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HostPresto ranks 5 with 791 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Wielu długoletnich użytkowników, Obsługa klienta jest świetna, Fantastyczna obsługa' as the most positive attributes of HostPresto. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Brak możliwości kontaktu z obsługą, Aplikacja mobilna jest zła' as not living up to their expectations.

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Dream hosting was one of the cheapest companies available offering the hosting package I was looking for, so I wasn't expecting much in the way of support. This is my first website, and while I'm familiar with coding from my work, the config and release process and things like DNS are something I was completely lost with. Turns out it's not too complicated, but really grateful to Alex from support for helping me get a site released in time for my tight deadline. Would definitely use them again.

tonio webbster

Ive used several webhosting sites in the past and hostpresto is by far the best! It is essentially everything you want in a webhosting package. From the syncing of your smartphone, to the unlimited mailboxes and domain flexibility, hostpresto has it all. Compared to other webhosting sites, hostpresto has the best prices for your money. One of my favorite things about it is the website builder where I can choose from over 800 templates and customize to my preference. In all, great company with superior customer service and single handily the best prices for your money!

Sunni Ragsdale

I was looking for Cloud VPN and i am happy i made a good choice at Hostpresto. They have Unlimited Space so i don't have to worry every-time i need an expansion. I would recommend Hostpresto to anybody who is looking for a reliable, fast and affordable host.


I use HostPresto to host three of my websites and as registrar for a number of domains. I bought all of these domains some time ago and and have transferred them into HostPresto because of the great service I had received and the ability to have domains and hosting in one place. I have entry level hosting packages for fairly straightforward websites, so probably will never make HostPresto rich; however, the service I receive and the speed and professionalism of their support has been outstanding. Almost all of my support queries have been generated by my lack of knowledge rather than technical issues, but the responses have always been professional, helpful, comprehensive and speedy (even when I raise a ticket late at night, on a weekend, or on some occasions both!) A delighted customer and happy to recommend.

Edward Forrest

I've been using them for years since the early days of Dreamhosting (their old name) and they have always been really good. Instant replies on support, solving all kind of queries. Highly recommend.

Fe Riza Ann delos Santos

I am a freelancer and I've been using Hostpresto about 6 years give or take, and there no moment that I felt down by them. There services are top but with a price so much cheaper than other providers. The support is great and I think they never sleeps because even if I post a ticket late in the day, I get updates at night, and they've been very helpful. Their server is fast, efficient and reliable. I never had a downtime since. Highly recommended to all my clients and friends.

Matt Neal

When it comes to internet hosting/domain names I am fairly clueless, yet it's an essential part of my online company that I need to use. Hostpresto are simply the best; they reply to any help requests incredibly quickly and it's just a pleasure to deal with them. The new design/rebrand of their site is excellent, looking fantastic. Huge love for Hostpresto, if you need a reliable service for your hosting/domains, don't look any further. You won't regret it.

Phil Ainley

I have been working with Hostpresto for some 5+ years on a lot of my web design projects. I have always found their support, and their manner to be outstanding. The guys are really friendly and easy to work with and you always feel better for having been in contact with them. I can't rate them highly enough. Phil Ainley MCIM - Marketing Manager

Dan Young

I've been using HostPresto for over two years now. I refer all my family and clients too them due to the excellent support response times and the simplicity of their website & client area. Any time I've had an issue it's been solved within hours and they even go out their way to help with issues that they aren't even responsible for such as third party Content Management Systems.

Jarek Jakubowski

I moved all my websites to VPS on HostPresto almost year ago and couldn't be more happy. Customer service is great, support response time less than 30 minutes and on top of 100% up time! Recommended.