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Nudgify ranks 3 with 78 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Naprawdę doceniane przez użytkowników, Łatwy montaż, Świetnie nadaje się do tworzenia postów w mediach społecznościowych' as the most positive attributes of Nudgify. On the other hand, they point out 'Problemy z listą aplikacji w sklepie, Zła dostępność, Fałszywe opinie' as not living up to their expectations.

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Leo S.

Pros: It helps us to convert our visitors to customers and leads them to the right spots of our website. Easy to use, great value! Cons: I guess the geographical social proofs could be improved, e.g.: only display users of a certain country. Converting users to customers. Works well, conversion rate increased!

Yusuf G.

Pros: Works pretty well with our product and services sale Cons: No problem with the plugin. It was easily to install Excellent

Olivier R.

Pros: Easy to set up. Provide good customer reassurance Cons: Nothing at all. That's the reason why we subscribed

Georgi B.

Pros: That they are willing to adapt to different customer needs and wants! Awesome! Cons: Haven't seen much that I like the least as I've been using it for a few days, but I'm sure if there is something they will make sure it's likeable

Rudolf N.

Pros: I'm glad I found Nudgify. There are many similar apps available, but most of them are very expensive, which is not profitable if you are just starting out. With Nudgify, I can start cheap for my site from scratch and hopefully grow quickly and upgrade my plans accordingly. Cons: Integration with my email marketing provider Moosend would be welcome.

Stefano M.

Pros: Molto intuitivo da configurare e installare. Completo in tutte le funzioni. Cons: Non ho trovato l’integrazione con Active Campaign

Beatriz R.

Pros: I can customize the nudges, and put my nudges in repeat for a higher consistency Cons: None I can think about, it also fishes for older purchases so no info is being lost

Michael w.

Pros: The best features are the custom nudges, and the monthly price. I am a former Useproof user. Cons: Maybe an option to spread out the nudges to make it seem more natural. It's going to boost conversions on my call funnel.

Leopold S.

Pros: Nudgify is the first tool of its kind that really satisfies me. The design of the "Nudges" is clean and can be customized as desired. There are many great templates to embed on the website or you can simply create your own. With the many integrations available, you can see data in real time (such as how many items are still in stock - sync with WooCommerce). In addition, you can define by rules under which domains a nudge should be available or on which subpages. Cons: I would like to see the "ProvenExpert" rating platform added, as this is currently on the rise in Europe.

Linda S.

Pros: I liked the simplicity of setting the software up! Cons: there is nothing at this time - it meets my needs Pretty great.- just added it, excited to see the roadmap!