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Dynadot ranks 6 with 312 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Naprawdę doceniane przez użytkowników, Dobry stosunek jakości do ceny' as the most positive attributes of Dynadot. On the other hand, they point out 'Kwestie związane z przelewami pieniężnymi, Musisz zapłacić dodatkowo, Konto jest zablokowane' as not living up to their expectations.

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Ben Gough (Terrum)

There's being careful with fraud, and then there's being too careful. I bought a domain from Dynadot and, whilst it all went through successfully and I received the domain instantly, my account was 'randomly selected' for a fraud check. So I was told to verify my phone number. Fine, that was a quick enough process. 1 hour later I receive an automated e-mail asking for me to verify my details were all correct and accurate, again as part of a fraud check. Then not long after I received yet another e-mail this time from an actual representative to my PayPal address (not the account's address), asking if I authorised the transaction. At this point I was a quite annoyed because I had already proven twice that the order was genuine, I didn't feel trusted and certainly didn't feel like they were believing I was a real customer to them - which is unfortunate, because whilst I completely understand fraud checks are a necessity in business, their procedure for checking is completely out of control and seems to be very illogical. It made me feel completely uncomfortable with the company - at least check the most common methods of fraud (use of a proxy, different country purchase to billing country, etc) before instantly suspecting of fraud. Frankly, they should have stopped at the phone verification. Or have just stuck with one verification method that was most convenient to them, rather than using more than one method. This was frustrating because they could not verify my PayPal e-mail with my actual account e-mail because the PayPal address wasn't an active address (it was essentially a 'no reply' account). I suggest that they improve their fraudulent transaction checking procedures, otherwise so far no other bad experiences.


Do NOT register your domains here! My domain got suspended. I have never had a domain suspended before - in over 20 years online.

Blair Urquhart

Could not possibly get more inconfident staff they seem to all suffer from learning problems

Kevin L.

A decent to good registrar. Lacks powerful portfolio management tools. Pricing is not competitive. Interface is smooth and functional. Not had any serious issues with them yet.

Tiatun Tiatun

The best place to buy Domain Name on the web hands down. Excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Antony Luxton

Great place to register a domain. Easy control panel and good staff!

jonas mava

great prices for the domains, and their dns service is very fast, thanks and we will come back

J. Ramirez

Dynadot costumer service is the worse, if you are a domainer becarful to do business with them, you sould avoid at all cost, with the time you will find out their customer support is not helpful at all, they will not listen or understand you as a customer, they will find wathever reason to not help, altough they are customer support. They will send from chat to email, from that email they will tell you write to another email. And that is just the begining of the nightmare. I been their client for over a year now, with over 200 domains, the first tickets I send to their customer support where minor stuff get solved half the way. With the months ahead I found out many bad practices: domains I won in auctions sold to some one else, drop names I order catched by a misterios some one else, Auctions ending for regular users before but not to some one else, domains I put on sale did not have any bids but some else bought it for the lowest price, you account will get banned or blocked when some good domains actions are being close to end, you can't use paypal as default payment for auctions, you must use a default credit card (do not set your credit card, you will get your data stolen) you can't suggest positive changes to their platform cause you will get negative attention, you can't complain cause at the end the complaining goes to the same customer support team, and few days ago my account got suspended bacause my bank blocked them for some suspisious charges, I contact them and they send me a link to asking me to take picture of my self, my id, and my credit card on both sites, I complained I did not wanted to send my information to some third party and it did not sound right to send all this information, we'll guess what, the problem got worse, and one week passed I have domains expiring and I cant renew them because my account is blocked to do new orders not even paying with paypal, I can not even transfer domains cause you will need to make an order to make transfers, so I'm locked with 200+ domains. So I tooked the picture of me, my id and my current credit card and send it to them, but they where not satisfied so they requested me to not only take picture of my current credit card but also of the old credit card on file, can you believe that? Its been almost 2 weeks and they have not unbloked my account. So to any domainer do not buy to many domains with them, keep your domains on any other registrar you trust. There are some legal processes I will have to make, but I will get my 200 domains and will make them pay for any losses.

Slayder Mad

Im using the reseller hosting account. Its cheap and a lot of features. No downtime also speed is fantastic. Overall very happy with the service!

Wahyu Saputro

Chat Support is always busy. Too much error. Don't use them.