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BerniePortal ranks 13 with 185 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Przyjazny dla użytkownika, Wspaniały personel' as the most positive attributes of BerniePortal. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Nie jest przyjazny dla użytkownika, Problemy z kompatybilnością' as not living up to their expectations.

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"BerniePortal is a great way to get all HR related documentation to employees" What do you like best? I love that I can track all e-mails and personal information relating to me in one place. What do you dislike? There is nothing I dislike about the BerniePortal.

"Bernie portal as a great HR system" What do you like best? I like that Bernie Portal is an all in one software solution for HR. What do you dislike? Some disadvantages of Bernie portal is the capabilities to integrate with certain carriers.

What do you like best? It got my company away from paper onboarding, benefit enrollment, and PTO tracking without the big investment in an HR, since our broker set it up for us. Honestly that is the only good thing about this system. What do you dislike? This is a very basic system. It does not offer robust data analytics, which means I still have to create my own spreadsheets and formulas to calculate things like turnover. The notifications of benefit changes, pay changes, and terminations is not always sent to the broker so the benefits admin part has caused many billing errors. We can not use the I-9 feature since the system doesn't follow the guidelines per the government ,nor will they update it after I sent them the guidelines. This is a HUGE issue since a mistake is $110 a box for not having a "N/A." If there is a change to any tax documents, like the W4, I have to let them know to update that in the onboarding documents and send them the form. I shouldn't have to worry that the system I'm using is making us non compliant and could cause us fines if audited.

Joshua S.

Pros: Intuitiveness and ease of use. Slick interface. Clients love it. Relatively small learning curve. ... Cons: Having to redo elections when we make small changes. Not being able to term or add a dependent without redoing elections.

Diana E.

Pros: It tackles online benefits administration and onboarding in a very unique way. It is designed by brokers with brokers in mind. It is intuitive and has a user interface that is easy to understand. It is constantly being updated and improved. It gets better every day. Cons: The build out process can be painful. The build out request form leaves a lot to be desired. There are always a lot of errors in the way the groups and plans are built and because testing a portal is difficult sometimes those errors don't get discovered until the site is live. There is not user guide/manual/step by steps/instructions available so you can't independently trouble shoot, I always have to send an email. It is highly customizable which is very valuable to our firm and the small group market we primarily serve.

Sandi C.

Pros: As a broker, ease of use for my clients is critical. Online enrollment is the future in benefits, and getting on board with a system that does it right was essential. BerniePortal delivers! Cons: The only thing I would add is a short benefit summary on the Election screens for each plan. As it is set up now, the employee has to click on a PDF to view the benefit summary. It is still far better than paper, but a short summary on the screen would be helpful. My clients absolutely love BerniePortal. The benefits enrollment is great, and the onboarding tools are a huge bonus. What a difference from collecting paper applications from all employees!

Pat R.

Pros: Once you set the client up, pick the employer contribution, add voluntary then you welcome employees to enroll. You then capture their request and process their applications. The biggest thing for us has been adding voluntary products without the need to bring in an enrollment team. Cons: It can be a lot of work to get a client set up but the end result is client retention and more voluntary sales. I feel I can compete with the big boys. I've brought something new to the client and i think that is important.

Matthew G.

Pros: Very User friendly and "dummy" proof. Employers in all industries and size can benefit from a program like Bernie Cons: Rarely do we find an issue with the program. Whoever the ability to change employee info in bulk is limited.... wish there was a way to address that easier

Bunny P.

Pros: The toggle inputs make setting up the portal easy, and, if you have all the pieces (census, subgroup designations, rates, and benefit summaries), a portal can be setup in a day, versus 6-8 weeks on other systems. We utilize the portal mainly during open enrollment since it provides an easy way to post age rates or composite rates and provides a delivery mechanism for ACA required Summary of Benefits and Coverage. It leverages much of the data held in the system to pre-populate enrollment forms and collect actual signatures (via touchscreen or mouse).  It also offers Onboarding capabilities (I-9, W-4, Handbook receipts, etc.) for those companies who want to go paperless.  We launched the portal with our 50+ clients first in order for them to capitalize on the 1095 reporting capabilities with BerniePortal then rolled out portals for smaller clients at their renewal. The system is compatible with any device that can connect to the internet so even field employees can enroll using their phone. We have monthly support calls with our BerniePortal Account Manager to discuss newly released features and provide feedback on cases in progress. Cons: The system architecture is updated frequently and changes are not always announced, so sometimes we find feature changes that we did not know were happening. Many times these are minor, and improvements, but there have been features removed that we appreciated using. Most rating methods can be accommodated like age rates and composite rates for standard lines of coverage. Disability rate tables can be challenging to setup yourself, but the BerniePortal team is available to handle some or all benefit setups. They have a Defined Employer Contribution mechanism, but currently do not have a Defined Employee Contribution mechanism. Adoption and use by the HR administrator is ultimately needed to gain the most value and utility from the system. Standard client data reports are available for download, but custom reports cannot currently be generated. Efficiency and continuity of information delivery of insurance benefits in addition to legible enrollment forms with complete information.

Joan C.

Pros: functionality and ability to work with it and the development team really listens to your requests for improvement Cons: Some of our plans are not easily integrated because of the carrier requirements. We have several plans that have specific needs that do not fit the standard plans. The ease of online enrollment so that we do not have to travel to all the work sites or rely on other agents to enroll core at the same time they enroll supplemental products