Best Price Tracking Tools in June 2022

Need help in strategizing for your business? Price tracking tools automatically watch your goods and rivals' prices, sending you reports on price changes so you can stay on top of your pricing strategy. Get one now to discover possibilities and make better decisions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a price tracking?

Price tracking is software that automatically tracks and compares the prices of a product from a variety of online vendors. The software collates all the price changes and the comparison of the product. Many price tracking software is available in the market, and the data will help you to set more competitive prices and monitor your competitor’s pricing.

Why do you need price tracking?

Price tracking tools can prove to be a much-needed advantage for a business. Price tracking may take a lot of your time if you're not using software to keep up-to-date prices for your inventory. The software allows you to find the best prices for the items you sell, check the historical data and even track them in real-time.

What are the core features of price tracking?
Competitors' Price Tracking

Price tracking allows you to compare your prices to others within your industry. Competitor's price tracking software tracks the prices of competitors and their changes during the tracking time. Competitor price tracking is keeping an eye on the prices of competitors and helps determine the best prices at which to sell products & services while avoiding under-pricing and over-pricing.

Pricing Intelligence

Price intelligence is primarily used for the best price tracking tools to respond quickly to factors such as new products or services from competitors and changing demand patterns. It can automatically detect price drops and other pricing changes in real-time, with no setup required.

API Access

API access is a function of the price tracking tool that lets you view and track the most recent changes on stock prices and availability from an e-commerce site. It is an automated database in which you can enter all the pricing changes for your products. This function allows users to gather data and update it consistently from the source of the product.

Automatic Tracking

Automatic tracking is an application that allows you to quickly and effectively track the price of products online. This feature can help you save money and effort when buying products online. Automatic tracking also enables you to track the products' costs and compare and analyze the prices. The price-tracking app does this by collecting data from various websites and stores around the world.

Real-Time Market Positioning

Real-time tracking allows you to know what is happening in the market instantly. The innovation made in the price tracking sites for wholesale and retail markets is data analysis and visual presentation. Real-time market positioning provides the same view to wholesalers, distributors, retailers at the same time.

What are the types of price tracking?
Price Tracking for Online Stores

Price tracking for online stores is one of the best ways to manage your deals and offers. Price tracking for online stores is an innovative solution that allows online stores to improve their sales and profit levels. A price tracking solution will enable online stores to increase sales by displaying their products on the website.

Price Tracking for Offline Competitors

Offline price tracking is the process of discovering the pricing of your competitors. Price tracking is not only limited to online retailers. Offline retailers are also using the concept of price tracking for monitoring competitors’ prices, online or offline. It helps you to know how your competitors are performing in terms of sales rank and quantity sold.

Price Tracking Website

A price tracking website collects product information from multiple sources and lists the best price. It helps in keeping track of the prices of products and services offered online on the internet. The best price tracking websites list the best price for a particular product. One has to type the product name to access the best quality and price information available on various sources on the web.

Cloud-based Price Tracking

Cloud-based price tracking software means that there’s nothing to download or install. You simply log in to the price-tracking website with an internet connection and start tracking your prices. It means that you can access your software from anywhere using any device. This type is ideal for business owners who need to keep checking prices on their phones when away from the office.

Price Tracking Mobile App

You can use the price-tracking app to track the live price of any product. The best price tracking apps show price changes of a particular product as the shopping cart is filled. Product pricing has always been a matter of importance for every business. Prices can affect sales and customer satisfaction a lot.

Who needs the price tracking?

Price tracking sites are essential for manufacturers as they can help monitor the pricing of a product in different channels in real-time. Price tracking can help manufacturers increase profit and reduce costs by identifying problems, managing markdowns, monitoring product pricing, and more.

Business Owners

Price tracking software is of great use to business owners, as they can check and compare the prices of various products for purchasing at a lower price. This software keeps a record of prices by tracking the cost of products. It also compares current prices with one-time fees to check if there is any change.

Sales Executives

Sales executives should use competitors’ price tracking software to identify the price changes in competitors’ products and services. This tool will help the company keep on top of prices, so that company will know how to react to competitors’ prices so that the company can be on the front line of the next price cut.


Price tracking software is an efficient way for customers to find out everything about the product or service. It can easily derive the product rate at multiple sites from the comfort of their home. Price tracking software helps get the best price for products or services offered by the market. This price tracking software will generate all the necessary information you have to know about the product.

What are the steps in choosing the best price tracking?
Step 1:

Pick the best price tracking system.

Step 2:

Find out the features of the product.

Step 3:

Compare the features with what you need.

Step 4:

Consider the target audience and budget.

Step 5:

Choose the best price tracking software for your budget.

How does price tracking software work?

Price tracking software enables you to watch the prices of your favorite products. You can use this to monitor the prices of items sold by different dealers and buy the product that suits you.

Can I use price tracking software to know what my competitors are selling?

Yes, you can monitor the prices of the item you sell and those your competitors sell. The software can also send you email alerts as per your settings. Price tracking software can let you know what price your competitors are selling their products for. You can create a price tracking spreadsheet that will help you monitor what the costs are regularly.

Where can I install price tracking software?

You can install price tracking software anywhere on your computer or the internet. Some websites and stores require their full address. Just download the software from the price tracking software website and install it on the computer. You can run and install it on any number of computers, phones, or tablets.

Can hotel price tracking software see different hotel offers?

Yes, most packages will offer the option to track hotels and airline tickets. For a reasonable price, you’ll be able to find the best deal for your next trip. Some online travel agencies cater to this specific need of price tracking flights prices, just as they do for hotels and car rentals.

How is price tracking software different than just visiting a site or app manually?

Price tracking software saves a lot of time and effort. You can simply set up the software and leave it there. It will notify you with a sound and a popup window whenever a price drop or price increase is found. You don't have to visit all the comparison sites manually anymore. You do not need to enter price data manually anymore.

Can I keep up with the new products of my competitors using price tracking software?

Yes, you can get every detail about competitors from price tracking software. By using this software, you can keep up with your competitor’s new products as soon as they are released, and you can make your product and service more competitive. The software helps you know our competitor’s product prices, price fluctuations, and price history.

Will I receive an email notification when the price changes in the price tracking app?

Yes, the price tracking app will notify you via an email or text message when the price changes on a file you are tracking. For the price tracking app to work correctly, you have to sign up with your email address, or the app will be useless. The price-tracking app will automatically send you email notifications when the price for the product you're notified of drops.

Is using price tracking software for flight prices accurate?

Yes, it is. It has become very much easy to know the current price of any flight. Many sites and software present on the web provide the latest price for any flight in the world. The flight price-tracking app prices are accurate if the destination and time frame is accurate.

Can I use the price tracking app before I shop for groceries?

Yes, the price tracking app makes the entire shopping experience easier for you. Make a note of grocery store and product codes and use online resources to search for coupon matching sites. Price tracking is to monitor the price of the item you are planning to buy. You can use price tracking software for this purpose.

Is there a lowest airline price in the price tracking software?

Yes, there is the lowest airline price in the price tracking software. The airline price is updated frequently to meet customers' demands. The software can show which is the cheapest airline ticket in a month. The software will be an excellent partner to help you to find the lowest air ticket price.

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