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24-7 Press Release is one of the best press release distribution that provides practical services with great results. They guide small to big businesses in creating brand awareness, upgrading social media exposure, and expanding your web visibility. With 24-7 Press Releases, you will be boosting your press release news and reaching millions of people.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes 24-7 Press Release different?

The company is best known to deliver only premium and top-quality news. They will not be circulating news that is deemed inappropriate and have the potential to ruin or attack another person’s reputation. Respect is very important for the company, so they honor your privacy and ensure your private information is safe with them. Currently, 24-7 Press Release has more than 50,000 members and has delivered half a million press releases and counting. They are as successful because they distribute press release news to print and online media, bloggers, and journalists. Availability for pickup by search engines also aids in spreading the news to millions around the globe.

How long will my press release remain on their website?

It will remain on their website unless you take them out. They will not erase or delete any of your press releases. This can be advantageous because people can grasp your company’s history.

Do they offer press release distribution for free?

They do not have free trials anymore. For 14 years, they offered free press release distribution, which helped a lot of businesses. They were one of the sites with free press release distribution. Unlimited press release distribution without payment was possible. However, problems with editorial costs getting expensive made them cut the free trials.

Are there types of press releases that are not allowed for their distribution services?

You can convey your press release as long as it is not illegal and inappropriate such as promoting violence, racism, hatred, and the like. Every sort is welcome; even movie or music press release distributions are offered. If you want a detailed list of what they don’t accept, here are some of it: 1. Publicly traded companies 2. Legal cases without case number/docket 3. Casino, online gambling, or sports betting 4. E-cigarettes/tobacco 5. Sexual enhancement products or supplements 6. Sex toys, pornographic or sexually explicit materials 7. Online pharmacies without accreditations 8. Easy money or get-rich-quick schemes 9. Intent to harm/defamatory comments 10. Reprints/copyrighted news stories 11. Non-English language releases

Can I include images, files, or video attachments to my press release?

Yes, you can. Upon payment, you will have access to a system that allows you to insert attachments to your press releases. This is a good way to attract more audience to open your press releases.

Are there any subscriptions available?

No, they do not offer subscriptions or memberships. All their services are per release. You can check out their pricing written above. They offer a lot of subscriptions, so you will somehow still experience perks and benefits.

Is it possible to make changes to my press release before distribution?

Yes, you can make changes as long as it has not been released yet. They give you until 9 pm PST, the day before it is supposed to be released. So if you need to edit your press releases, take note of the due date.

I want a rush press release. Do they offer such service?

No, they don't. They distribute everything simultaneously every day at 3 am EST. They do this because press releases are effectively spread out when released first thing in the morning.

I want to delete my press release. How will I do that?

Go to your account manager after logging in. Find “My Releases” and click on it. Look for the “Delete” button under your headline and click. This will delete your press release from the website only.

I want to target a specific location for my press release. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can select the dateline location upon submission. Your news is then categorized into that area or location. The company still releases your content globally, though, which is a definite advantage.

What kinds of media do they distribute to?

24-7 Press Release provides the best services and media integrations to help your press releases be successful. They distribute to 6 media: traditional newspapers, broadcast outlets, online news sites, trade publications, bloggers, and journalists.

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