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Looking for a way to make your posters stand out? Poster Maker is the easiest way to create professional posters online. It has templates that are easy to use and make it simple to design a beautiful poster in minutes. Start designing now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Poster Makers

What are the common types of posters? 

Infomercial PostersThis type of poster is known to be the most common. You may not always notice it, but you might see signs with texts and some elements containing helpful information if you look along your streets. Other subcategories include missing person posters as well as wanted posters. Advertising PostersSome famous brands have established a memorable poster in their time. What started as a brand advertisement turned into an artistic detour to pop culture. From mainstream to posh products, every brand, especially by the late 1900s, new posters were a great way to increase prospects.Political/ Campaign PostersPolitical posters were much more critical back then than it is now. It usually contained strictly political matters such as recruitments and wars, done in a distinct vintage style. It is commonly used as election campaign materials in democratic countries, showing a modern appeal.Movie PostersEvery movie has its cinematographic poster. It is usually composed of a summarizing or subliminal image with necessary texts placed on top. It is still a must for a sign to be developed for a film because it adds to hype the public and invites them, only with an image and texts.Affirmation & Motivational PostersThis type has undoubtedly become a staple in 90’s offices or classrooms. These are generally identified to have a thick black background with a single image with a focal object in the center, together with a positive word and a motivational quote in a white font. Comical PostersThis type aims to create a joke while taking inspiration from other mentioned types of posters, encouraging laughter, or even mock different poster styles. For example, demotivational posters, fake wanted and missing persons posters, and satirical political ones can be under funny signs.Event PostersEvery event needs a handful of attendees, and an event poster can do the trick of spreading the details of said event and encouraging goers. There must be a clinching image or hook, event details, and contact information (if needed) to invite those who saw it.Educational PostersIn the academic setting, posters have proved to be an excellent means of showing information all at once. In universities, research papers can be summarized into this large poster filled with necessary texts and visual aids. They are making it a great material to have with proposals and to display during school-related exhibits.

What materials do I use for making a poster?

Firstly, you would need to have a poster maker. Check out the detailed list above to find the one suited for you. You must be able to assess the features you want, the price range you’re willing to pay for, and how long you plan on using the poster maker.Once you’ve finalized a layout, the next step is printing. For that, you would need a durable printer and printing paper. If you do not have those or don’t need to buy such expensive equipment, you can find poster makers that offer printing services that will simply deliver your finished posters to your doorstep.

What are the standard poster sizes?

Most paper sizes can be a poster, but there are four international standards for poster sizes. First is the small sign, sized 11” x 17”, which works excellently with indoor notices and event advertisements—suitable size for close viewing, approximately 5’ in the distance.Next is the 18” x 24” medium poster size, used for indoor and outdoor events. These are best for displaying bold title texts with images, especially when placed behind reception desks, hallways, bulletin boards, store promotions, and home decoration.The third is the 24” 36” poster size; this is known as the large size and is a classic choice. They can be viewed from quite far away and look much better if it contains photographs, illustrations, designs, and bold text. Building an inviting design scheme is a great way to make passersby curious about your poster.Last are the standard movie poster sizes, which can be 27” x 40” or the One-Sheet size commonly used for movie posters displayed in theatres. While the 40” x 60” is best suitable for promotion in bus and subway stops or any location usually filled with people.

How do I choose my poster material?

It is essential to know what purpose your poster will serve. If you’ve read the types mentioned, try to identify which one you will do. If you plan on posting your signs, assess the locations, for example, if it is indoor or outdoor. Also, maybe your budget is limited, so also take that into account.Once you’ve figured out those mentioned, here are some recommendations for materials. With indoor posters, there are more lightweight and affordable options. Paper posters are easy to mount, but foam boards will make your poster last longer if you want a more durable display.With outdoor signs, it is much better to opt-in for plastic options rather than paper. Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic), Vinyl, Sintra Board (Rigid PVC), and even metal are strong materials that are also water-resistant. This way, you are ensured of a long-lasting poster that can survive through weather and the outside environment.

What are blacklight posters?

A blacklight poster is a particular type of sign commonly used as artwork. It gained popularity in the late 1960s with its unique glowy effect. And created by painting or even splattering fluorescent paints with vibrant colors to a black canvas poster. This effect works best when the sign is under ultraviolet light.

What are printable posters?

Printable posters can be any digitally made posters that are printed onto a material. Meaning, you can create printable posters via a maker. However, it can also refer to pre-made signs on the internet, with some available for public printing. 

When will my ordered printed posters be delivered?

Of course, different companies function differently and at varying prices. But generally, most offer same day print and delivery. From there, it is merely up to the quantity, the poster’s size, and how long it will travel. Additional charges apply to rushed orders.

How do I create posters for my brand?

Before that, you must know that posters are a great addition to building your brand. They are budget-friendly, show confidence in the brand, establish trustworthiness, and are highly visible, primarily if you target a specific location or community. To create a brand poster, it mainly follows basic advertising rules. Simply put, you need to know who your brand is, who you are designing for, and create a strong message or hooking headline. From this point, you can follow the step-by-step to creating a poster, listed at the end.

What are some tips when designing an educational poster?

Educational posters are identifiable by the amount of information they contain. This means that you must organize and make knowledge more comfortable to digest by your audience. Here are some tips to make your poster educational and efficient in doing so. The first is to find the appropriate size. Since it will contain more text than other types, larger sizes are preferred. If a predetermined size is required, it is up to you to summarize your text, avoid overfill and make sure that textual elements have appropriate measures.Next is to establish a flow. Here, you want to keep the information flowing logically. You can also use graphical elements or designs to lead your reader’s eyes according to your flow. Which is so that the information you are spreading gets passed exactly and avoids misunderstanding.Lastly is to avoid ambiguity. As mentioned, you want to convey knowledge as it is, so try not to make room for misunderstandings to arise. Keep your headlines precise, maybe your main points bulleted, and highlight important words or phrases to help readers retain information.

  What are some general tips when designing a poster?

A poster’s primary purpose is to attract attention. Having a unique sign with inviting or curiosity-inducing will surely help you teach your goal, whether gathering volunteers or promoting a product. With that, you should remember these useful general tips to keep your posters head-turners. The first is to consider the distance since posters will be viewed from quite a distance. So, be smart about what designs you will put to spark a passerby’s attention. Constructing the best headlines and placing eye-catching images can do the trick.Another is to avoid cluttering images. Some might think that multiple images result in a more apparent context, but this is quite the opposite. A cluttered poster might just put off potential prospects. It is wise to stick from one to three images only so that there is contrast.Next is to provide negative spaces. This may seem odd since these spaces will just be blank, but sufficient amounts result in a cleaner look. Plus, posters are usually posted in crowded or busy locations, so that a text-heavy sign might be too much for them. Simply put, opt for a minimalistic yet striking design.An important tip is to take note of your typography. Believe it or not, specific fonts convey different moods or feelings. A brilliant play on typography might just eliminate the need for an image. It is suggested to have only a maximum of three different styles that contrast each other. The last one is to note the size of your poster and where you’ll be posting it. Your goal here is to stand out but not to the point of obstructing the surroundings or feeling out of place and considering what background your poster will be posted in, if your color schemes and images will contrast it properly.

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