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Do you want to make sure your writing is as perfect as possible before publishing? Proofreading services is the best way to ensure your work is up-to-par before publishing. It’ll go through your entire document and make sure it's free of errors in punctuation, formatting, grammar and more! So what are you waiting for? Download proofreading services now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Proofreading Services

What is the difference between editing and proofreading? 

It’s a common misconception that editing & proofreading are synonymous. These two may be part of the collective process; editing revises the core of the content — from structure, clarity, and coherence. Proofreading, on the other hand, reviews the editings done previously to check surface-level errors before publishing. The two processes are widely applied in proofreading firms for various documents and formats. 

What document types do proofreading services accept? 

Proofreading services review a vast horizon of documents, such as essays, theses, dissertations, cover letters, manuscripts, business documents, technical proofreading, websites, etc. Whether you’re a student or a professional already, this service provider can offer you the writing proofreading your work requires. 

How do service providers make sure I keep the final draft copyright? 

You don’t have to worry about your work getting stolen because service providers make no claim to any of your documents’ copyrights. The proofreading firm’s sole job is to finalize and correct your errors in your draft. Once you pay the service fairly, the changes made on the final draft becomes your property as well

How long will it take to get my document back?

Commonly, proofreading services can complete the task within 24 hours after the transaction is verified. However, you can speed this up, depending on your urgency. Just pay extra if you need the express delivery, which usually has a 3-hour turnaround time. 

What style guides are available? 

Style guides are the standard options you can choose from to incorporate on your document proofreading. Most service providers support style guides, like APA, AMA, ASA, ACS, AP, AGLC, CSE, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, MLA, Oxford, OSCOLA, Turabian, Vancouver, and so much more. 

What file formats do you review? 

Several online proofreading services accept files from MS Word, MS Works, MS Excel, Notepad, Adobe Acrobat, MS Powerpoint, and others. To be sure, service providers generally accept documents in MS Word (.doc), Text Document (.txt), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), or Rich Text Format (.rtf). 

Is there an available free proofreading software? 

Absolutely. Free versions of proofreading can also be reliable for standard grammar, spelling, and redundancy errors. Also, most premium proofreading tools have their own basic version. Thus, these free apps are highly recommended for average content editing and proofreading. 

Do online service sites offer resume proofreading services? 

If you’re an applicant looking for job postings, you’ll know that your credential documents are crucial. Service providers online offer cover letter and resume proofreading services to ensure your documents can land you that dream job. Plus, they also proofread corporate documents like progress reports or financial statements. 

What happens if my draft isn’t delivered on time? 

Late proofread output submissions rarely happen, but if it does, make sure to contact your service provider first so they can immediately take action regarding your concerns. Some proofreading services may offer you a percentage cashback as compensation for the inconvenience caused. 

Can I place orders even if I’m from a foreign country? 

While this may be impossible for the traditional proofreading, online service providers make it accessible for you to place offshore orders. Since online websites are usually global, foreign orders can still be addressed by staff working in different parts of the world. Plus, delivery is convenient as the documents are sent via email. 

How do I know when a document is ready for retrieval?

Your documents will be up for submission within your selected delivery option, and the finalized manuscripts are sent through your active email. You can also ask for the original copy so you can compare it with the proofread version.

Are there any free online proofreading services I can try? 

Yes. However, proofreading services for free rely on preset algorithms and limited proofreading features. As a result, the website may only offer the most basic editing and suggestions. So, if you need exhaustive document review, go for the paid proofreading services. 

How do proofreading services charge fees? 

Some service providers may offer fixed pricing rates on their proofreadings. If you’re not interested in this, several proofreading services also allow you to customize a price model by specifying your preferred editing style, page numbers, word counts, and turnaround time. 

What are the payment options for the online service? 

For payments, online proofreading sites accept and handle transactions via major debit and credit cards. They may also allow payments on an eWallet method like PayPal. Just fill out the essential card details on the form, and the site should verify your transaction in a second.

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