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SharpSpring ranks 4 with 93 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Funkcjonalność jest bogata, Dobry stosunek jakości do ceny, Szablony e-maili są świetne' as the most positive attributes of SharpSpring. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła' as not living up to their expectations.

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If you do marketing for a living, you definitely have to use SharpSpring. The best cost-benefit in marketing. A lot of features to use and try to lead generation, landing pages construction, campaign creation, email marketing, and other amazing features. We've been using since 2014.

"I finally found THE automation platform" What do you like best? I am a 15-year marketing and advertising veteran. I have evaluated and purchased HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pardot, and more through the years. SharpSpring is by far the best combination of software and value. It has everything HubSpot has but for significantly less cost. The UI is expertly crafted into sales, marketing, and reporting sections. It's incredibly easy and intuitive to find what you need. Plus, if you have a question, you can Google what you are looking for and almost always find the answer in their help documentation very quickly. The visual drag and drop email designer and landing page builder are excellent. The ability to easily create multi-page sales funnels is a unique and invaluable feature. Anyone evaluating marketing automation and CRM platform should go to SharpSpring first, before looking at any other options. You won't be disappointed. What do you dislike? A minor downside for agencies is having to use their customer billing platform. It took a little getting used to the concept but I believe it can be a great value for most people. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? I have solved the problem of having several disjointed and disconnected software marketing tools and bringing them into one platform. Most high-end automation platforms have a few good features and several mediocre ones. I can honestly say every feature of SharpSpring is top tier and well thought out.

"Great features at a low price" What do you like best? It's one of the cheaper priced CRM's and it has a robust set of features to make it an all-inclusive marketing CRM. What do you dislike? The user interface could be a bit more streamlined, also the web page builder needs improvement. Other services like instapage are far better at building landing pages. Recommendations to others considering the product: Make sure you have some time set aside to learn how to use the CRM. Fortunately there are online training courses that come with the CRM that will help you. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? Marketing automation is saving my company lots of time by automating tasks.

"Awesome Tool - “Functional Middle Market Software”" What do you like best? We keep on being intrigued with all the Sharpspring has to bring to the table. They are really here to help organizations like us. I love utilizing this product consistently and utilizing it to deal with my leads. As a sales rep, it is trying to discover a CRM that really works for you, not where you need to work for it. I like the convenience with the kanban sheets just as the advertising computerization for dribble crusades. What do you dislike? By now never saw something that came in mind right now. Recommendations to others considering the product: SharpSpring has the entirety of the usefulness of Hubspot for a portion of the expense. I utilized Hubspot at a past position however I have discovered that I can would all that I like to do in SharpSpring without paying a fortune. SharpSpring likewise offers altogether more usefulness than MailChimp or Active Campaign. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? They really help to centralize all our clients, CRM, Email marketing, Lead scoring, Landing page builder, marketing automarion, slaes analytics in one place.

"SharpSpringMarketing Automation - the Powerful and Affordable Hubspot Alternative" What do you like best? The ability to create a clear sales funnel and track your client through the sales process is really easy and highlights areas where more work and focus might be needed in your sales process. There is a ton of features to engage users and build your audience, you just need to spend time and be open to exploring ideas. Implementing dynamic content which changes depending on the customer persona is cool. The support team always reply same day, there is online chat (US times) too. What do you dislike? There are some definite bugs such as data fields 'locking' when creating a landing page and the later it becomes editable again. Strangely the design side of emails and landing pages is not cohesive. So you have a limited range of fonts in forms but lots of customisation for colours for headings, then the reverse for landing pages. Thinks like buttons for GDPR can't currently be customised which looks odd. Also, the onboarding process for Squarespace websites is different and this is not mentioned anywhere. Just needs to have someone invest some time to deal with all these issues and implement a decent upgrade. Generally, all very minor things but stacked up can provide a bit more challenging onboarding process than what it needs to be. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? I'm enjoying using it as being able to do everything in one platform makes life much easier and it's much more affordable than Hubspot. There are enough tools to keep the most experienced marketer busy to help attract leads through chat, emails, forms, landing pages etc...

"Best All-In-One Automation/CRM Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses" What do you like best? SharpSpring has a very intuitive interface and many robust features. I have used several automation platforms, from entry-level up to enterprise, and SharpSpring has quickly become my default recommendation/solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Their email automation is fantastic. I like their CRM. While not as robust as enterprise solutions, it is much better than any other entry-level solution I have used. Additionally, the platform is very customizable. I have used it for lead generation companies and ecommerce companies and have seen great success with both. What do you dislike? While I really like SharpSpring, it's by no means perfect. The landing page builder is probably the biggest weakness within the tools they offer. It's very basic and doesn't take to custom HTML code as well as I'd like it to. It works but could definitely be improved by allowing for more advanced code options. Reporting is another weak point. There isn't nearly enough customization within the reporting platform. It has improved over the last year but I still end up exporting most of my data to Google Sheets. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? At my previous place of employment, we launched SharpSpring to build out a more robust email marketing plan. Now, as a small agency owner, I have onboarded several of my clients onto their platform and am using it for a variety of different purposes. In some cases I have it set up as an email marketing platform only. In others, I'm using it as the hub for all digital marketing. In my experience, SharpSpring works the best when you're using the CRM & automation tools because it allows for significantly more trigger options.

"Best marketing automation and sales CRM software on the market." What do you like best? I think sharpspring is very complete and help our organization to do marketing automation and sales in only one software with every information integrated and tracked. I highly recommend to all organizations who need a good sales CRM and marketing automation. What do you dislike? The landing page creation tool is not very easy to use, and demands some time do learn because It has a lot of functionalities, but when you do, it turns very useful. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? I'm solving all marketing automation problems like tracking all my websites and social media, creating campaigns with emails and landing pages and with that bringing only qualified leads to my sales team and they use the CRM integrated in the sharpsring. In fact is a very automated tool and life saver.


PROS: It has everything you can ask for in a marketing automation tool. Starting from the interface, you get the professional feel. It also has a white labeling feature to help you utilize the interface and reap the best of what it has to offer. The features make everything look simple and complete. It is affordable depending on your marketing campaigns you want to manage. It offers a great user experience, which adds to the professionalism of the product. In short, you can set up your campaigns and automate them without much hustle. CONS: The glitches are there with the SharpSpring automation tool. To start with, the landing page builder has issues. It was recently added and maybe that is why it has problems. Although there is not much to dislike about this product, it has issues with the mobile version. It is not intuitive, which means that you will experience bugs when you want to run the software in your mobile device. It does not function as it should be and also the recording of leads is constantly failing. The good thing is that the technical team, of SharpSpring, is aware of this and is working to ensure the problem is fixed.


PROS: Before purchasing SharpSpring we were searching for a solution that could provide us with tools that are suitable for our needs. We are using Sharpspring for few years now and we won’t turn back. The fact is that every marketing automation tool is expensive, but fortunatelly, SharpSpring is affordable solution and it offers great payment options. CONS: When reaching their customer support service you might run into some issues because of the time-zone, and what I mean by that is that you have to get up early in order to reach them.


PROS: SharpSpring offers great amount of features and this tool meets our needs. It is affordable solution and they offer free licenses. This is great tool to start your business with and to attrack more customers. Also, the support team is one of the best, they always guide us, provide us with ideas, and they are always responsive to our needs and feedback. CONS: In my opinion, I think that they could improve the UX in some instances so it could be more intuitive.