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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Pixteller different?

PixTeller is a custom poster maker. It allows you to customize the pre-made templates they have provided for you. You can replace words, crop photos, edit colors, and many more. This poster maker online is simple to use. They even allow you to make a multiple-page poster and quickly change your poster page order. PixTeller’s free poster maker gives you access to over 100 striking poster templates although upgrading with their paid plans will provide a lot more access to their best features. Their premium plans provide solid, linear, and radial gradient colors, 100,000+ shapes, 100,000+ templates, and even a Pix Bot that can automatically help you with your edits.

What is Pixteller?

PixTeller is a simple online poster maker that allows you to create professional-looking posters to promote events, services, and products, or to express your passion. After you've uploaded your image, you can customize it with hundreds of templates, themes, fonts, colors, graphics, and text. You can save your finished poster by creating a free PixTeller account, or you can order your customized poster directly from the website.

Can I use Pixteller to make posters for marketing?

Yes, you can, of course, use PixTeller poster maker online to create posters for any marketing purpose. With PixTeller's poster maker tool, you can create any type of promotional material to suit your business or personal needs. You may use the images, logos, and other customized images that you have uploaded to your PixTeller account.

What is the recommended poster size?

PixTeller's poster maker app recommends a resolution of 800×1200 pixels. This size is ideal for promoting your business and events. You can begin with a larger size for the printed version of your marketing work, which is 8.3×11.7 inches. Those recommended poster sizes on PixTeller can be easily printed Just select the “Poster Print” option.

Can I share an editable version of my poster with others?

Yes. PixTeller allows you to make an editable version of your poster design. You can share the URL to your poster's editable version with anyone you want, and they can edit and save it as their own poster. This makes it simple to collaborate and improve your poster's potential.

Can I use my own branded elements in my poster design?

Yes, you can use your own branded elements on PixTeller Poster Maker and share an editable version of your poster. You can brand and customize any of your visuals by simply uploading any image, logo, font, or replacing the existing ones directly in the Poster Maker.

How to make a proper and attractive poster?

PixTeller is a free poster maker that offers advanced features not found in other tools. The best way to create an appealing poster is to use images that are meaningful and valuable to your audience. PixTeller also provides you with hundreds of professional poster templates to help you achieve great results in less time and effort.

How can I make a multiple-page poster?

If you're new to PixTeller poster maker, a single-page poster is the best way to get started. Once you've mastered the poster-making process, you can progress to multi-page posters. To begin, launch the PixTeller poster maker editor and then add, clone, or delete pages using the menu on the right side of the canvas. You can get to them by scrolling down or using the pagination on the right.

What are the most common formats for downloading my poster on Pixteller?

You can save your posters as PNG files because this format is supported by all popular social media platforms and browsers. And if you don't have enough storage space, you can download your posters as JPGs and not notice any loss in quality. PixTeller poster maker also recommends downloading your poster as a PDF file if you want to print it or if it has multiple pages.

What are the steps to make a poster?

PixTeller is a nice way to create a poster online, and it offers a variety of templates to choose from. To make a poster, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Navigate to PixTeller and select the "New Poster" option. It will launch a new window in which you can begin creating.

Step 2:

Once the poster maker editor is open, select Professional Poster Layout from PixTeller's hundreds of unique poster templates as the 2nd step.

Step 3:

Change the background, words, images, shapes, colors, and other elements.

Step 4:

Finally, save your completed poster to download, print, or share with others.

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