Best Project Management Apps for Android in June 2022

A project management app for Android can help you design your workflows more efficiently and effectively. You can manage project tasks and resources, track project progress and performance, get more insights into project data, and make better decisions— while on the go.

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7,660 reviews


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17,933 reviews


per user/month, $60.00 billed annually

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2,828 reviews


per month,$180.00 billed yearly

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7,975 reviews


per month, $131.88 billed every year

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30 days



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200 reviews


per month, $495.00 / 50 users billed yearly

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14 days



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Jira Software

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2,754 reviews


per user, $75.00 billed every month

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5,498 reviews


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14 days


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6,226 reviews


per month, $60.00 billed every year

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30 days



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1,283 reviews


user per month, $59.40 billed annually

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84 reviews


per month, billed $120.00 yearly

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the most common features in a Project Management App for Android?
Task Management

You can add and remove tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to team members. Task management lets you collaborate on tasks seamlessly, increases transparency and boosts productivity.

Resource Management

This feature lets you see where your project stands at any given moment. Resource management helps you identify potential risks and adjust your project accordingly.

Time and Budget Tracking

Project management apps help you monitor your time and budget allocations and ensure that your team stays on task, which is crucial to the project's success.

Third-Party Integration

This feature allows you to connect your app to other software applications, such as your email or calendar. Application integration is a great way to keep your project information in one place and ensure you're always on top of your tasks.

How does a Project Management App for Android help design my workflows?

Project management involves people working independently on different parts of the project— which makes ensuring quality and efficiency quite challenging. The best project management app for Android empowers you to automate, control, and organize workflows.

It helps visualize the tasks your team needs to accomplish, track the progress and timings, and record what your team has achieved. You can also compare previous versions and keep track of projects and documents on all levels.

Does using a Project Management App for Android increase team collaboration and productivity?

A project management app for Android improves teamwork and productivity through the following functionalities:

Centralized Information

It keeps all project-related information in one place. Team members can easily access and reference data to stay up-to-date on the latest project developments.

Progress Monitoring

Team members can stay on course and avoid project delays with the help of a project management app. You can also track deadlines and milestones.

Communication Platform

You can use project management apps to coordinate with team members and get their feedback on the project. Clear communication ensures everyone’s on the same page and that the project is moving in the right direction.

Reporting Tools

The right project management app helps create professional-looking reports and presentations for sharing with clients or investors. These reports show everyone how the project is progressing.

Can you trigger task automation using a Project Management App for Android?

Task automation is a great way to boost productivity and get things done more efficiently. Several project management apps for Android offer features to reduce repetitive tasks and minimize human error. Additionally, you can integrate automation platforms to speed up workflows and save your team time and effort.

Is investing in a Project Management App for Android worth it?

A free app might be all you need if you're running a small business. But if you're working on larger collaborative projects, then investing in a premium project management app for Android is something you should consider.

Premium apps come with features that make life easier. So if you think you need these features, investing in one can be worth your money.

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