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Workzone is a web-based project management tool to help users make better business decisions with real-time insights. It enables people to manage projects, tasks, and the workforce efficiently and effectively. It boosts a business's productivity and quality of results through its features like time tracking, Gantt charts, and agile project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Workzone different?

Being the best project management software of 2018, Workzone was one of the earliest solutions for cloud-based project collaboration. Workzone was initially designed as a document collaboration extranet for ad agencies and marketing departments to communicate with clients online safely. It offers simple, web-based project management software for managing projects across teams.

What is Workzone?

Workzone is a top project management software system that includes document management, project collaboration, customized reporting, resource and task management, and time tracking. The program is cloud-based and sends out automated email reports with current project status information.

How is collaboration within the team improved in Workzone?

Workzone helps to reach team goals simpler by allowing all creative requests to be stored in one place, identifying assignments, and tracking their progress within the system's system. It's easy to keep track of every communication connected to a project because it's within the program.

How is organization improved in Workzone?

By using one of Workflow’s project management software tools, User projects may be optimized using workflow management's powerful business process automation, graphical editor, customized control panels, third-party connections. It helps workers manage workload more efficiently and timely.

Is it possible to recover deleted files in Workzone?

Yes, users with administrative privileges have access to a "Projects Recycle Bin" option, which leads to a list of recently removed projects. Select the project/s you're interested in restoring and click the "Restore Project" button to proceed. Workzone only keeps projects in the Recycle Bin for 14 days before completely deleting them.

How are projects sorted or prioritized in Workzone?

Tasks are sorted by their end date. When using Workzone, the tasks planned to be finished first are at the very top. Any jobs with a now earlier end date will be placed above, while tasks with a later finish date are found below. Neither Workzone nor its users can disable or modify this behavior.

Is there any way of adjusting more than one task detail at a time in Workzone?

Yes, the "Edit Multiple" button is in the Projects module when one selects tasks. Users can change many fields for all chosen jobs by clicking the link, which brings up several fields. "Modify These Tasks" will preserve modifications once the appropriate adjustments are in place.

Is it possible to put branding in Workzone?

Yes, one may add logos and modify the colors to match their identity. It adds another level of professionalism to agencies working with Workzone clients. Users can set up a private portal or extranet for every customer, partner, or stakeholder. This functionality is ideal for businesses who want to create a customized workspace for each of their clients.

Is it possible to integrate other programs into and from Workzone?

Yes, Workzone’s REST API opens the door for a company or team to build their custom integrations. Get instant notifications in Slack when projects and tasks are updated in Workzone.

How secure are Workzone project management software packages?

Workzone is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption, making it considerably more secure than email attachments. Companies can further restrict project, folder, or document access, allowing only the users assigned to see it. Unauthorized users will not be able to see the project or information.

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