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ClearSlide ranks 13 with 212 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Funkcja łatwego udostępniania, Szablony e-maili są świetne, Lepsze niż reszta' as the most positive attributes of ClearSlide. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Nie można anulować subskrypcji, Nie zalecane' as not living up to their expectations.

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mattt j.

Comments: Pros The clearslide product is great as a solution to interact with customers. I can use Clearslide to send presentations and view how far my customers have read through them. This allows me to tailor future conversations to cover the material the customers did not read over. This product also allows me to share my screen with mu customers so I can demo products. This also allows me to show the customers exactly what i need them to do or click on. Cons Sometimes the java part of this product makes it difficult for some customers to install.

Mayela M.

Comments: Pros That we can track when our customers or prospects open and read the emails we sent them. Easy to use Cons I like it all. Great customer service, and so easy to use

Allen B.

Comments: Pros Importing email addresses and the ability to capture opens and ctr Cons The inability to include more data fields. I'd like to be able to enter full contact details to match the ctr and open in an email pitch.

Grace K.

Comments: Pros I love how easy Clearslide is to use for the people attending the presentation. They do not need to download anything or go to a tricky link. Instead they are able to easily access my presentation and screen share. I also love how easy it is to log notes in salesforce after the presentation has been completed. It allows our sales team to keep track of everything and stay organized. Cons I wish the presentations were easier to organize within our company account. Each sales rep has multiple custom decks and they are all in the same view. It would be helpful if we could keep content in folders.

Tony S.

Comments: Pros I like that it enables one to show the prospect videos and data sheets or slides seamlessly. Once they log on to my "room" I have their undivided attention in that window and can keep their interest up. I also like that it made it very easy to email links to a series of videos. Cons In the email section where you can send the client/prospect a deck, there was only room for 4 items. I could have done with more.

Greg M.

Comments: Pros ClearSlide has been very responsive to making product updates to better meet our needs. Additionally, I love how I am able to track precisely when someone views my emails (and then watch them real-time as they go through each slide). Cons I wish that the product was better integrated into Outlook and SalesForce. Additionally, I wish that I were able to selectively remove the header in my live pitches... the header makes it difficult to present the pitch on a projector.

Seth S.

Comments: Pros I really enjoy the functionality of Clearslide and the versatility it allows within. Easy to switch between presentations and, with the most recent update, search through the masses of presentations available. Cons Would love to have additional functionality in adding select slides from a presentation not presentably on Clearslide. As in - If I have a deck on my hard drive that is 100 slides, and I want to incorporate just 2 of those slides into an existing Clearslide presentation without uploading the entire file.

Morgan P.

Comments: Pros I have my own URL that my clients can pull up on their computer or on their phone. It's also vital for me to see their screens at certain points in the conversation, so it's very beneficial to allow them not only to share their screen, but to have control over the mouse in the "meeting" and run a portion on their end. I love being able to end a pitch because it links to my client's SalesForce account, as well as shows how involved my viewers are during the presentation. It's wonderful both internally and externally, and overall improves my presentations and how I run my meetings. Tracking client engagement is huge. I consider myself spoiled now and will not want my company to switch to any other software. Cons I have experienced a couple of issues with the meeting timing out. I also have clients struggle to find the "Share Screen" button when I ask them to switch to their screen. They just have difficulty finding where it is -- which could just be oversight. This is still something that takes a bit of time to get them to notice it in the top right corner.

David K.

Comments: Pros I like that you can see when someone opens the documents I send. I also like the fact that I can change the contents of the document after its been sent. Cons The details of the person viewing your documents can be misleading since I often send the materials to many viewers but I am only able to include one recipient's name. Also if someone downloads the product, it does not tell me. They should also give the sender an option to make the recipient have to provide their name in order to download and then provide that back to the sender as additional feedback.

Meghan F.

Comments: Pros Easy way to track success of the email and content that I send to customers and prospects. Cons No way to mass email and still track who opens/views the email and content.