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SheepCRM ranks 7 with 83 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Wspaniały personel' as the most positive attributes of SheepCRM. On the other hand, they point out 'Nie jest przyjazny dla użytkownika' as not living up to their expectations.

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Andy M.

Overall:It has been wonderful to move from non-web-based tools to Sheep where we can all access the same data on whichever platform we use regardless of location. The tool is easy to use, logically laid out and their help team are responsive to resolve any issues we have had. It doesn't do all we would like it to do yet, but over the years it has been continually developed and improved.

Jon C.

Overall:Bespoke design - built on a well-structured foundation product Flexible enough to cater for our needs Powerful enough to grow alongside us Excellent and swift & friendly customer service as and when required

Emily D.

Overall:Sheep is helping to organise all of our data, I'm looking forward to having it fully up to date. Pros:It's modern and easy to use. Has a clean and tidy interface. Cons:If come across a couple of issues such as the box closing whilst I'm entering data.

Hazel W.

Overall:The company can download how many women have started trading, what types of businesses are most popular starting up. Download businesses who have joined different clubs etc Pros:I found SheepCRM easy to use, putting in information and extracting information Cons:At the present moment in time I cannot find anything I dislike about the software

Ian A.

Overall:As an organisation we have been using SheepCRM for around 3 years and have seen the product develop over that time. It is a very good CRM tool that has multiple functions that particularly suit our needs. We have a good understanding of the platform and have developmed a sound releationship with the development and sales team, who together ensure issues and development areas are dealt with promtly and professionally. Pros:The ability to use data for multiple cross-functional tasks. Cons:Not always as intuitive as one would like, but it's getting better all the time!

Derek H.

Overall:Working with Sheep has been extremely positive and has enabled us to centralise information that used to live in many places online and offline into one place and it now runs in the background giving us the joined up information we need and can trust on our customers, supporters and volunteers. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and the team have been really helpful and open to some custom developments to make things work for our specific needs and we have worked together to design them in a way that can be useful to others and rolled out to all users. Pros:It does exactly what I was looking for which was to centralise and join up our CRM data that previously lived in many different places. This enables me to keep mailing lists up to date & GDPR compliant. The volunteer management elements are also excellent and the team at sheep have worked with us to develop this to meet our needs specifically with features that have then been rolled out to all users. We have found the Sheep interface to use and any users have quickly picked it up. Cons:One aim is to bring together all our donor financial information into one place so we have a reliable record of a donors giving history. We're not there yet, but this is more to do with the complexity of the dataset, and it not being enough of a priority to fix at this point, rather than a failing of Sheep capabilities.

Paul I.

Overall:Sheep is allowing a level of automation, management and infrastructure that is allowing the business to grow. Also knowing there is a small dedicated team constantly working on the system and working with us is a fantastic asset. Pros:The ability to seamlessly integrate SheepCRM with a variety of other platforms allowing us , as an organisation, to better manager resources and systems. It has not only saved us time and money but also allowed the business to grow. Cons:The system works best with specific 3rd parties, if you require other third parties it can be done but there is additional cost

Kerry O.

Overall:I'm a freelance marketer and business administrator. I work with clients who use various softwares to manage what they do. For CICs (Community Interest Organisations), and membership organisations who have previously just mailed everyone with everything, I have found that those who use Sheep are increasingly well organised. I spend less time looking for data and insights because I can create reports to get me that info immediately so I can get on with creating the tailored comms. Sheep helps each business address its individual needs, whether that's tightening up or tailoring comms, catching/ reminding late payers to improve cashflow, or getting back in touch with members who might otherwise drop off the radar, that kind of thing. It's a million miles from cross checking spreadsheets and it's actually easier to use! Pros:One of the great things about Sheep is that you can get to the interesting data you need quickly, because it's all in one place. You can go to a individual donor to a charity for instance and see their whole donation/ engagement history, or you can go to an individual event and look at who attended it. Helps if you want to then create marketing materials directly aimed at all those who like X, Y, Z, or to send things out in a timely manner, i.e because you know that person's going to be active or want to attend an event or donate around February. You can also search by any criteria (ie for all people who attend more than two annual events, or for those who have lapsed with their membership, create a list of those contacts and email them with tailored comms. It's really handy. For small business who still send out mail in the post, sending letters only to those who are quite likely to come is a much better ROI for instance. Cons:Tough question. As a marketer, only certain elements of Sheep are relevant to me when I work with clients that use it, and the elements I use are all fine and do what I need.

Brian L.

Overall:We are going from a system that doesn't handle membership at all to a system that will allow us to automate most of our processes. SheepCRM has made this extremely easy, yet still challenging our way of thinking to find efficiencies and improvements. Pros:The platform is easy to use right out of the box. Anyone with even a slight background in CRM/Membership Management will be able to use this software quickly. Implementation has been very smooth so far and the customer service has been outstanding. Cons:It is too early in the process to point out any cons.

Des M.

Overall:Small company with a clear product vision. Opportunity to influence and develop mutually beneficial product features. Receptive with regard to product development . Pros:A good match for our niche and limited in scope, business requirements. Good price point. Scalable solution affording a clear development path. Easy integration to other products which we already use. Cons:Lack of some basic editing functions in the emailing feature.