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2021 Rankings

Best Popup Builders

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Have you ever wanted to increase your sales by tripling your opt-in rate? Promote your products and services by building attractive popups that will entice your customers to trickle in your pipeline. Create easy, eye-catching popups that will make you standout! Get one now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Popup Builders

Do I need skills to use popup builders?

No. You don’t need skills to use and design on-point popups because most popup builders are intuitive and have readily available templates. This typically goes around from fifty to a hundred professionally done templates. You can choose one popup builder in a template and tweak it as you please. Suggestions are also available.

Do I need coding language before using popup builders?

No. Popup builders are a no-code use. You only need to copy and paste the embed code at the end of the editing phase. A popup builder tutorial teaches the most straightforward no-code approach while driving your conversions to the maximum level. On that note, you should certainly make an effort and commit yourself in these ways— powerful yet achievable. 

Will popup builders slow down my site?

Not in the slightest. Popup builders only perform their designed tasks. Most embedded code runs in a way that doesn’t ruin your website’s loading time. If you experience popup builder bugs or a popup builder breaks form, seek help from the provider itself to address your problem right away. 

Can I use popups in promoting my products?

Yes, you can promote your products using popups by aiming at the right target audience for optimum results. Using the best popup builder, you can incorporate special offers like discounts and flash sales through popups, which is the best way to help your business succeed and achieve conversion growth.

Can popups affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Certainly, popups can affect SEO. On that note, take some time choosing a popup builder that improves conversions and traffic. If you think your users have a good experience on your page, then you have a greater chance to land a higher spot on the SEO ranking list.

How do popups convert leads?

Popups can help convert leads by building your email list to encourage page subscriptions, makes your content on-point, and promote lead generation. The average conversion through popups is almost identical to PPC ads. So it is safe to say that popups can really convert leads as much as PPC ads do. 

Should I turn on notifications with popups?

You can exchange messages with your visitors and notify them first-hand about your new products based on their behavior and boost engagements via a popup builder with a button, for example. Staying in touch with your targeted visitors is valuable, specifically if your business is growing.

How can I apply sound to popups?

Applying sounds to your popups is easy. From the “Effects” panel, click on the “Popup open sound” and select which sound you want to apply on a particular popup. However, make sure to use the WAV format as some browsers do not support all the formats available.

Can I redirect users after clicking on a popup image?

Yes, you can. Go to the settings sections of that popup and choose the “Dismiss on content click” option. Then find the “Redirect” option, and in the location bar, enter the URL of the page to redirect your users to the content you want them to be.

If you want to learn how to edit popup builder permalinks using classic editor, make sure your provider doesn’t restrict it from you. Some providers hide this option from the editor due to its ineffectiveness as it doesn’t help any SEO rules. Plus, many users have problems with permalinks, so they did their part and removed it for the better.

Popup builder hover vs click: Which one is better?

This depends on your customers’ conversion rate. Any visitors can open popups on hover or on click. Plus, both approaches are conversion-ready and are very flexible when it comes to the elements you want to achieve. So really, it all comes down if your visitors convert and turn into paying customers. 

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