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Cloudinary ranks 10 with 205 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'iOS, Współpracuj nad planami projektu w czasie rzeczywistym z dowolnego urządzenia, Wykrywanie zagrożeń'. The user reviews mention: 'Darmowa wersja jest świetna, Świetna wersja internetowa, Funkcjonalność jest bogata' as the most positive attributes of Cloudinary. On the other hand, they point out 'Nieoczekiwane opłaty, Złe doświadczenia użytkownika, Problemy z listą aplikacji w sklepie' as not living up to their expectations.

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"So far so good with Cloudinary" Overall: So it's working for my current needs but if it gets into the paid plan I may need to consider whether the monthly price is worth it. Pros: I found it because it was suggested by referral candy. I was also looking for a place to store my images and it was super easy to set up. I am on the free plan and so far working for my current needs. Cons: No cons yet. I guess the only downside I see is the paid plan is pricey at $99/month. I will cross that bridge when I come to it and decide if the features are worth the hefty monthly price tag.

"Great asset management platform!" Pros: I like that Cloudinary is a great tool to organize creative assets for our website. It's an excellent CDN to implement to your website. Cons: There are no features that I dislike about this software as a general user for now.

"web based image management made simple" Overall: free version to try is great. we are now a paying customer and we value the automatic responsive settings. customer support is brilliant. our only concern is when we hit scale the costs will rise significantly.

"Digital Assets Management Platform" Pros: The ease of use and the amazing functionalities. Cons: Cost of scaling can be alittle higher for different markets Reasons for Choosing Cloudinary: The ease of use.

"Storage is not a problem anymore" Overall: If you need a quick and hassle free solution to storage not only for images but also for files. Then cloudinary is the way to go. Their backend systems are based on Amazon's storage structure so you are in good hands. Their API is very well written and very easy to use. Within no time we could integrate their API into our software and have securely stored all our business's receipts, pictures in cloudinary.

"very bad service from support" Overall: Support is rubbish. Simply trying to remove the code after deciding I no longer want the software. I could not get a firm pricing for the future. Support cant help remove it.......there are no instructions available on how to remove it. Pros: I didnt get to try it. Too complicated and pricing too vague. With no clear answers Cons: When I want to remove the code from my store , suddenly support don't know how to do this and cant help, so now I am stuck with this code in my store

"Cloudinary is the standard for " Overall: We host a software platform that allows our users to upload images. With Cloudinary's solution, we found a great API solution. Pros: We liked how Cloudinary was a stable cloud image SaaS with a good reputation. We needed a solid hosting provider, and Cloudinary was a wise choice. Cons: The admin dashboard UI leaves something to be desired, but as long as we are able to navigate to the sections we need, it works!

"my #1 media assets management platform " Overall: Superb page load speed performance for my web app that reference media assets from Cloudinary Pros: when I used cloudinary to host my images and videos and reference them to my web app, I noticed increase in page load performance of my app. Really happy about that Cons: though free plan is provided, but premium plans seems to be some expensive especially if someone i to host alot of media assets

"A GO-TO FOR PICTURES AND VIDEOS" Overall: Overall, I have had a blast using Cloudinary. It saved me a ton of time and code when I had to incorporate images inside of my code. Pros: very easy to use! Saves, edits, and updates pictures and videos easily. Connecting to different databases is relatively easy once you learn how to do it the first time. Cons: DIfficult to understand at first. However, after you learn how to use it, you will be fine and on your way to success.

"Fits well in our Node.js website for file uploading" Overall: As a web developer who is more of a hobbyist, it's great to have platforms that integrate easily with web apps and allow for a smooth user experience. Pros: I am an amateur with Node.js and Express, and integrating Cloudinary with the web app was fairly easy to set up. I wanted an easy way to upload files to the cloud when a user submits a form, and this works. Cons: It would be nice to have some more functionality with files that aren't photos. For example, it's possible to upload pdfs and Word docs, but only photos can be previewed on the Cloudinary website, which makes downloading the files necessary to view them.