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Mailshake ranks 6 with 295 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Nic, co by się nie podobało, Szablony e-maili są świetne, Łatwy w użyciu' as the most positive attributes of Mailshake. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Problemy z kompatybilnością, Musisz zapłacić dodatkowo' as not living up to their expectations.

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Tim R.

Comments: I'm a relatively new user and already recommending to friends. The time you save is worth far more than that monthly fee. Pros Mailshake is easy to use and effective, taking away a pain point of high volume emails while still being personal and not ending up in the "promotions" tab in Gmail. We use it as a biz dev tool to reach out to prospects on our target customer list. Follow ups have proven to be invaluable as I no longer have to think about who to follow up with or set a reminder. We've been able to connect with a good amount of prospects. We've found the most value in cold outreach campaigns, and the MailShake blog offers great insight as do the templates (which I recommend as a starting point, they are easily customizable). Cons Mailshake works great as a set-it-and-forget-it tool. I only wish there was more control on scheduling and times for advanced purposes, not required. i.e. Would be great to send between these hours on these days, and schedule them week to week, or don't send initial emails on Fridays but allow followups to occur on Fridays.

David C.

Comments: Outreach Pros Easy to use. Been using this for 5 months now and after about a week I found I knew how to use all aspects of the tool. Sending on average 100 emails a day and seeing great results :) Cons No bad experiences as of yet. Biggest problem I had was with transferring my csv file into Mailshake but thankfully support resolved my problem

Mark L.

Comments: Pros Couldn't be easier to use. The UX and the flow make setting up a campaign and sending it out super quick and easy.

Stephanie R.

Comments: Pros I like the simplicity of the tool and the cost compared to other email and lead gen tools. And we super love the auto-follow up features. We decided to go with MailShake and DivvyHQ and ditch Buzzstream for outreach emailing campaigns mostly due to the cost, the cost per month for MailShake is a far better monthly cost than for Buzzstream, especially since we do a lot of custom outreach. But we also decided to switch to MailShake because of its simple, easy to use interface for email outreach tracking. Cons It doesn't have all the same features as Buzzstream, so you can't generate email addresses or build lists within the tool based on keyword research, so it's definitely a lighter weight tool, but useful in the overall link building toolkit.

Chris C.

Comments: Pros Easy email automation for a good price. Understand it's a new product but not tons of functionality. Cons Just a little unpolished. Very basic UI could use some more features. Better filtering of sent emails and open taking would be nice

Jerome C.

Comments: Pros The interface is very intuitive. The features offered are exactly what you need to do outreach emailing to leads, or bloggers. Plus, Sujan offers a very reactive support. Cons When duplicating a campaign, you can't see the preview panel. I suggested it as a bug and the team is actively working on fixing it.

Myra B.

Comments: Pros It's super easy to use, the templates are extremely helpful (and I love that you can save your own). I also like that you can still edit/personalize each email if you want. Cons It cannot identify duplicates, so if you accidentally include a contact twice (or more), then they'll receive duplicate messages.

Daniel C.

Comments: Simple to use and very useful tool for any entrepreneur. Pros This is exactly the tool I need to do outreach for content promotion. Super easy to use and the price is right. Cons More than likely the service is great but it is limited to only Gmail accounts. There is no way to use it with Exchange, SMTP or IMAP.

Frances S.

Comments: Time saving automation and intuitive functionality. Pros It's amazingly simple to use and has most of the functionality I need. It helped build our cold email engine that ended up generating so many leads we almost couldn't handle all of the responses. It saved me hours and hours of time through the automation. It was set it, and forget it, then be overwhelmed by leads. Cons Given the overwhelming response we had from our outreach, scheduling sales calls became a challenge. I'd love to have this paired with a cc function to add a bot like or another scheduling service.

Michael Y.

Comments: Pros The ease of use and reporting goes beyond expectations. The ability to set up automation campaigns is the icing on the cake that makes this a tool every growth marketing NEEDS in their stack. Cons The only thing I wish Mailshake had was a database of contacts you could create for future campaigns.