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Affise ranks 14 with 220 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Nic, co by się nie podobało, Łatwy w użyciu, Świetnie nadaje się do śledzenia postępów' as the most positive attributes of Affise. On the other hand, they point out 'Rozczarowujące cechy, Nie jest przyjazny dla użytkownika, Nieobsługiwane funkcje' as not living up to their expectations.

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ofer k.

Cons: everything is perfect, they need to improve their help to new networks who are changing the software As we are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and improve our business, we should be so lucky that we have met Affise team that introduced us their solution. With this platform, we have managed to implement our own custom solutions as well as have taken advantages of their services. It's the most intuitive affiliate system we have ever worked with. Super user-friendly, smart and fast. Affise is made for winners and that's exactly what we are striving for.

Mark K.

Pros: The software is very stable and reliable. Very flexible setting costs, caps and other targeting options. API is available for all actions. And the price is much lower then similar solutions in the market. Thanks to affise we managed to grow our business pretty fast and to save a lot of money on the costs of the software.

Rajesh G.

Pros: I used several tracking solutions for the past few years. All of them charge for traffic. The reason why we selected Affise was for this reason. You don't pay for clicks. After working for almost a year with Affise I can say that they are 100% stable, user friendly interfaces, almost 24/7 Skype support, a lot of features and more to come Cons: More networks have to move to Affise. It will make it easy to cooperate. No traffic issues anymore when CR is too low and more time to optmize campaigns. Lower platform cost and focussing on the business instead of developing our own tracking platform.

Tarun G.

Pros: API Tool which helps me create an offer automatically and reduces a lot of effort. I just need an API Key and some other things from my advertiser and it automatically starts creating and syncing all the offers from my advertiser Cons: The statistics can be much better by introducing a better custom stats. Also need some regional support. Lowering the cost of tracking and saving a heck lot of money. Moreover the Utilities like CPAPI saves a lot of time.

Yadunandan S.

Pros: It's really easy to work on Affise. CPAPI is likely the best thing I like about Affise. Moreover have started using Smart link and I see improvement in our performance. It's really going great. Cons: Statistics is the thing I dislike a bit, but overall it's fine. Rest it's really an amazing platform to work on. Lower pricing and easy workability

Krishnadev S.

Pros: We like the CPAPI and the attribution and goal tracking of this platform. Its one of the best platforms we have ever used. Its 100% use friendly as well. Cons: The frequency of the API call is the least we liked. As per the team they are trying to reduce it and the CPAPI feature doesn't pull creatives and logos properly. We get our all offers at one place very smoothly and the account creation and login for the publishers are also very quick.

Sourabh S.

Pros: Reduce manual work, time efficient, Reporting is awesome, ease to use the software, Support is also very good. Overall awesome :) Cons: Frequency of feeds is low, It can be improved by reducing the time of feeds. Payout can minimised upto 2 digits after decimal Other than this i love this Platform :) Time efficient, accuracy, awesome reporting, real-time data etc

Saurabh K.

Pros: 1. No click cost, only extra conversion cost which is also not too costly. 2. Features available to set an offer. 3. Detailed reports regarding clicks, conversion , IP etc. Cons: Whenever we add offer preview link, it didn't fetch offer Image and description automatically. we have to go to Google play or App store then have to copy and take snip of offer Icon. 1. Detailed Reports on clicks, conversions etc 2. Don't have to pay click cost. 3. Smartlink option 4. API feature

Anonymous Reviewer

Pros: it's relatively easy to use on your own and it is pretty cheap. There isn't a ton of support needed while using it. Cons: the software is missing a lot of feature that companies like Tune, formerly hasoffers, offers it's clients We use affise for affiliate marketing and tracking

Warren W.

Pros: It's cheaper than most trakcing platforms currently available Cons: Out of all the tracking platforms I've used, this is the one that took me the longest to get used to. Right next to cake It gets the job done and it's cost effecient. But I wouldn't say it's user friendly