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MAGIX ranks 9 with 7 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'Kupony rabatowe'. The user reviews mention: 'Wspaniały edytor zdjęć, Świetne narzędzie do zadań' as the most positive attributes of MAGIX. On the other hand, they point out 'Niewygodna' as not living up to their expectations.

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"Magix Photo Manager" What do you like best? Magix has developed a pretty good photo management software. I found it very easy to use and helpful when searching through my photos. What do you dislike? I didn't find much wrong with the program. It is a basic photo management software without many bells and whistles, but it works for what its designed for. Recommendations to others considering the product: Give it a shot and you with probably like the software. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? It helps you more easily find the photos you need. You can search multiple locations at once.

"Excellent photo management with some editing options" What do you like best? There are plenty of options how to organize Your photos. Photo management is strongest point of his program, including incorporated database. Photo editing can be used with some optional plugins that give some interesting features to this software. What do you dislike? Many options are hidden in advanced options. Standard options sometimes are very poor or none and advanced opotions are overhelming so there is no balance of options (for example You have only 2 or all 100 options). Heavy on computer resources. User interface is not designed well. Recommendations to others considering the product: If You need a strong poto organizing software this is a solution for You. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Photo management and database of them is a very helpfull in case when Yoou have hundreds of photos weekly.

What do you like best? I love this software, it makes it so easy to manage, share and present your photo collection! It has an advanced photo importer that really helps speed things along, and you can categorize and rate your images for easier navigation in the future. the great part is it can create slide shows and help you make the images look the best they can! What do you dislike? While its no Light room, its great at what it does! Recommendations to others considering the product: This is a great piece of software! You cant go wrong with it! What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? this software allowed me to manage my photo collection.

"Effective photo manager tool with simple UI " What do you like best? When I first started using Magix Photo Manager, I immediately realized its ease of use due to its simple and clean UI. Likewise, the program is good for basic photo management with useful features like batch processing, auto sorting, and shortcuts. It is also useful to eliminate unwanted duplicate images. It can easily filter, compile the best pics from the collection. What do you dislike? Most of the time, I create slideshows for my youtube channel, however, this photo editor lacks a common sharing feature to share slideshows on youtube. In the case of features, they are good for all levels of users, but this tool lacks some advanced organizing and sharing capabilities. Likewise, there are no enhancing tools like skin smoothing, teeth whitening etc. Recommendations to others considering the product: If you are a basic user and need to make minor changes in your photos, then this is a very good program. Its simple and impressive UI is the reason behind its popularity. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? At our organization, we use this tool to edit, share and manage photos of our blog posts. Compared with other programs, it offers sufficient editing tools like saturation, brightness adjustment, clipping, and red-eye removal. Currently, we process only basic edits with this tool. For advanced edits and improvements, this tool has some limitations.

Works as advertised. I found the UI too complex and clunky for what it's supposed to achieve in terms of simple photo management.

PROS Great tool for managing my photos CONS Nothing really

PROS - A lot more really helpfull features than any other free photo management tool - Integrated photo optimising filters and effects (non-destructive!) - Integrated free accounts for own photo websites CONS A litle bit big to donwload but it´s worth for you photos!