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Best Planner Templates

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Are you looking for a way to organize your plans and goals? Using a planner template is a simple way to help you stay organized. It's easy to customize and use! Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Planner Templates

How to have a good macro meal planner template?

To have a good meal planner template, one must first decide their macronutrient goals, such as fat loss or muscle gain. The meals under each day of a weekly meal planner template should be kept consistent with these goals. It is also important to keep calorie intake within the parameters of what's recommended for your goal and activity level. It is also very important to keep the meal plan within your macros, which you can also use in your monthly meal planner template.

How to save a weekly planner template in PDF form?

Just click on the wrench icon next to the "My Planner,” then in a drop-down menu, pick the command, "Save Template." This will download a PDF file that you can plan with at any time. For changes saved to your “My Planner” that is to be reflected in PDF, all changes must be saved by clicking on the red "Save" button. It is located on the top of your browser window before saving as a PDF from within the website.

What are the dimensions of the text box in a meal planner template?

The standard is 12px; the minimum is 10px. The text box in a meal planner template varies by predefined measurement but should never be less than 10px or more than 14pt. To change the dimension of the text box in your meal planner template, open the Design Tool and go to "Insert > Text Box." In this window, you can adjust the width and height of your text box as well as the font size and typeface. Changing one of these elements will automatically change the others.

Can the event planner template be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, you may use the template for any lawful commercial purpose, including to sell your services as a professional speaker or to promote and market your business-related products. Once you purchase and download the event planner template, it is yours to do as you please.

Where to find a printable weekly/monthly calendar template? 

One of the easiest places to find a free printable calendar template is in Google Docs. It offers several templates for both weekly and monthly calendars. To get the template, go to Google Docs and find weekly calendar templates or monthly calendar templates. Or, you can log in to your account in Google Docs if you already have an account there. Then you will find it easily using the search function in Google Docs.

What size template is recommendable for a workout planner template?

A template for a workout planner can come in different sizes, depending on the number of pages that you'd like. They will all fit within a 5.5" x 8.5" package, so there are no restrictions on size as long as it fits.

What’s the difference between a budget planner template and a budgeting planner template?

A budgeting planner template is typically used and designed to show the effective planning of a budget. The plan applies to money, resources, and time put into the system and. A budgeting planner template can provide the best way to fully implement such projects and reduce waste by providing daily tasks, weekly plans, monthly expense tracking, etc.

What’s a good design for a vacation planner template?

One of the best designs for a vacation planner template is to create color-coded folders. You can have a folder labeled "Food" and "Transportation" or "Activities" and "Money." You can also add in headers such as timeframes, cities, and hotels. Each header can be a different color, so it's easier to organize your template with headers in mind.

How do I make my planner's pages appear bigger? 

To make your planner's pages appear bigger, you need to do the following:

- Tap on the Settings icon.

- Tap on "Customize" under "Page Style."

- Select the page style that you would like to use.

- Tap on the "Back" button at the top of your screen.

- Add your desired title and date by selecting from the list of available formats, then select "Done" that appears when you're finished.

- Tap on the Settings icon again.

- Select "Page Layout," then select either "Standard" or "Enlarged."

- Tap on "Back" once again, then add your desired title and date by selecting from the list of available formats, then select "Done."

How to make a recruitment planner template?

These are the steps you need to do in making a recruitment plan.

- The first step is to create a table with the header "Date."

- Add the following headers: "Location," "Time," "Date," "Eligible Recruitment Items," and "Available Services."

- Underneath these headers, write down the different recruitment events, location, time, date, and eligibility requirements (e.g., degree level).

- Then, choose what services are available for each event (e.g., computers, refreshments).

- Add a summary box at the bottom that lists the number of available seats and how to register for each event (e.g., email address).

- Last but not least, add a column titled "Remarks" in which you can make notes about any questions or concerns regarding your events.

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