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#3 Kreator Logo

SMASHINGLOGO ranks 3 with 187 reviews. It sets itself apart with features that include 'Zgodność z systemem Windows'. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Fantastyczna obsługa, Wspaniałe wsparcie' as the most positive attributes of SMASHINGLOGO. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta nie reaguje, Wersja Premium nie jest tego warta, Fałszywe opinie' as not living up to their expectations.

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Benefits: The ability to see a wider range of designs Drawbacks: Understang the icons as I am a bit intimedated by technology. In sum: I needed a logo to represent my business, something different from the typical ones I see everyday. The ability to see in real time, the designs and colours, was the starting point of my immensely exciting experince of choosing the perfect design. To go a step further, I got a whole business package for a really great price. Also, the customer service to me was exceptional. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] was really understanding, helpful and patient. I will recommend Smashinglogo to friends, family and associates.

Benefits: Ease of use and so many options. We were working with a professional graphic designer to develop a logo for our new company and hated everything they sent us. So I gave Smashing Logo a try and quickly came up with several options we liked and eventually narrowed it down to something we love! Drawbacks: It would be cool if gradient colors were an option. I also would've liked to be able to choose the shape of the logo. We wanted it square, but we ended up with a rectangle. I was able to fix it on my end though, so no big deal. In sum: Great program with so many options to customize and excellent, responsive and very helpful customer service. Will definitely be using them again in the future!

Benefits: - Great choices of logos - Once purchased the business version, you get lots of packages for all your social media and can change the colours as much as you want later, for free. - Excellent customer support (really quick to answer and happy to help you Drawbacks: Maybe a little bit more customisation option while choosing the logo would be appreciated and would not "force" you to contact the support for small modifications. (though the support is great) In sum: Extremely satisfied. Great value for money. I recommend this service.

Benefits: I love how you can select favorites while you are generating logos. Then after you have selected some favorites, generate more logos using the selected favorites as a guide. Also, I love how you get unlimited color & text changes after you purchase the logo. Drawbacks: When selecting color combinations, you can't select which part of the logo you want the color to be applied to. Also, you can't change just the background color. Lastly, the gradients seem to be fixed color combinations. It would be great to have more control over the color combinations of the gradients. In sum: My experience with SMASHINGLOGO has been great. I easily found a logo that I'm extremely happy with. After I purchased the logo, I was having trouble with getting the right color combinations for an alternate version. I wrote Customer Support and explained my issue, and received a quick response. They sent the alternate version and it was perfect.

Benefits: This website was so easy to use. They have an enormous catalog to choose designs and logos from so you can easily make a professional logo that suits your purposes. Even more, I contacted customer support about a small change I wasn't able to handle on my own. They quickly got back to me and made my changes on the first try. Drawbacks: I didn't have any negative experiences with the site/company.

created my business cards and edited with their support Pros great service and support, i love the design of my logo and their fast response emails. Cons not too many freedom to makes changes for free

Logofrom the company Pros Ease of use and several options of Fonts and Colors. Cons For the purpose of the Program I believe that nothing is missing.

Amazing. DIY. Quickly and they support you Pros I can modify my logo for my especific needs Cons I had to find a new logo because i can´t save the last one, because i didn´t buy it.

Great! Pros The customer service and ease of use. The logo is amazing and the creation was easy to do. Cons I have nothing to say about cons. There wasn’t any!

Clients absolutely love our logo! Pros Loved the options and variations. Easy to get a great result Cons Just takes time to find you best logo. Can’t mix and match upper and lower case together.