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Warrior Forum ranks 9 with 17 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Funkcja wyszukiwania, Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Bardzo przydatne' as the most positive attributes of Warrior Forum. On the other hand, they point out 'Konfiguracja konta jest trudna, Podejrzenie oszustwa, Musisz zapłacić dodatkowo' as not living up to their expectations.

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Chet V.

I would give this site a 4 + stars, because it offers many good ideas and suggestions to start an online business. A good website for the Newbie and the Advanced Internet Marketer. I have learned many key internet concepts to help me be successful online. Enjoy, GoodBuys

clickasite u.

Excellent site, really useful to us and we would be happy to recommend it to anyone. Comments made on their protect customers from companies out to scam. Clickasite.

Richard N.

Great forum with vast information about online marketing SEO, etc. Good deals as well and newbie guidance for everyone who wants to start up in the net

Sharma S.

Since 3 years I'm using Warriorforum To Promote & Learn Internetmarketing Related Services there. It's Really Nice community.

Mazween B.

This is a great place to learn about offline and online marketing. I've learned a lot from this forum friendly members and seen great products being launch every month to help IMers to make their first dollar online. I highly recommend this site to newbies and pros.

Michael S.

This site is very informative in most areas related to affiliate marketing, SEO, Google etc. I simply go to the site and use the search function. The majority of questions I have in these areas have been answered in the forums.

K T.

A great, handy go-to site for anyone who needs information on various marketing, seo, etc. type topics. And who doesn't need that? Not only do I refer to it but I easily refer friends to it, all of whom have thanked me. Keep up the good work warrior forum.

Michael K.

If you want helpful advice, stay away from this site! Also, once you create an account, you will not be able to delete it. There is a culture of cruelty on this site, as if it's populated by a bunch of Trump wannabes.

Mohammad M.

I'm going to say one thing in a very short sentence and it's an Advice for anyone who is willing or already paid money to Warrior forums For advertising and promotion services... "They will give you nothing in return and they will never refund your money". Yes, this is my experience with Warrior forums and its owner * It all started with me looking for a reputable forum for affiliates where I can promote my tracking tool. And then I reached Warrior forums They have pretty cheap package (which I believe it's a trap for you To pay) for $20 and you can list your software/service under what they Call WSO or Warrior Special Offer section and forums users can see and Make the decision to purchase. So I gladly, paid that $20 and got my WSO panel to start adding my software Weak Coding was my first concern They provide an editor plugin where you can web view your offer Contents like Tags H1-H5 P bullets and so on and so on so I said to Myself That's really cool and I can well-present my tool to forums Users. So I started adding my content, made my preview and kicked offer to be launched and problems started to appear: - They add a section for Buy Button and they are very clear "Add button Only WSO and other Payment Gateway but not PayPal" and as I'm using PayPal as my payment and checkout gateway, I didn't add that Code - Their editor plugin resulted in displaying my content as Div code not as HTML structured content as was showing to me on Preview And although it was like that, they approved offer Hustle starts earlier than I thought Then I saw that my offer suddenly is paused by their admin and I said To myself. "No worries. I can contact support to check things out and Get it live back" but I was really so optimistic. Third-party Support Ever heard about that website Well, when I contacted Warrior forum support I got an auto response email message from ******* Telling me that shortly I will be answered by someone and I was really Surprised to see that Why Warrior forum are not replying from their Email addresses? Hello this is * I then got emailed by someone called * Which I thought in first place that he is a support team member but During the back and force it turned out that he is the founder of Warrior forum and that his full name is * Useless Back and Forth With *, I started an endless back and forth with him telling me To add buy button and me explaining to him that it's a PayPal and then Him telling me to send him direct link to my PayPal button and me Sending him that direct link and the conclusion is Nothing. Zero... my WSO offer is still inactive and he is just playing the weak support game Of replying to me in the last minute of day before going off. Well, that is the suitable moment to call for Refund For me I was starting to get the impression that this is not worth Money I paid and that I should call for a refund and that was what I Did. I straight forward asked * to refund me my money and sent To him my payment ID and then he said that I paid using a Credit Card And I was like, So What? We are in 2019 and you cannot refund my money To my Credit Card? That refund request was initiated in Wednesday February 20th 2019 and Until this moment I'm writing down my experience they didn't either Reply to my 4 email messages regarding refund or sent to me my money *Personal information redacted by admin

dyaa k.

In 02/07 i paid 20$ to launch my WSO offer as modern WSO and appear in Warrior special offers section (this section have a great number of visitors can purchase offers) of forums on warriorforums but there we a technical problem in there website so it shown as old WSO and not appeared in Warrior special offer section which mean it can not be seen by any one unless the one have link. So i requested support and the worst support guy ever seen in the world (WF- *) start to messages me first he start to deny there is any problem with very very slow support (he was send my a message after 3 hour of last reply + i send one or two message by maximum a day) i start to send him screenshots till he realized the problem, he started to edit it, he can not then i suspect may i listed it as old WSO so he tried to edit to modern he did not managed then tried to make new WSO with details i gave to him he did not managed and posted as old wso again Then he told my to try to post new WSO as it could posted as old WSO and will provide me a coupon code for payment if i was asked for but did not work again so i did not get the coupon as well. After about two weeks of unless support with useless person guy (WF- *), i managed to post it as modern i realized the problem i request to mark it as paid since i paid 20$ for modern WSO and i did not get it + he offer coupon code before as he know the problem from his side not my side, he refused saying sorry i can not do this, i told him you said you will give me coupon code he did not reply. Even 20$ i will get i will bought from site again and no reply. The man who say something and do not do it, in my country we do not say he is lair we lier we say *, the man who promised and do not do what he promised is not man *Personal information redacted by admin