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Współpracując z ponad 500+ platformami wymiany kryptowalut, Taxbit zarządza Twoim podatkiem od kryptowalut i pomaga Ci obliczyć straty i zyski w czasie rzeczywistym. Uzyskaj dostęp do ich usług na ich stronie internetowej i ciesz się ścisłym bezpieczeństwem swoich dokumentów podatkowych już dziś.

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Mitchell Stoker

Awesome product and even better customer service that makes cryptocurrency taxes and tracking super simple

Chris Caruso

TaxBit is a life saver! I was dreading sifting through the 1/2 dozen crypto exchanges reports and trying to calculate my tax liability. TaxBit saved the day just before my filing deadline. They make it super easy. Just login, connect your exchange accounts and they take care of the rest. The team is amazing. If you have any questions, they get back to you lightning fast. I don't know how they do it! :) Don't be afraid to dive in. Trust me, it's easy and worthwhile. A+ service all the way!

CJ A Balmediano

I was ready to give up. I got a 1099 from coinbase. I was shocked to be in that 30k range. I was just playing with small trades. Taxbit was so efficient. I get FAST SUPER FAST response. I need some help connecting my gdax to taxbit and Justin gave a clear response. Within 24 hours of the fastest and greatest customer support , I was able to pull out my 8949. It will have taken me some days to manually do this 8949 and I would have taken some time off work. Thank you , taxbit and Justin!

Michael Foote

I'm starting with the customer service! Austin and Justin are experts in their field. How can I say this? Only an expert can break down crypto currency and taxes to a level I can understand! To say, "I'm technologically challenged" would be a gross understatement! These two gentlemen have patience that I haven't seen in the "crypto world" during the year and a half I've been investing there. They took me through every step of either linking the exchanges to their software or up loading my purchases/trades manually. They had to fix almost every up-load I did because I don't know how to find Hash IDs or transaction IDs; I'm not joking! Imagine the amount of help it would take to help someone who says, "What's a CVS?" I had to go back and look, its CSV! I'm still not joking! When it comes to the software/product, I don't know anything about it, except it produces the documents my CPA needs to do my regular taxes. "Please don't tell me you expected me to explain how great the software is after telling you I don't know what a CSV is!" LMAO! What I care about is this, "These guys and the people who work with them care about the people who come to them for their help and they're great at what they do!" See you again next year!!! Michael Foote

Fred Janisch

What more can be said? SPLENDID! EXCELLENT! Your company and the service provided is unbelievable. Customer attention and guidance off the charts! What a great find! What a great product! Thank you ...THANK YOU!

Jessica Ralph

After getting a letter from the IRS stating I owed them over $10k I was terrified and started looking at crypto tax software options. There are several options out there but I picked TaxBit because I'd heard them suggested by others and I liked that they had the option to get a CPA review. I'm so glad I picked TaxBit. Their customer support is top-notch, super friendly and helpful. They helped me get all the data I needed from Uphold. Plus, they even reviewed the response letter I'd written to the IRS and gave me suggestions to improve it. Thanks to TaxBit I was able to respond to the IRS appropriately and ended up not owing anything. Thank you TaxBit!

Joyce Arbic

Customer support was AWESOME! I had over 1300 transactions and taxbit made sense of them...🥳

Larry Christensen

Easy to use software and a great place to work.

Ale Seun Joseph

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Kelvin Kikanmee

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