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Do you want to make your projects successful Backlog is a project management software with tools that help your team collaborate to enhance project transparency. With Backlog, everything your team needs for achieving exceptional projects can be found.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Backlog different?

Backlog is an online project management software for developers that is trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide. It tracks the project progress using boards and charts to see what is done and what needs to be done. You can also fix bugs faster and turn issues into clear outlines so you can resolve them quickly. With Backlog, the top project management software, you can view and discuss all your tasks in one platform. Your entire team would communicate and collaborate to get more done with higher efficiency. Join the 1,000,000 users running on Backlog and try it for 30 days for free!

How does the 30-day free trial work?

You can try the services of Backlog for free for 30 days. Once your trial is over, you can continue using Backlog by subscribing to their plans and entering your payment details.

I already have a free Backlog plan. Can I do a free trial of a paid plan?

Those who are free plan subscribers cannot upgrade their spaces to a free trial of paid plans. You will need to submit requirements and payments for you to access any paid plans.

What is a user in Backlog?

A user is someone who has access to projects and issues. They don’t have permission to create projects, change project settings, or set permissions for other members. There are different roles of the users in Backlog.

How does Backlog protect my data?

Online project management software like Backlog is committed to providing a secure and reliable environment for customers. There are various measures taken to protect all users’ data, which includes a secure data center, SSL encryption, and periodic backups.

If I don’t upgrade after my free trial, what happens to my trial account?

After your free trial period is over, you will no longer have access to the trial space. You will need to subscribe to other plans like starter, standard, or premium accounts to continue using the platform.

How do I change my contract duration?

You can either choose a monthly or annual contract and be billed according to your respective contract duration. To change your contact duration, go to space settings, then click subscription, then payment. Any information will be sent to the administrator via email.

What is the difference between Backlog enterprise vs. other plans?

Backlog enterprise is installed on your private server. It gives you full control over your uses, data, security settings, and updates. Backlog enterprise is also customizable, so you can create a suitable space for your individual needs.

What are the system requirements of the Backlog enterprise?

Since Backlog enterprise is a project management software tool placed on your server, you have some requirements to accomplish. You must have a CPU of 2.5 GHz or more, a memory of 2.5 GB or more, and a hard disk of 30 GB or more.

Does Backlog have security assertion mark-up language single sign-on?

You can add SAML SSO if you subscribe to Nulab Pass. It is the centralized security subscription that will give you enterprise-grade security and governance of your Nulab products. This works in all their products, such as Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk.

How do I know how much storage does Backlog takes up?

Administrators can keep track of your Backlog disk usage on the space settings. The usage status of each function like files, GIT, and subversion is displayed. If you exceed your plan’s storage, you may be restricted to some actions. Consider upgrading your plan to upgrade your storage.

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