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57 reviews is an amazing presentation maker that can save you hours of time. automatically creates beautiful presentations for you using its Smart Slides feature. You'll spend less time creating presentations because it does it for you, but the best part is that you get to see how it looks before creating one, so there's no guessing game when it comes to changing slides or tweaking the content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truely is based on AI algorithms that are getting smarter every day.
What makes different?

To make a beautiful, interesting, and compelling visual aid, you don't need to be a skilled graphic designer using complex presentation software packages. You'll be able to arrange your information fast and see your presentation design ideas come to life in minutes with's smart slide templates.

What is allows you to generate compelling pitches without interrupting your other tasks. It eliminates inefficient procedures, allowing you to organize ideas fast, collaborate with teams instantaneously, and engage clients like never before with other presentation software programs.

What are Classic Slides?

With a more familiar writing canvas just like with other presentation softwares online, Classic Slides allow you infinite flexibility to build your slides as you see appropriate. It works the same as the typical presentation software you are used to. You may create shapes, change the color or font, draw pathways, and move objects around.

What are Smart Slides?

Choose from the selection of easy-to-use Smart Slide templates to get a head start on your next presentation. The selected template makes the presentation software list every aspect of the visual aid that is customizable, giving you a wide range of design possibilities.

What is layout?

Each Beautiful.AI template has its own set of functionalities. Each template's layout choices are listed in the Layouts panel. The elements' availability will change depending on the slide's content. You'll have the same options for most layouts, such as Text Boxes or Process Diagram. Header, footer, text boxes, and image boxes are all included in the template.

Can I change a smart slide to a classic slide?

Yes. To convert a Smart Slide to a Classic Slide, pick Convert to Classic Slide from the More menu on the left-hand side of the slide. The previous Smart Slide toolbar will vanish and be replaced by the Classic Slide elements toolbar. You may then alter the slide without the Smart Slide's regular guardrails and limitations.

Can I work on a slide together with a collaborator? If so, how?

Yes, you can. From the Library view, at the bottom right of the presentation, click More. Select Invite Collaborators from the drop-down menu. Fill in the email addresses of the people with whom you'd want to collaborate. You can give them "Can Edit" or "Can View" rights. The users will get an email invitation to update (or watch) the presentation once you click Send Invite.

How do I embed my presentation using iFrame? also acts as a presentation sharing software. To use a link to embed your presentation, go to Actions, then Share, then change the setting for your presentation from "Private" (the default) to "Public." Then click the Get Embed Code button, and the code will be copied to your clipboard automatically. You should be good to go after pasting it into your website.

What’s the difference between private and public presentations?

"Private" presentations can only be viewed or edited by you or other individuals you expressly invite. Anyone can see "public" presentations if they have a public URL or if they are integrated on a website or blog. Unless you embed the public link on a website or blog, or submit the public link to a social sharing site, search engines like Google do not crawl public presentations by default.

Can I add a logo?

You may include your company logo on each of your slides. To add your logo, go to the left menu and choose Colors, then Edit Theme. Then select the Footer option. You'll be able to upload, resize, offset, and position your logo there. There are other places for 'Logo On Light' and 'Logo On Dark.' You should supply both.

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