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#24 CRM Sprzedaży

Salesforce ranks 24 with 2,501 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Świetnie nadaje się do śledzenia postępów, Przyjazny dla użytkownika' as the most positive attributes of Salesforce. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Zbyt drogie, Nie jest przyjazny dla użytkownika' as not living up to their expectations.

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Carly H.

Pros: I love that the features for every company can be different. The applications are user friendly and without much error. Cons: Can be cumbersome but that’s probably Bc of how my company utilized it versus the actual system.

Stefanie M.

Pros: Ease of use Intuitive navigation Integration with email / Calendar Tracking history of customer contact Ability to effectively track implementations Custom report building Cons: Integration with email - wish there were an easier way to use this feature without having to attach to individual emails / calendar events in order to log in SF. Coming to a company that uses this from no prior experience, it was very easy to understand and pick up immediately. The flow within the site is very intuitive and helps move business processes to a more streamlined & effective process.

Erin W.

Pros: The ability to track prospects and opportunities in the pipeline. The ability to link quoting software into the product and the ability to record activity. Cons: The reporting functionality can be cumbersome and should be more intuitive and easier to use. Great! The mobile app is also easy to use.

Jasmine G.

Pros: This program really helped when having to complete a full store reset within a time frame. Cons: The app sometimes glitches and does not save the work you entered.

Andy W.

Pros: The ecosystem that Salesforce has is strong and therefore there are lots of complimentary products that integrate. Cons: Using Salesforce as a sales leader is like trying to use a Boeing 747 to pop to the shops to get some grocery shopping. It's totally unintuitive and over complex for the basic purpose, it exists to serve. Frustrating. I am always left feeling like I wish Salesforce didn't have such a monopoly on Sales CRM.

chaz m.

Pros: SalesForce is the sales tool that tracks everything and really helps your sales world go-round. Cons: Nothing while evaluating the tool. Can do more than most will ever learn in one career.

Cassandra M.

Pros: The scheduling feature of this product is critical to the team and the knowing when to interface with the client. This has been useful in keeping track of hours for the team and how to bill them. Cons: Learning the language of the components was a struggle once the concept is learned it is easy to use and navigate.

Herbert T.

Pros: The look and how easy it is to maneuver Cons: Take long to load information and that it don't have a lot of images It works for.the.purpose that I was using it for 6 /10

Yvonne M.

Pros: easy and straightforward to use. help us to increase sales Cons: i have no complains except for pricing of the software

Keller T.

Pros: Salesforce is the best CRM on the market. We used it at my last venture backed business with 300+ sales reps. It helped us grow to $20M ARR Cons: The software is time consuming to implement and use and it is also expensive. Overall it is the best CRM product if you have the resources to support it.