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Agile CRM is a project management software that helps users manage their projects, contacts, leads, tasks, risks, events, issues, etc. It is effortless to use and can be customized to meet specific business needs. It features a functional CRM system that helps you track your sales pipeline, manage your customers, and stay on top of your marketing initiatives. Designed for small up to enterprise businesses, Agile CRM is an efficient, simple, and affordable solution for managing your contacts, leads, opportunities, and projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Agile different?

You gain the power of three when you use Agile CMR Project Management: sales, marketing, and service automation. You can quickly comprehend and evaluate the whole client lifetime using this CRM. Furthermore, a ticketing system linked into your CRM helps manage data breaches and helps to consolidate the entire communication process. It assists in keeping all of the business's critical components in sync and connected.

What is Agile?

Agile CRM Project Management Software facilitates the seamless integration of sales and marketing operations. It aids them in sending consistent messages, preventing data breaches, and ensuring that both departments are on the same page regarding responsibilities and timeframes. Its objective is to help manage projects in which no single team is working alone.

How can I use Agile CRM project management for the sales enablement of our project?

Agile CRM Project Management software packages support the sales enablement process, enabling sales professionals to have an intelligent and productive discussion with the right sales-ready prospects. It also connects sales and marketing, as well as equipping client-facing personnel to boost sales and income. Agile CRM automates the process as mentioned above and carve out a simple approach to grow revenue with minimal time and labor.

How do I get started with using Agile CRM’s project management software?

Upon reaching out to Agile CRM, a dedicated customer success manager will be appointed to you. Your CSM will then talk to you and discuss your use case and possible onboarding training. From there, your team will be given live project management software training to familiarize you with the software. The last step of the onboarding will be to migrate all of your data into Agile CRM, and it will now be ready for use for you and your organization.

Can I add notes or descriptions to tasks in Agile CRM project management?

Yes, the online project management software in Agile CRM lets you track project status and add notes to tasks so you can keep track of the progress of your project with project management software. When new developments arise, add comments to tasks. Agile CRM's project management tool centralizes all task information and delivers it to your whole team instantly, removing confusion and allowing you to get back to work.

How do I stay up-to-date with my tasks with Agile CRM project management?

The project management software tools in Agile CRM give you options on which tasks to display—All Tasks, My Tasks, All Pending Tasks, or My Pending Tasks. From there, you may check the status of your tasks, finish them on time, and then move them to the completed list. You may also display all outstanding chores in one location to help you prioritize.

What details can I add when adding tasks in Agile CRM project management?

You may add tasks to the project management software and assign them to the appropriate team member. Set the type, due date, and category of the new task, as well as the relevant contacts, right away. Having a platform to provide your staff with all critical information regarding their tasks will eliminate any confusion and set a concrete goal within a timeframe.

Can I organize my team’s tasks on Agile CRM?

Agile CRM Project Management's innovative drag-and-drop project management tool allows for easy moving of tasks between sections, editing or deleting tasks, and marking them as complete. Changes you make in your tasks screen in the project management software online will be synchronized and reflected on your team members.

Can I integrate other productivity services I use into Agile CRM project management?

Yes, aside from the other third-party services, Agile CRM also allows users to integrate other productivity solutions. Linking your Google or Microsoft Exchange account with Agile CRM allows for seamless 2-way interaction with services you use, letting you use your project management software with your already existing email, calendars, and cloud storage.

How does Agile CRM project management’s appointment scheduling work?

Online Calendar syncs with your Agile Calendar and Google Calendar automatically if you have both integrated. You can then manually or automatically add your new Online Calendar to your website (connected from a scheduling popup) and include an appointment scheduling link in emails and campaigns.

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