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NetX ranks 3 with 69 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Obsługa klienta jest świetna, Łatwy w użyciu, Wszechstronny' as the most positive attributes of NetX. The service doesn't present any negative aspect based on our reviews.

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"NetX Digital Asset Management" What do you like best? I like the ease of creating new folders and dragging and dropping files in the most recent versions of NetX. I am a super user, and previous versions lacked some of this user experience. I like how easy it is to share files with people outside of our organization. The "relationship" tab is especially helpful for our designers who use indd files and need all of the linked files as well. What do you dislike? I have some issues with the search functionality, sometimes it doesn't pull up a file even when the search is basically the exact file name. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? We have a team of freelance designers who don't work on site, so we can't simply store our files on our local servers. We need a way to share files with internal employees as well as our external freelancers.

"Digital Asset Management designed for the Digital Age" What do you like best? NetX has been driven to provide a solid product that can find media assets quickly. The tagging ability and unique feature sets have given NetX an edge in organizing media. The products offered have allowed my department to have a clear set of policies designed to work in alignment with NetX. What do you dislike? there is very little to dislike about NetX; video asset management will be a huge advantage very soon, so i look forward to see how NetX handles that better. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Simply allowing access to a well organized system of media to the overall organization has allowed increase efficiency in communications.

"Customizable DAM with versatile integrations" What do you like best? NetX's web-based Digital Asset Management solution is a great way for organizations to store and share files, and can be customized for experiences that meet the needs of a varied user base. For users managing assets on a frequent basis, the DAM has multiple uploading capabilities, from direct uploads on the web-browser to a stand-alone upload application that can be set up for syncing files from your computer and allows uploads to run in the background while you continue to work on other tasks. For those that are data-minded, NetX has various options to set up unique attribute fields within the DAM that can be configured for optimal search capability and be used as search filters. Existing metadata from files, including data stored in IPTC, EXIF, Camera Raw, and Dublin Core fields, can be synced to NetX's attributes upon import to the DAM, and there are systems set up to auto-tag and apply attributes to newly-imported assets, which greatly simplify the tagging process for new files. For users that simply need to browse the DAM for viewing, searching, sharing and downloading of files, NetX offers a Portal instance that is visually appealing, has more of a website feel and simplifies the experience of interacting with the DAM. Micro CMS pages can also be configured on the portal, which is a great tool for organizations to highlight content within the DAM and tailor brand communications that further the mission of the organization. Overall, the NetX DAM is a versatile tool for organizations looking to find solutions to manage their digital content and make it readily accessible to those that need it, and NetX is always willing to work with us to meet the needs of our organization. What do you dislike? The downside of NetX would be a shortcoming of any DAM that is accessed through the web, if you lose internet connectivity, you cannot access the DAM on your computer. However, NetX has prepared and added mobile optimizations to their portal, so even if you lose internet service you can connect via your smartphone anytime. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? With NetX, we are helping organizations better how they archive their data and interact with their history, so they can prepare for the future.

Corey C.

Overall:I would highly recommend Image Portal as a DAM system. In terms of features and versatility, it is virtually unbeatable. I would also highly recommend the NetExposure team for their knowledge, responsiveness, and speed in adopting new technologies. Pros:Image Portal is an extremely versatile DAM system. We have not yet come across an obstacle that either the system or NetX themselves have not been able to overcome for us. In a couple of short years we have gone from having no system at all, to having our entire digital library stored, searchable, and accessible, to now rolling out the system for use by our clients. The system's permissions versatility has allowed us to control public and private access to assets, and the E-Commerce Kit module has allowed us to begin monetizing our them as well. The NetExposure team has been invaluable every step of the way. The provided us with a single-point contact for service, are very responsive to queries, and always find ways to provide you with what you need, even if the functionality you're requesting isn't native to the application. Most importantly, they are willing to listen to you and learn about your business to provide you with solutions that work. Cons:Because we are in a higher education environment, we had some initial implementation issues as a result of support conflicts involving our on-campus IT support. However, once we began dealing with NetExposure directly, those issues were resolved very quickly.

Phil O.

Overall:The workflow here at Mercy Corps has been changed significantly for the better with the introduction of NetXposure's Image Portal. Currently, Mercy Corps works in nearly 40 countries worldwide with nearly 4,000 employees. Image Portal allows staff from around the globe to download and share images in a simple, uncomplex way. Pros:NetXposure's Image Portal is a deep, intuitive and easy to use application. It's features allow the user to easily search, download and share images with others. The interface is attractive and uncomplicated. The features are easy to find and use. Cons:None to report

Brian T.

Overall:When I find an issue, NetXposure is very quick to respond are make necessary changes or fixes. The best customer service I have experienced from a software company.

Steve M.

Overall:Overall, I have to say excellent. I work at a very technical level so things like an API and a non-Flash version count for me. NetX has excellent technical vision and implementation. A+

Maryanne D.

Overall:Pros - easy to download, can repurpose into multiple formats, batch download (more that one asset at a time), can share carts with other users, and send files outside of the DAM, easy to govern from an Admin perspective, can provide as little or as much metadata to each asset. Amazing customer service, very fast to respond to my tickets. Cons - there is always a glitch (or two) with one part of the system. It seems whenever one element is fixed another breaks. I have on average 3-5 tickets open. I usually hear about issues within the system from users vs NetX or myself. From the users optics it looks bad and is frustrating from their end as they just need a fast answer or resolution so they can get on with their assignments. Searchability can be difficult when so many different assets pop up within each category (videos, text, photos). An easy and clean way to search for video and text would great!

Jaco O.

Overall:After a couple of rounds to evaluate Digital Asset Management solutions available in the market, Healthdirect Australia chose to implement NetX by NetXposure ' evaluation criteria was broad, however the following key criteria stood out: - the NetXposure team was eager to assist on every level of detail, the entire NetXposure team is highly educated on the product and its capabilities. - NetXposure was willing to adapt the product to support our AWS-S3 requirements and incorporate it into the mainstream release to ensure an open upgrade path for our organisation. - easy and simple installation and configuration through Continuous Delivery & Integration. - simple, yet cost effective licensing model for an organisation who requires Enterprise grade software, but with limited amounts of digital assets to manage. Security (Authentication and Authorisation) behind the management of assets was a crucial area of evaluation ' NetX hit the mark on this front with fine grained access control, coupled with the appropriate user levels built into the application. Integration with 3rd party authentication providers like LDAP made it an easy call. NetX integrated into our environment without a mammoth effort ' not having fully integrated with the various API's NetX offer, the path is definitely there to expand on the usage thereof in future. The user interface of NetX was easy to understand and train our digital content producers on ' most of them found their way around the interface without a lot of guess work and was able to get going in no time. Primary assets managed within NetX are still graphics, however some audio and video are also stored and managed within NetX. Although not currently utilised, the options to support various 3rd party video encoders/transcoders made NetX a good choice to expand on future capabilities and fulfil business requirements. The implementation timeframe of NetX and willingness of the NetXposure team to assist was a definite benefit ' with limited time left on the project to get a Digital Asset Management solution in place, we were pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of NetX to get up and running. NetX delivers on its promise ' a very good Digital Asset Management product with a great support team behind it. NetX version: 7.1

Ronnal I.

Overall:Getting started with Net X was a bit challenging due to our requirements but after extensive emails and phone calls we have found a solution that works for both us and our customer base. They have been fantastic with updates and other request that we have had in the past. I can't say how pleased we are with the migration of our data from our internal servers over to the Net X portals we now have. Organization has now been optimized to a point where we are receiving rave reviews from our internal customers and external user base.