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Wix ranks 12 with 2,643 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Obsługa klienta jest świetna, Profesjonalne' as the most positive attributes of Wix. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Kwestie związane z refundacją, Kwestie związane z przelewami pieniężnymi' as not living up to their expectations.

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I haven't had bad experiences with them, I think its a good website building program :) They are maybe a little expensive ..


Ugh, Wix is horrible, don't do it. I made the mistake of upgrading to their premium service. I've had bad experiences with their customer service (I asked a question and they advised me to do something that DIDN'T WORK) and the site is extremely limited in what can be modified using their templates. I intended on using it to create a gallery for my photography business, however it is so slow to load, it's unbearable. Save your money.


Never having designed a website before, my first attempt was for my own and I couldn't have found it any easier to use. I am pleased with all the design tools and have gotten great reviews from those who have passed them along. Have had only minor questions to send to support which responded quickly and also followed up to make sure I was satisfied before closing out the ticket. Two thumbs up on Wix and have also designed and implemented others since.

Cat Alkire

I have used wix for about a year now. I like that you can optimize everything and customize how you want it (WELL SORT OF) BUT it can be very confusing, when asking customer service a question about how to make sure to be on google search, they go around the question and answer something completely different (BECAUSE YOU ARENT GOOGLE SEARCHABLE ON THEIR SITE!!!) it is crap, not worth the money for premium service. i had high hopes - but I continue to be disappointed. looking to go to


Wix should completely dominate the web hosting industry because it has so many great features to customize your site, but there seems to be somewhat of a problem in the area of dysfunctional management. The people running this outfit don't seem to be playing with a full deck and are not capable of solving customer complaints, The image viewer on this site doesn't display images correctly, however there is a way to compensate for this, but Wix staff don't offer effective and competent technical advice. I get my hosting for free, which is probably a good idea given the large number of complaints from people paying money for plans that are worthless. To sum it all up Wix really is great as long as you don't pay for one of their premium plans and figure out how to get adequate image viewing quality.


I have been using Wix for 2 years & have been very happy with it. It is by far the EASIEST website creator I've used with the maximum ability to customize with no coding. I just started to learn Wordpress & Wix is SO much easier & intuitive than WP. I like that they also host the sites at a reasonable price (no separate host login or account to keep track of). Tech support has been very good. Only once was there a problem with the servers & it was for only an hour. My only concern has been the future of Flash. Their mobile site templates are adequate but I's like to see more flexibility & template options for mobile, esp since that is what displays on iPad. Wix is supposed to be coming out with an HTML5 platform this month but I've seen nothing yet. Except for my worry about Flash I would be happy to use only Wix for my own business and my clients.

Lasandra Bombin-Wright

I have been using Wix for over a year. There are things that bugged me, primarily that the SEO for flash sites wasn't very good. However, this was my fault for going with a flash based company. I should say that I had tons of compliments on how nice my website was. With all the issues with flash, Wix enabled the html5 editor just recently. I have been using and really like it. It seems like Wix realized to stay in the game they need to offer this to their customers. I would like to see a bit more customization, but its still in beta so I'm sure its down the line. The pricing seems fair and overall I think its a great source for DIY drag and drop websites- better than most of what else is available.

Lisa Nickerson Goedecke

You guys simply amaze me! This is my problem. I recently created a free website for my wife,[external link removed] .We bought a name through [name removed] and We can't even use it now,because you simply refuse to attach it to your site because its not a premium site through which I find ethically unheard of and sort of flawed when a customer wants to attach a domain name site,not to mention your name is on the site at left of the page if someone wants to join Wix to build their site there. Poor business practice I must say. I have used for my photography business,[external link removed] and for my weather site [external link removed] over the past several years. I purchased two domain names through and never had an issue or anyone from contact me telling me I was not supposed to. You are chastizing someone,like my wife,who is totally disabled,wants to sell her crafts on your site. Is it because you want to increase your revenues by selling more premium sites. Then why do you offer free sites then?There is no words on your site that you cannot buy a domain name outside of ? I find this to be highly unfair. And by all means and practices, its doesn't make sense to me or anyone else. I go out of my way to promote through my site,never had the wix ads removed from my site,and if fact I moved my sites to from Tripod! Maybe I will start looking for a nicer web host who would welcome my sites and my wifes talents. This is seriously flawed. Your support person 'Rob'was pretty nasty in his wording to me in his recent reply. You have a unique way of making someone wanting to build and host a website. It is sad that it has come to this,because you can't bend a few rules. DO NOT USE WIX ..THEY TREAT THEIR FREE SITE CUSTOMERS HORRIBLY!

Estelle Baruch

I used Wix to build my sister's wedding videography site and it rocked. The templates you can choose from aren't hideous like most website builders, they're actually really beautiful and super high quality - plus you can change anything you want on them so your website looks exactly the way you want it to look. The Wix web editor was all online so I didn't have to download any complicated programs and figure out how to use them. I could just open the template on Wix' online editor and change anything I wanted by clicking on it. Seriously easy to use!

Sandra Crocetto

Been using for almost two years now. I made a website for my online marketing and PR portfolio. It was easy, much easier than I thought. It looks great and I keep getting amazing feedback from people. I also did a mobile version for my website which took about 5 minutes to make. Very pleased :)