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Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management software that keeps teams focused and on schedule with automated reminders and real-time updates. Smartsheet combines the best project management tools with real-time team collaboration solutions to boost efficiency and productivity. With Smartsheet project management software, you can automate workflows, scale up your operations, and more.

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Last updated on June, 16

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Gantt View,Kanban View,Calendar View

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Shared Project Views

Set Task Dependencies

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Unlimited Storage Size

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Last updated on June, 16

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best use for Smartsheet Project Management Software?

Project Management

Smartsheet is more than just your typical spreadsheet. It provides work request forms, multiple task views, and workflow automation for repetitive tasks. With Smartsheet, you can create a project, assign it to a department or person, set a due date, assign sub-tasks, and display completion status.


Smartsheet also provides tools for seamless collaboration between team members. It allows teams to collaborate with agility, speed, and accountability by displaying data in various ways, including grid, card (Kanban), Gantt, and calendar views.

Smartsheet also allows for secure sharing of information with individuals outside your team. Users can view Smartsheet reports even without a Smartsheet account.

How do I organize my Smartsheet?

Step 1: Use the browse option from the left navigation bar to view all your projects.

Step 2: Arrange items into folders for those projects where you are a member. How you label and sort your folders is a personal preference.

Step 3: Create workspaces and invite other members.

Step 4: Supply your workspace members with access to share, delete or upload the content within the workspace. All your team’s work will remain neatly contained within the workspace.

Can I create a flowchart in Smartsheet?

Smartsheet allows you to create process maps that improve visualization, increase project management efficiency, and reduce costs. Smartsheet provides several types of process map templates for various use cases.

Does Smartsheet have any limitations or drawbacks?

Sheet Limitations

Per sheet, Smartsheet has a limit of 20,000 inbound cell links. You can extend this restriction to 100,000 inbound cell linkages in the Control Center.

User Experience

Smartsheet may prove a challenge for users who are unfamiliar with spreadsheets. Experienced spreadsheet users may find that Smartsheet lacks some advanced functionality.


Smartsheet requires a paid subscription, which some members might view as prohibitive. However, the platform is generous in supplying many project management tools to all subscription levels. In addition, you can get more out of Smartsheet by using one or more of its integrated apps or web services. Be aware, though, that some of these additional services require additional fees.

Can any project be managed with Smartsheet?

You can use Smartsheet to manage any project. The software allows teams to track and manage various projects, from the simple to the sophisticated. For example, you can build project plans, engage with teams, and measure progress in real-time using Smartsheet. Furthermore, Smartsheet reports and dashboards make it simple to track project progress and identify problem areas.

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