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Host Havoc ranks 8 with 878 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Obsługa klienta jest świetna, Wspaniałe wsparcie, Szybko' as the most positive attributes of Host Havoc. On the other hand, they point out 'Problemy z połączeniem, Obsługa klienta jest zła, Brak możliwości kontaktu z obsługą' as not living up to their expectations.

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Alisha Holley

I started up my private ARK server for some friends and family last week and so far we have had no issues. It was easy to set up, the admin control panel is easy to navigate and use, and ping is decent. I didn't need a huge server (30 is double what we needed) but it was the cheapest per slot via best server hardware out of any host I could find. Thumbs up from me.


Best host fot cheap prices, cheapest i could find. Everything works fine. Maybe they could add a way to install plugins/oxide in a easier way. But when ur searching for cheap and good? Go here!


I had 1 issue when the server crashed. I put in a support ticket and the issue was resolved in under 5 minutes with a reply to my ticket also.

Jerry Adkins

I've got to say that tech support with Host Havoc is beyond awesome. They are incredibly quick in responding to a ticket. I had a Minecraft server with a different company. The other company was slow to answer and were arrogant. Host Havoc is great for people just starting out with a server. They are great in explaining their responses. I have a Ark Survival server now and may soon start up a Minecraft server with Host Havoc. You can't go wrong with this company.


I use Host Havoc for my Ark server. The lowest price on the market, 30 slots for only 15$, a simple look on the forum and you know everything you need to know to set up your server. It's working pretty well, no lag, I have only one thing to say : Thanks ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J'utilise Host Havoc pour mon serveur ARK. Les prix les plus bas du marché, 30 slots pour seulement 14€, un simple coup d'oeil sur le forum m'a permis d'apprendre tout ce que j'avais à savoir pour mettre en marche et manager mon serveur. Il marche d'ailleurs très bien, aucun lag, je n'ai qu'une chose à dire : Merci !


My time with Host Havoc so far has really been a hassle free and enjoyable experience. Their support team is top notch and I've had very little issues with any services they have so far provided for me. I look forward to seeing this amazing company grow into something even better. Highly recommend their services.


Great service, server running in minutes and support has been outstanding, with no lag on a 100 player Ark server there has been no issues at all. Don't hesitate to sign up.

Øyvind Mathisen

Fast sett up on the server when you order it. And great service when you need help, like I needed as I am a server sett up noob


Been using Host Havoc for a couple of months and so far the service has been excellent. Using them for a game that is still in Alpha (Early Access on Steam) - Ark Survival Evolved. Only needed to send one ticket to them asking to switch to UDP and they responded within the hour. The control panel is easy to use and the billing straight forward. The server performance is good. The few small lag spikes I attribute to the alpha stage of the game which I also experienced on other hosted servers who can not all be with Host Havoc. Probably the lowest price of all the ARK hosts at the moment as well.

Elizabeth Glenn

i dont understand what everyone is talking about.. i have been with GTX gaming for 7 months and they at least have an admin page. we were going open up a second server and decided to try host havoc. their webpage noasts having an admin panel for ease of makeing the server how you want.. there is no admin panel. the only thing you can change is in the game.ini and you have to know exactly what you are changing and how.. at least an actual admin panel is easy to use.. this is the most user unfriendly admin helper i have seen on a webhoster. to bad.. it was a good price. not worth the hassel of not having an admin panel like they say they do.