to identify which type of push notification suits your campaign well and on what platform it could run on. As push notification providers offer different services, the best push notification service is the one that suits your needs best and not the one with the best recommendations.

How do I know if the push notification service is compatible with the platform I’m using?

The simplest way to settle this is by asking the push notification provider the list of platforms compatible with their system. Running a push notification tester may also help in identifying this. Ask the provider all the details about platform and port compatibility to avoid issues in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of users that can receive my push notifications?

Running on free services will give you limitations to the features you can use, which may include the number of users who can receive push notifications. Increasing the number of user reach may need you to upgrade the push notification plans to a premium one. 

Can I switch to a different push notification provider in the future?

While this is definitely an option and something you’d want the freedom to do so, some push notification providers has a lock-in agreement. Ask your provider for portability features to ensure you have the right to change providers if the provider can no longer sustain your push notification needs.

Also, stay away from providers who don’t provide portability features as these are the ones that lock-in their customers for a long period of time.

Is it possible to get a demo of the push notification feature before purchasing one?

Not only does push notification providers offer demos of how the push notification would look, you can even get it for free depending on the providers terms. Some push notification providers offer free trial periods while others offer unlimited free periods but with limited reach.

Can push notifications be implemented on non-secure websites?

Push notifications can run virtually anywhere. The difference will be on the implementation process needed to run it. You can ask your push notification provider their implementation processes on both secured and non-secured websites.

Can I cancel my push notifications plan anytime?

While this depends on the push notification provider’s cancellation policies, most providers allow customers to cancel their plans anytime for free. It is best to check the provider’s policies on cancellation before purchasing any plans.

How are web push notifications different from app push notifications?

Web push notifications are used to reach desktop and laptops. These notifications are run on websites with the aid of web browsers. Web push notifications are not capable of tapping applications installed on your device.

On the other hand, app push notifications identify the pre-installed device features as well as the apps you have added as it runs on smart devices. App push notifications can support rich media like images, videos, gifs, audio and other interactive elements, unlike web push notifications that can only support large images.

How do you setup web push notifications on your website?

Generating an APN certificate for Safari and implementing service workers for Chrome and Firefox browsers is the first step in publishing a web push notification. Standard API calls are provided for browsers to confirm the domain’s subscription permissions. Ask for SDK from web push notification providers.

You can use APIs to send web push notifications to your audience. Web push notification providers will give you access to a user interface that allows you to customize your notifications.

How do I choose between web push notifications and app push notifications?

Identify the platform you will be using to know which push notifications is best suited for your campaign. If you’re running on a web-hosted platform web push notifications is recommended, otherwise app push notifications is the better choice. You may want to consider both options to maximize your reach and user engagement.

What are the common types of push notifications?

Geolocation Notifications - Entering and leaving a location can be tracked by your applications through your device’s GPS. You may sometimes find a notification asking you how your experience was after leaving a restaurant. It might send you updates on the status of traffic around your area. These notifications are triggered by apps that are area-specific.

Geolocation notifications give the user options to choose from that are within their proximity. It tries to predict the activities and services you wish to take in the area you are visiting. If you’re traveling and have little idea of the local shops around, geolocation notifications will come in handy.

Catch-Up Notifications - Apps usually send their users a notification to remind them of the features you can use on the app. These are catch-up notifications and are made to re-engage users in using the app again. It helps you develop a bond with the app, which encourages you to use the app more often.

It’s very common for people to install an app, use it once, and forget about it later on. Catch-up notifications remind you that you have an app installed that you haven’t used for a while. Getting reminded of an app may encourage you to pick it up again. It helps the app avoid being shelved until being accidentally found again.

This keeps users engaged, which is important in having a successful campaign. When you forget about using an app due to a busy schedule, a catch-up reminder is a nice way to get reminded. A short reminder from time to time wouldn’t hurt.

Promotional Notifications - Apps commonly use notifications when letting their users know about promos they’re giving away. These tempts the users to make a deal fast as the promos may run on limited stock or on limited time offers. It’s a great way to keep the users engaged on the features and services offered by the app.

Promotional notifications attract sales. Having promotional notifications widens the reach of potential sales through promos. Reading a promotional notification may be the only way for a casual shopping app user to notice that a current promo is running. Also, promotional notifications can help you be one of the first ones to know when a promo is on or upcoming.

Recurrent Push Notifications - Recurrent push notifications are for scheduled posts highlighting a featured service or product. Book and manga apps commonly use this to let their readers know when new content is uploaded or when the managing team has chosen new editorial picks. It makes the user feel like the app is always offering something fresh from time to time.

Note that the engagement here is consistent. By highlighting top features, the user is urged to always check out what’s new. The variation in features avoids the app going stale and boring. Daily or Monthly updates on new content treats you with various things to play around the platform.

Rating or Survey Push Notifications - Rating or survey push notifications are the ones that prompt from time to time to ask about the user experience on an app. This is usually aimed to get feedback from the users regarding a specific feature or the app’s general feel. Studies show that people are more inclined to download apps with good user reviews.

Improvement is consistent. By collecting user feedback frequently, the managing team is able to develop a more user-friendly app. Constant improvement through future versions of the app could drive an increase in app installations. It also encourages the customer to use the app more as the developers adjust based on their feedback.

Order Push Notifications - Order push notifications are always appealing to users. Being able to check the status of your order can make you feel that there is a sense of security in placing an order from a specific app. Apps that provide order push notifications are more likely to get more positive feedback from users than others.

Order Push Notifications offer up-to-date status checking. Customers are encouraged to use services where they know what’s going on with their orders from order placement to delivery. Transparency is the most important element in providing order push notifications. Being able to see the current status of the orders empower the customer.

With order push notifications, there are fewer things to worry about your orders. You can check real-time the full details of the delivery, the name of the courier, and even track its current location. No more sleepless nights worrying if your order will make it in one piece or not.

Trivia Push Notifications - Trivia push notifications are perky and fun messages that can catch the users’ attention. It gives the vibe that the app is fun to use and worth your time. Trivia push notifications are creative in nature and unique. The goal of these notifications is to get the user to feel comfortable using the app frequently.

Being witty and entertaining, trivia push notifications present messages in a fun way that customers would appreciate. This can be in the form of trendy memes and quotes that relate to the topic you want to get across. Users are more likely to check out entertaining messages as it taps their curiosity more effectively.

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