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Podio is the leading project management tool with an intuitive web-based interface, making it easy for teams to manage projects, tasks, files, and schedules. It is the only tool that offers a complete solution for project management, file sharing, task management, time tracking, and instant messaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Podio?

Podio offers secure collaborative project management software tools for managing teams and projects. It offers solid social collaboration capabilities, configurable workflow apps and easily links other cloud services into Podio workspaces. It allows you to organize every task, centralize conversations, and measure progress made.

What makes Podio different?

Podio offers a complete online project management software solution. It incorporates task management, file sharing, extensions, API access, and integrations with other third-party services. It streamlines communications within an organization and allows external users to collaborate and participate in task management.

Can one automate processes with Podio?

In Podio, one can utilize workflows to automate processes within the project management software online. The "when/then" syntax is used to initiate workflows. Users may create a strategy that works like this: when an item's status is changed to "complete," a task is automatically given to the person who needs to evaluate a thing.

What are “light users” in Podio?

External users not organic to one's organization, such as clients, partners, and freelancers, can collaborate with the user using Podio without the need for additional project management software training. The light role restricts the abilities of these users. Light users are unable to modify, add, or remove applications and invite others to workplaces.

What type of files can we store and share with team members?

You may attach images bearing the file type jpg, gif, png, or BMP. For file attachments, you can upload documents and other media like ODS, ODT, CSV, TXT, PPTX, PPT, XLSX, XLS, Docx, Doc, AVI, mp3, SWF, Flv, WMV, MOV, and mp4. Each file must not exceed 100 megabytes. Podio does not enforce any storage limit in any of its plans.

How can I access Podio?

Podio supports the major web browsers—Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge 23+, Google Chrome 50+, Safari 7+, and Firefox 50.0+. The latest two browser versions are frequently supported. Users may opt to use Podio’s native app available for Android and iOS devices for mobile access.

How does Podio ensure that a team’s data is secure?

Podio's web, application, and database servers are housed in highly secure data centers worldwide. Access to these data centers is constantly controlled and limited to only authorized people. The servers are hardened to meet industry-standard safe configuration criteria and are devoted to running just the services necessary to enable Podio.

What is a Podio workspace?

Workspaces bring individuals together by connecting them to the Podio project management software packages they use to manage their work. These are typically developed to handle projects or to keep a corporate department functioning smoothly.

What types of tasks can users create with Podio?

Tasks in Podio are broken down into three categories. Personal tasks are assignments one is in charge of and maybe labeled to know which task to prioritize. Shared tasks are shown for all members of the organization, useful for goals requiring collaborations. Recurring tasks are routine procedures that occur during intervals.

Is it possible to have a private workspace in Podio?

Yes, while Podio is a collaborative platform, particular tasks may be confidential and must not be shared with the entire company. A private workspace is accessible exclusively by invitation; users who are not members of the workspace will not be able to access it or even notice that it exists.

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