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NInjaOutreach ranks 4 with 14 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Lepsze niż reszta, Wspaniały personel, Świetnie nadaje się do tworzenia postów w mediach społecznościowych' as the most positive attributes of NInjaOutreach. The service doesn't present any negative aspect based on our reviews.

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Chris N.

Pros: Makes all parts of outreach MUCH easier saving me time and money Makes finding quality backlinks easier Helps with all types of research Easy to use Great instructions & articles full of new ideas on how to use Cons: Doesn't seem to have Twitter search anymore

Daren N.

Overall: I'm mainly using ninjaoutreach for link building. The tools saves me plenty of time having the functions i need building a backlinking campaign all in one roof. Pros: - tagging and segmenting - easy to setup a campaign - list building Cons: - slow inbox - email providers disconnect frequently - Lack of outreach features (A/B testing) - Lack of integrations with other tools.

Larry R.

Overall: I'm working with clients to show them the value of utilizing influencers as a channel to reach their audiences. Leverage is key to building practical business models. My clients are to leverage the resources from other providers while finding ways to reciprocate this value. Ninjaoutreach makes it easier for me to bring my point across and show just how effective influencers can be. Pros: I love how Ninaoutreach curates a vast collection of influencers across the entire landscape. You can find influencers in any category and scale your way up based on pricing and notoriety. Cons: I signed up for the plan and the UI changed quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was because I had the lower tier, but it seemed to provide a better UI experience when I previewed the platform. Hopefully, there is a tutorial to bring me back to the original interface.

Dave L.

Overall: We used NinjaOutreach to find and reach out to websites with the goal of them adding a link back to our website. NinjaOutreach combined all the tools we needed to do this: 1) a prospecting tool to allow us to find good websites to target 2) an email finding tool that found email addresses and names of contacts at these websites 3) an autoresponder tool that allowed us to customize and send multiple emails to prospects 4) an analytics/tracking tool to show us the results of our campaigns Before Ninja, we tried both individual services to cover all 4 of these aspects...that worked, but was cumbersome and less cost effective than Ninja. We also tried a Ninja competitor but it was much more expensive and not any better. Pros: It is very effective in allowing us to find and effectively outreach to our target customers. Cons: I had some specific questions that weren't easily answered on the page or in the Knowledge Base (although whenever I chatted a question to them, they answered really quickly).

Pros: It easily finds relevant sites and contact information, helping cut down on the time you spend looking for that information. You can segment the contacts into lists very easily, this allows you to stay organized. You can easily export the information via CSV, which is great, so your information doesn't stay siloed. Cons: This sounds superficial, but the green in the color scheme gets a little tiresome for me at times. I think overall, it's a really good product, and I can't think of anything that I don't really like about it. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Ninja Outreach is only being used by one person, and that's me. I'm using it for a couple of reasons: 1.) For link building opportunities and sharing articles that I have written and 2.) For finding contact information easily for a few businesses at one time instead of having to find that information separately. Likelihood to Recommend: Ninja Outreach is a great tool, I believe, for small-scale outreach campaigns. Though it allows you to customize your templates to your heart's content, it's not a tool set up with enterprise-level outreach in mind. By that I mean, hundreds or thousands of emails at a time. Your mileage may vary, but I think there are other tools out there for that type of outreach. But for more personalized, smaller-scale outreach, I can't think of anything better than Ninja Outreach.

Kinga Odziemek

Pros: Great for finding various influencers. Intuitive automation. Cons: Onboarding -- mainly because there are so many features that you can feel overwhelmed. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Ninja Outreach is used by our two social media managers to increase social media outreach and to get in touch with influencers within one platform. We can find top Twitter influencers in a heartbeat and involve them in our campaigns -- it was a problem before when we had to it all manually. Likelihood to Recommend: If your organization is well-developed and you really cannot do everything manually, Ninja Outreach comes to save the day and gives you high-quality records you can use for your campaigns. I would say it is a must-have for blogger outreach on a bigger scale. It also helps with link building and roundup posting.

Isaac Hammelburger

I've been looking for a good all in one link building tool for a long time. I've tried Buzzstream and Pitchbox, but none of those make me as excited as I am with Ninja Outreach. They do a fantastic job connecting influencer research with outreach which is an area that those other platforms sorely lack.

Gints Gailis

Great tool if your working with email outreach. I am using Ninja to get in touch with publishers and bloggers within the marketing industry. The platform is really time-saving: all tools in one, CSV List upload, Templates, email discovery, extension ( super handy), statistics on email delivery, and seamless integration with g-suite.


I enjoyed using the Ninja Outreach platform to explore new ways of finding bloggers for link building purposes. It makes a difficult time consuming task much easier. The support staff were so good at assisting me with setting up my account as well as addressing some other issues.

"A great tool for outreach, influencer marketing and SEO" What do you like best? It's an easy to use tool without much of a learning curve. In minutes you are able to get started and find websites and contacts you can reach out to as part of your link building campaign, partner outreach and so much more. I like their content and learning center as well. It's easy for me to pass to a VA and have them get a jump start without too much time from my end. What do you dislike? One issue is related to the contact information not always being accurate or the most relevant for the purpose of outreach. The other is a limitation only because I got this as an LTD offer at a deeply discounted price. Recommendations to others considering the product: There are a lot of tools out there. I think you'll love NinjaOutreachif you give it a try. It's quick to setup and get running. What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? It saves me a ton of time doing outreach for SEO and influencer outreach. Finding a solution that can help you quickly find websites based on various filters in minutes and put their contact info at your fingertips is priceless. It's helped us streamline our outbound efforts.