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Ultra Web Hosting ranks 14 with 10 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Świetna wersja internetowa, Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Dobry stosunek jakości do ceny' as the most positive attributes of Ultra Web Hosting. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła' as not living up to their expectations.

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Remy B.

I got a 6-month plan with them. After 6 months with no warning, they renewed my subscription. I only found out going through my monthly expenses. When I contacted them to terminate my account they said: "no problem". They terminated my account without a refund. So I paid for an extra 6 months and I do not even have access to the service that I paid for. I then tried to contact customer service, no one is cooperating. Ultra Web Hosting is a DISHONEST Business. Avoid doing business with them, especially if you are looking for a long-term solution.

Chee A.

I have hosted many sites with different host providers, but Ultra Webhosting is quite a different experience. All their services are guided by honesty and excellency. Right now, am using their "Ultra Unlimited Pro" plan due to the quality of their services. Since I started hosting with them, I no longer experience low speed, web breakage and poor accessibility to my sites. What I like the most is the price of their hosting: so cheap when compared to the quality of their services. Their super-friendly costumer service are always there to respond to all my problems on time. In short, hosting with Ultra Webhosting has made hosting an easy going experience for me.

Stephane P.

Very poor web hosting, low cost is great, as long as you have no traffic, customer service is only by email, staff are nice but not very technical, they do not even forward a copy of your request/ticket when they reply, just a ref number. I don't recommend paying them more than 10$ a month for your site. The sooner you migrate away from them, the better for your business. At some point, I did upgrade to a 99$ a month service, but in setting it up there was 2 or 3 weeks downtime. I kept their 99$ a month service for 6 months, but really test benching their hosting quality after last few months. I realized they had not implemented it right and websites response time were ugly, like 5-10 seconds, often. They also implement your mail and DNS servers into the unique virtual machine they allocate for you, that means you do not get your website admin emails when your website is down. It is really a service for people that do not know what they are getting into. I trusted them blindly, stayed with them a long time, took a month to extract my account data out of their servers that was crashing often. Now on google cloud, doing it myself, it works great for 33$ a month total (for my twelve websites). That is 3 time cheaper and with so much more efficiency and potential for scalability.

Ramiros A.

Ultra Webhosting costs are fair and WOW, the support is fantastic. They transfer most of the websites to their service for free and I really liked that! After using their service I would definitely say that their server is really well optimised because my website is now super fast! Their customer support is really fantastic. The problems I have with Ultra Webhosting are my own, I don't understand everything and mistakes occur so I call on Ultra Webhosting support and in minutes they fix the problem. You can't go wrong with Ultra Webhosting.

Brandon L.

I just signed up and everything was pretty typical and solid. Usual speeds with my WordPress site, nothing to write about until I turned on their UltraSpeed with the full-page caching. Wow, so much faster! This is what I needed. Well done guys!

Jennifer W.

Just ordered and was put on one of their newest servers and I can't believe it my site loads 3X faster than before. I should have transferred to them ages ago. Really, highly recommended!

Eyal A.

Consistently receiving amazing service from Ultrwebhosting. They are so friendly and reliable. They have fair prices also. We have been working with them over over 9 years. Customer relationship 10/10.

Rokibul I.

Constantly receiving amazing service from Ultra Web Hosting. Everything is great till now. More specifically their customer service is great. Whenever I faced any problem they fixed that very quickly. Though the problem was very rare. So highly recommended.

Zaman S.

After receiving a recommendation from a friend of mine, I started to use Ultra Web Hosting. And I have to say that I'm satisfied with their service. My website loads a lot faster now. And the control panel is also great. Overall 10/10!

Walter S.

Good hosting provider I have used ultrawebsitehosting services since they started as Flux services. I never had a down day, their tech support is great and I highly recommend this hosting provider Products used: Web hosting service