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Streamline your workflow, keep track of deadlines, and collaborate with team members quickly with nTask project management software. Accessible online and offline, nTask offers a variety of features that are sure to meet your needs, including task delegation, Gantt charts, and reporting tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many projects can nTask handle?

With nTask, you can easily manage an unlimited number of projects simultaneously. So whether you're managing a small personal project or a large corporate project, nTask can help you stay organized and on track.

What are some of the features of nTask project management software?

Task Management

nTask allows you to establish, supervise and assign tasks to team members. With the task management feature, you can set deadlines, task dependencies, and reminders. Team members can then receive notifications about assigned duties.

Time Tracking

With the time tracking feature, you can record the time spent on tasks and view reports on the time allocated for tasks or projects.

Resource Management

You never have to worry about assigning resources again. With nTask, you can adequately allocate workforce, equipment, and funds to tasks and projects. In addition, the resource management feature allows you to view available resources and calculate costs.

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts depict when your team completes tasks. Typically used to outline project deadlines, Gantt charts also display task dependencies and project progress. You can predict future trends in data sets and visualize the impact of seasonal changes on projects with the help of nTask's Gantt charts.

How do I assign tasks using nTask?

nTask is an excellent tool for managing tasks and assigned projects. Here's how to use it effectively:

Step 1: Create a task by clicking the + symbol in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2: Assign the task to individuals by selecting their names from the Assigned To drop-down menu.

Step 3: Choose a due date for the task by clicking on the calendar icon next to Due Date, then select the type of task from the Type drop-down menu.

How can I monitor my work progress on the nTask project management software?

There are two ways to monitor your work progress in nTask.

The first is through the My Tasks page. You can see the task name, due date, status (not started, in progress, or completed), and priority. In addition, the My Tasks page shows you a quick snapshot of where you're at with your various projects.

You can also monitor your work progress through your dashboard. In addition, the dashboard gives you even more detailed information on your current tasks.

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