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Steinberg ranks 10 with 8 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Obsługa klienta jest świetna' as the most positive attributes of Steinberg. On the other hand, they point out 'Rozczarowująca wersja darmowa, Zbyt drogie, Problemy z wersją Premium' as not living up to their expectations.

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When starting out as a music producer, and after much research, I bought Steinberg Cubase SX3 many years ago to discover that it basically had no instruments, no Sampler and very few decent FX. Basically it was a very expensive Sequencer -- that's all.

When starting out as a music producer, and after much research, I bought Steinberg Cubase SX3 many years ago to discover that it basically had no instruments, no Sampler and very few decent FX. Basically it was a very expensive Sequencer -- that's all. After a few years using Propellerhead's Reason software instead I decided to try Cubase again and invested in Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler and Factory Orchestral Library and started investing in other Steinberg VST instruments. To cut a long story short, after using Cubase for a couple of years and purchasing several expensive upgrades the software never worked 100%. Yes that's absolutely true. I spent thousands investing in Steinberg products only to find them buggy, frustrating, overpriced and very difficult and unfriendly to use. (Not to mention their goddam awful customer forum -- you say anything bad and a whole bunch of people put the boot in!). After producing several albums of my own work and attempting another expensive upgrade their software trashed my system completely. That was it, the final straw. I bought Reaper DAW instead and started working with that. I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience that was to finally ditch Cubase and work with DAW software that simply worked! Fourteen albums later (all produced in Reaper) I have never looked back. Leaving Cubase for Reaper was like leaving the darkness and walking into daylight!

Stay away from Cubase sounds and looks professional, and so is it. But when something goes wrong, don't count on getting help. You can easily send a question to their support department. Just don't count on getting an answer. I asked them a question 8 days ago but still haven't heard from them. They have the worst support department I've ever experienced, so buy another DAW instead, like for example Pro Tools, Ableton, Presonus, or Reason. Or if you are a beginner and would like to see if music production is for you, try Audacity. it is free and there are a plethora of free plugins available for it. But stay far away from Cubase

Bad buggy software by the usual Atari hackers. Lots of great features that don't work. I just wanna make music, but they know better. My advice is to try and get hold of the older pirate versions. More stable. Don't waste your time and money trying to solve stuff, where time is the only solution. Up your Schteiny.

Cubase Elements 10 was bought because my Son's school installed this rubbish. Paid almost £90 because he loves music and wanted the features he currently has with my fantastic Ableton Lite, but infortunately his school chose the wrong product. IT FAILS TO LICENCE PROPERLY, NEVER WORKS, IT ACTUALLY REFUSES TO OPEN!!!! I spent £90 , they took my money without any problems and now it won't run because their eLicenser is rubbish and they won't reply to my support emails, it's all stuck in the 80's. My son needs this for his homework and they can't be bothered to respond back to fix this. Seems like this is just typical OLD FASHIONED GERMAN PROGRAMMING - JUST ENOUGH TO MAKE IT WORK AND THAT'S ALL - over to the end user with NO SUPPORT. ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH STABILITY. DONT BOTHER WITH CUBASE or STEINBERG, GO AND GET SOMETHING MODERN AND UP TO DATE. I HAD THE SAME ISSUES WITH PRO 24 on an Atari in 1984 and had no support with 100's of issues then as well, they havent improved over time. IT'S NO WONDER THEY ARE LEFT BEHIND AND THERE ARE NOW PLENTY OF OTHER GOOD DAWS TO USE. EVEN CAKEWALK IS NOW FREE AND HAS LESS ISSUES THAN CUBASE AND THEIR FREE SUPPORT RESPONDS BACK IMMEDIATETLY. BUY ABLETON INSTEAD OR GET ABLETON FREE WITH SOME HARDWARE BECAUSE IT ROCKS AND BLOWS THIS CUBASE RUBBISH AWAY. I HAVE LOST £90 BECAUSE OF STEINBERG AND NOW I AM WRITING SONGS ABOUT IT AND UPLOADING THEM EVERYWHERE TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE THAT STEINBERG JUST DON'T CARE, NO REPLIES BACK FROM SUPPORT. PATHETIC MONEY GRABBING COMPANY

I've never understood why Cubase is so popular. The process of uploading, activation codes and reactivation codes is complex especially when you cant login to my Steinberg despite requesting a new password. I used the very early versions in the 90's and they were excellent. The programmers seem to have over complicated everything. I would only recommend this software to trained studio musicians who understand the rationale behind it. For the proverbial man in the street I would avoid it. To cap it all they stopped supporting the programme after it took me seven years to get going on it. I bought a new copy but can't login to get started.

I realize that my the past reviews of Cubase and Steinberg's customer service in the USA has been less than favorable, but in all fairness I must say that there have been some drastic changes for the better that deserve mentioning. Whenever I purchase a new version of Cubase, as I am using it I make notes of things that could improve my workflow. If it turns out that Cubase is lacking in that feature it gets added to my list. By the time Cubase 11 was released, my list was long. Some of the plugins and features I had hoped to see in future releases are: Better stability; Dynamic EQ; Upward compressor; Multi-Band imager; Marker track and Arranger track visible in editors. These were at the top of my list of many. Cubase 11 Pro has everything I had on my wish list and more. Normally I will wait until the next upgrade is coming out before I buy the current upgrade. I do this to allow time for updates that will result in greater stability, but when I heard about the new features I was so anxious to try it out that I purchased it immediately. I was expecting stability issues on the first release of Cubase 11, as has been on the first release of each version. However, the stability issues in Cubase 11 were very minor this time around, and they had them all under control by 11.0.2, which I currently use. Version 11.0.3 is available, but I am not experiencing any of the issues it addresses, so I stopped at 11.02. I believe there are some minor issues like a few missing features that need to be returned that they are working on for the next release. I work with Cubase for several hours each day, and must say that Steinberg has really done a great job this time around. Cubase 11 Pro is the most stable version since I began working with it 14 years prior to it's release. Between the stability and new features I give Cubase 11 a 5 star rating. At the time of my last review, Steinberg's customer service was practically non-existent in the USA. However, when Cubase 11 came out I had some difficulty getting Windows 10 to recognize my audio interface and made another attempt at contacting customer service. Although I had to go elsewhere to get the problem solved, Steinberg now has a real time chat on their website for customer support. I used the chat and got an instant response and the person on the other end made every effort possible to help with my issue. For that alone, I give Steinberg customer service 5 stars. I also want to make mention of how great it is to have someone like Greg Ondo doing live stream Cubase hangouts twice a week since the beginning of the pandemic. These hangouts have given me a better insight into the workings of Cubase, a better education on general DAW usage, and helped me determine whether an issue was software or operator related. I now feel more confident using Cubase and would recommend it to anyone involved in music. It has something for everyone, whether you are a producer, engineer, songwriter, musician, teacher, DJ, sound designer, or anything related to music. In Cubase 11, my favorite new features are Frequency dynamic EQ, Squasher, Multi-Band Imager, and SpectraLayers. Keep up the good work Steinberg!

I wanted to use my cubase again after a while and the program refused to even start after I got the message that the license key was not present or any BS of that sort. I paid hundreds to use a software and after months of inactivity they just kick you out, like a thief and take away the product you paid for. I am done using any sort of software for music creation.