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mersive ranks 30 with 72 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Naprawdę doceniane przez użytkowników, Wspaniałe wsparcie, Funkcja łatwego udostępniania' as the most positive attributes of mersive. On the other hand, they point out 'Nie działa na androida, Problemy z kompatybilnością, Zgłoszone wypadki' as not living up to their expectations.

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Verified Reviewer

Overall:Working remotely with teams and IT department. Pros:Easy to connect to other's displays. Good tool for teams. Cons:No cons. An easy and quick application to use with teams.

Rites G.

Overall:Overall experience is good. Hopping in a meeting room & directly getting connected to the monitor using this app is a good experience. Pros:1. Excellent tool to share to image you computer screen that helps wonders during the meetings 2. This has an option of getting connected using the IP of the monitor you want to get connected with (No hassles of wire cables or Bluetooth connections) Cons:The options available in the product are quite limited. Options such as making calls using this app, adding more people to that screen share session can be added to the product

David C.

Overall:We use Solstice for screen sharing during meetings and small workshops in our office. It has made screen sharing much more efficient and less messy than plugging and unplugging HDMI or VGA cables. Pros:Solstice works with both Mac and Windows operating systems to screen share. It makes software demonstrations much easier than, say, using PowerPoint slides. Plus, there's no need to fumble around with cables when on the fly! Cons:Sometimes Solstice won't connect to my laptop (Windows), and I have to shut down and restart the software. This is rare, so it isn't a huge problem.

Jess G.

Overall:I use solstice as a college student to give presentations wirelessly. Pros:I like that Solstice is wireless, so that I don't have to worry about having the correct cables to connect my device to a projection screen in order to give a presentation. Cons:It can be glitchy or difficult to connect, which is often an issue with wifi, but sometimes is caused by the application.

Ethan T.

Overall:Overall, I loved using Solstice when it worked, but the issues with certain operating systems made us switch. Pros:Solstice was a very polished product and had a great backend admin interface. Cons:We ran into many issues where Solstice would work great on some OS versions of MacOS and Windows but not others.

Bradley D.

Overall:Very dependable but is a bit pricey. Pros:I like Solstice for its small size and its dependability. On a college campus, our professors depend on the Solstice to teach their classes. Especially during COVID, wireless presentation has been the go to for transmitting video to different displays. They can download the software and use their own laptop or mobile device without having to touch an HDMI cable. Its very easy to connect and the picture is excellent. I have never experienced any choppiness or lag. Cons:I wish they offered the ability to connect a wireless keyoard or mouse. It would be nice if you could connect your phone to administer the device without the need for a keyboard. My only other complaint is that you now have to buy the power adapter separate from the device itself. This seems ridiculous considering the device is usually over $1000. This price should come down to be more competitive.

Verified Reviewer

Overall:Solstice gives me freedom by allowing presenters to share their own desktops without requiring my aide, however I have the option to moderate the meeting and remove any unwanted shares. It's a great tool and I am unaware of better alternatives. Pros:My job is to run the meetings for our County Commissioners. We use various tools to broadcast the meeting and record it, and Solstice has proven itself an invaluable tool to help the meetings run smoothly. It acts a lot like Chromecast and feels a little like Bluetooth. It allows presenters to share their presentations to the monitors in our meeting room. Without Solstice, they would have to give me their presentations on flash drives and then they would be dependent on me to run their slides. Cons:It is a little complicated for new users to set up their technology if they have not already downloaded the Solstice application. That can take a while, and if there are issues with using the correct IP address to connect to our displays, it can make presenters feel hurried and flustered. Otherwise, once you have the application downloaded, it is pretty simple to share your screen.

Constantly Disconnects & Freezes Up These devices are not sufficiently reliable to be worthy of consideration for any use. Other wireless display devices such as Apple TV for Mac/iOS or Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter for Windows work much better at a much lower cost. What are the pros? A solstice pod can be connected to a wireless and wired network simultaneously which allows connections to both guest and employee networks. They accommodate wireless screen sharing from Windows, Mac and iOS devices. What are the cons? Every morning the device is consistently locked up and needs power cycled. When using Windows miracast for wireless screen sharing, a connection cannot be maintained for more than about 30 minutes at a time. Mersive support says the logs show network quality is too low, but they are unable to provide minimum acceptable statistics for latency.

User satisfaction is hit or miss The wireless access to share content to conference room screens is convenient but the service has been unreliable. Users may experience disruption in sharing and we have also noticed the clock doesn't always update to reflect the right time.

It needs more space to hold more people at once. My professor is trying to use it for a class of 100+. It only holds 25. It also needs to be available for android. Not everyone uses apple.