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Wrike is a project management platform that enables teams to manage their workload better and collaborate on projects. With Wrike, your team can stay organized and on track by monitoring tasks, deadlines, and projects. The software also makes working on projects less complicated and more efficient so you can get more done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Wrike Project Management Software different?

Wrike differentiates itself from others with its collaborative capabilities and ability to handle large projects. It also integrates easily with other software, making it a popular choice for businesses.

Can I create multiple projects on Wrike Project Management Software?

You can create as many projects as you need on Wrike and invite as many collaborators as possible by filling up a request form. You can also create multiple projects through dynamic request forms, subject to conditions.

Can I prioritize tasks on Wrike Project Management Software?

Using the importance feature, you can mark tasks according to priority (low, normal, or high). By default, all tasks have normal priority. High priority tasks appear with an exclamation point in Task View or List View. Low priority tasks appear with a down arrow.

Here are the steps to change task priority:

Step 1: Open the task that you want to prioritize.

Step 2: Mouse over to the left of the task and click the exclamation point.

Step 3: Choose the priority you want the task to have from the drop-down list that appears.

How do I organize projects on Wrike Project Management Software?

Creating a folder is an efficient way of organizing your projects. Folders can store tasks, subfolders, and subprojects to keep relevant material together. Moreover, folders allow for quick and easy sharing with the right people.

How do I monitor my team's work on Wrike Project Management Software?

You can monitor your team's work on Wrike Project Management Software using the Manager Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to view the status (New, In Progress, Completed, etc.) of tasks. With Manager's Dashboard, you can see how much progress your team has made and how much more work is required to complete your project.

How do I track project progress on Wrike Project Management Software?

All Business and Enterprise accounts offer the project progress feature, allowing users and collaborators to see the project's current state.

Here are the steps in tracking project progress on Wrike:

Single Projects

Step 1: Open the project information window for the applicable project.

Step 2: In the top-right corner, click the project progress icon.

Step 3: Under Measure as, choose Completed tasks, Duration of completed tasks, or Tasks and duration average.

Step 4: Look at project progress to see your project's progress percentage.

Multiple Projects

Step 1: Navigate to the location of the projects whose progress you want to track.

Step 2: Toggle to the Table view.

Step 3: Turn on the Progress field by clicking the gear icon in the top left corner of the panel.

Step 4: Select Enable/Disable for all projects by clicking the cart icon in the Progress column title.

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