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Podcast hosting is the best way to grow your audience. It’s easy to set up and manage, and it will help you get more listeners. You can even use our analytics tools to see how many people are listening! You can create your own show, upload episodes, and even monetize it! Sign up for free trial today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Podcast Hosting

What is a podcast?

The term Podcast is actually a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast, thus Podcast. A podcast is an audio program, with the opportunity to subscribe to it on your smartphone or computer and listen to it whenever you like. You can subscribe to the show with an app on your phone or laptop and listen to episodes whenever you like on your headphones, in the car, or through speakers.

What are podcasts usually about?

Most podcasts will be themed around one particular topic. The host or hosts will talk about that topic in every episode. Sometimes it's really specific, and other times, it's more general. This would really depend on your taste and your target market.

How should my internet connection be like in hosting a podcast?

The higher the internet speed, the better. But since Wi-Fi can be spotty at times, it is best to use a wired LAN cable if you are hosting a webinar. Make sure your computer is connected to your router by a cable in order to keep your broadcast smooth.

Are podcasts audio or video formats?

Most Podcasts today are audio-only, even though video podcasts do exist. Podcasting has really grown out of a need for background content. That means something that can entertain you, educate you, or inspire you in the background of other boring or rote activities.

How long should a podcast be?

There is no rule as to how long a podcast should be. Some podcast shows last for 30 minutes, while others can go up to 2 ho

Are podcasts always live? 

A lot of podcasts are done live. This is to create the feeling of real-time interaction of the audience wherein they can post their questions or give a thumbs up. But other podcast shows are pre-recorded. This gives the show creator the opportunity to edit the content and focus on specific topics that were discussed during the podcast.

Are podcasts always free to listen to? 

Most podcasts are free, especially if they are run by entrepreneurs or businesses looking to grow their audience. But depending on the topic and the amount of interest in it, hosts can charge for their podcasts. 

How much does podcast hosting cost?

On average, pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $5/month to $50/month. Pricing would vary depending on which company you go with, how many episodes you produce, and how many downloads you get. 

What’s the difference between a podcast and a podcast episode?

A podcast is a series of episodes and refers to the program as a whole. On the other hand, a podcast episode is just one recording from that entire Podcast. Podcasts can be broken up into “seasons” like a TV show, or be episodic and ongoing. A weekly release for new episodes is common, but there are also the podcast shows that release daily podcasts or weekly podcasts. It’s all up to you!

What equipment do I need to join and/or run a podcast?

-For attendees, high-speed internet connection, a laptop or computer or just your mobile phone, and headphones are the key essentials to listen to a podcast.-For hosting a podcast, first, you’ll need the podcast platform or podcast hosting services - whether paid or free. Next, you’ll need high-speed internet - a wired LAN cable is better since WiFi can sometimes be spotty. Lastly, good quality microphone and headphones are another essential when hosting a podcast.

What’s the difference between a full-blown podcast and an audio file?

An audio file and a podcast episode are technically the same. If you have downloaded a Podcast episode from a Podcast site, you've already discovered the fact that you're just downloading an audio file. The difference comes when you add the option to subscribe to that series of audio files.

Why can’t I just upload my audio files to my website?

It is difficult to do so because the files are massive compared to anything else you upload. This means when you start having multiple people download or stream at the same time your website will easily struggle to keep up with all that data. 

What do I do if there are hecklers or trolls during the live podcast I am hosting?

Don’t panic. When you see trolls or hecklers trying to disrupt your live podcast, you can mute or block them or ask your host to do so. Focus on providing quality content for your audience.

What are some good methods to promote a podcast?

Make sure you’re sharing your podcast on social media and promoting it regularly. Just like anything on social media, hashtags when posting will go a long way. 

How do I ensure security when hosting a podcast?

All online platforms have their associated risks. Each podcast hosting service has a different set of security measures in place. In order to ensure the safety of everyone when using an online podcast hosting service or platform, here are the best practices to follow:

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