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Koinly to oprogramowanie do opodatkowania kryptowalut, które pomaga określić zyski i straty kapitałowe. Korzystając z oprogramowania, możesz łatwo zrobić swoje podatki kryptowalutowe i podjąć świadome decyzje handlowe w przyszłości. Wygeneruj raporty podatkowe dotyczące kryptowalut w ciągu kilku minut za pośrednictwem Koinly.

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Vera Nwosu

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Ale Seun Joseph

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Wandisa Veeloy Wander

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Queen Pali Wah Single

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Princess Bostander

Good work deserves good endorsement. I invested only 700 dollars to earn 9,810 dollars in seven (7) working days. Danny A Stewart trades in Crypto (Bitcoin) and Forex (FX) trading for me and he earned me $9,810 during my first week with $700. Contact him now WhatsApp +12066725974 and Telegram @Danny_stewart93

Astkhik Durgaryan

Really impressed! Really impressed! I am really impressed with the number of crypto exchanges that Koinly is working with and with all the features it provides. Also good is that you can start for free and pay only when reports are needed to be generated. Support is also very good. Only negative I can think of is that it is sometimes difficult to see how it has calculated the profits but I trust the software :)

Andrew _

Very simple system and easy to learn. Negatives - the functionality can be limiting when trying to filter through thousands of transactions.

Luka Milivojevic

One thing I love about Koinly is the nice and intuitive UI. When I wanted to switch over from Cointracking, I was skeptical. But I've been won over since I switched. Koinly is sleek, feature packed and perfect for a regular trader like me. Another great thing is the support. Awesome when called upon.

Marian Gara

It would be great if it fill in all the forms that are needed for me but great.


Koinly worked wonders for me, I finally got a clear picture of the last 4 years of trading multiple cryptos across multiple exchanges and wallets. Once I got the hang of it, it was very easy to use and configure. Each time I got stuck on something, support was super fast to respond and helpful. The application is lacking some more advanced features, specifically more advanced filtering on the tables would be nice. However in talking to support this is coming in the near future! Very happy overall, after trying a half dozen different crypto tax apps, this one was by far the best for me.