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Downtown Host ranks 14 with 3 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Lepsze niż reszta' as the most positive attributes of Downtown Host. On the other hand, they point out 'Brak możliwości kontaktu z obsługą' as not living up to their expectations.

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I have a website on Downtown Host since 2009. Since that time my site was down only 6 times for a small time each. Even when they migrated to a better server it was ultra fast and they sent me a message before so I could inform my

I've been with DowntownHost for about 5 years now, and was happy with their quick replies to infrequent support requests. I got help whenever I needed it

I used downtown host for years and every year there was an issue with the auto renew of my site. Usually I’d contact support and within a day or two they would get the server back up and running