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Pipedrive ranks 27 with 541 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Naprawdę doceniane przez użytkowników, Świetnie nadaje się do śledzenia postępów, Łatwy w użyciu' as the most positive attributes of Pipedrive. On the other hand, they point out 'Aplikacja mobilna jest zła, Nie działa na androida, Rozczarowujące cechy' as not living up to their expectations.

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Pros: Dead simple to use Tracks email to automate many of the deal flow updates and status Very customizable to serve many use cases Inexpensive Brilliant reporting to track your organization Cons: Associating contacts with organizations is a little kludgy Doesn't seem to always recognize when contacts already exist in the database Would be nice if it could work for an individual who has multiple clients/companies also using the platform: my contact database tracked against pipelines for different companies Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Deal flow management more than CRM. Likelihood to Recommend: I've found nothing better.

Michael Joseph

Pros: Keeps industries separate. reminds you when you have a task to complete easy and intuitive interface to learn and use Cons: when sending an email to a client through gmail, i would like them to sync automatically to my pipedrive Use Cases and Deployment Scope: I use pipedrive to manage my sales pipelines in different industries. My company sells products mainly to the airline industry but we also sell to trains and bus companies and we plan to expand into other markets as well. The ability to keep each industry separate is the main problem it addresses. Likelihood to Recommend: We have a very basic sales process so this platform is more than sufficient. I do not know many other apps in the category.

Pros: I love the ability to add email communication directly into a prospect's record in real time. This is especially helpful if you have long sales cycles or multiple people working with a single account. Pipedrive is intuitive and easy to navigate. The ability to identify what a sale is worth and indicate goals etc is great. The visual graphic indicators of where you are versus your goal is extremely helpful. Cons: Customizing the stages to fit our needs was a little tricky in the beginning but we worked it out. Not everyone uses Pipedrive for "sales" its also a great way just to keep everyone informed about activity on a particular prospect - so maybe a way to take out the "sales" portion would be good Use Cases and Deployment Scope: I used Pipedrive in a sales capacity to keep track of key accounts and identify where they were in the sales cycle. In a separate project, my supervisor and I used Pipedrive in conjunction to keep track of all communication (in-person, email, telephone) either of us had with business prospects. This proved an excellent way to keep us both informed of how certain key relationships were developing and helped identify to us both simultaneously where we needed to increase efforts to reach out to potential business partners. Likelihood to Recommend: Pipedrive is definitely very well suited to keep your sales prospects organized and on track. It may be less suited as a traditional CRM that is not focused on a monetary sales goal. Make sure you understand what you need and perhaps what you don't need. The good news is that with a little set up, you can probably customize Pipedrive for your needs, it just may take a little more up front effort for some.

Ed Juline

Pros: Reduce email Automate follow up Increase collaboration Cons: Better Android and iPhone apps Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Pipedrive has allowed us to take our loosely informal sales process and put a solid cloud based framework to it. Pipedrive reduces the number of e-mails related to sales activities by half. Missed or forgotten follow-up is a thing of the past as Pipedrive does not allow you to let things slip. Using Pipedrive doubles your sales efforts...period. Likelihood to Recommend: You have to have one dedicated owner of the system to maintain discipline. Support Rating9: Excellent support but had one issue that I was told was not an issue by later discovered to be a bug.

Steve Surya

Pros: Pipeline and Stages: Pipedrive helps with maintaining the exact status where we are with a prospect. For example, when I start communicating with a prospect, I will put them in a Pipeline named "Unqualified Prospects" and the stage would be named as "Initial Communications". We can have a number of stages within Pipeline and a deal can be moved to any stage based on the interactions with a prospect. So managing activities with prospects has become really easy by using Pipedrive. Pipedrive let me work based on my activities. I never miss any activity, as Pipedrive always remind me of my daily activities. Getting a sales report or performance report has been really easy using Pipedrive. Pipedrive has the right statistics which we ned to know by end of every quarter. It allow us to see the total deals and how many deals have been marked as close. As well as, it shows the right status of every deal. Integration with Google Apps is one of best thing to have. I can easily add my Google documents to my deals in Pipedrive. It allow me to track my contracts and important documents when I need it. Organization and Contacts management is again a great feature. This completes Pipedrive as a CRM. I can manage all my prospects data within Pipedrive CRM and retrieve data as needed. The Mail Tab which was recently added to Pipedrive, is really well. Now I don't miss adding prospects to Pipedrive as I can forward my emails to Pipedrive and create the deals from there easily. Cons: When we close a deal by marking "WON or LOST", All the activities regarding that deal, still stay in active mode. But I think the activities either should be closed automatically or I should see a popup with an activity list of that specific deal, SO I can close myself. CSV Import is a great feature. But if Pipedrive can also add a screen like a spreadsheet view, so we can add multiple contact details directly in Pipedrive, that would be helpful. In that case I don't need to first type it into a CSV file and then import. If Pipedrive can add a functionality to give background colors to the Deals on Deals dashboard, It would be great. Then I can manage the deals based on colors very easily. Sometime we need to denote colors and that make lot of extra value. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We started using Pipedrive CRM for our sales activities in last quarter of 2014. I use Pipedrive to manage activities with prospects and our sales team. Every time we have a new prospect, we add it to Pipedrive and define the right pipeline for them. As we continue working with prospects, we keep changing the stages in pipelines until we close the deal (WON or LOST). We also rely on Pipedrive to get our sales reporting and business development team performance. Likelihood to Recommend: I would say that using the Pipedrive with your sales team is always worthwhile. In real time, it's not easy to manage prospect's activities and we miss them often. But Pipedrive lets you manage it in an effective way. I would just recommend to use it for sales activities for now. I don't see it usable for other departments like HR, PM etc.

Ross Dunn

Pros: The sales pipeline dashboard is what sold me on Pipedrive... it is customizable, intuitive to use, and informative. Pipedrive offers a great many 3rd party integration options which offer the appeal of minimizing steps in administration; created by having to transfer information from one 3rd party system to another. Most of the dashboards provided offer various views to allow you to digest the information presented in different ways. Cons: I used CapsuleCRM before and appreciated their more thorough integration with Google Apps that allowed me to see useful information about a sender from within gmail without having to open the CRM. I miss this a great deal. I would love to see even more 3rd party integrations! Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We use Pipedrive as the key tool to track client email and the sales pipeline from prospect-to-sale. Pipedrive solves a few problems for us. 1) It allows my remote staff to visit one place and see all of the latest communication with a client/prospect. 2) It provides a very clear and easy to use dashboard for visualizing sales throughout the conversion process (the best dashboard we have seen to-date). Likelihood to Recommend: Pipedrive is no Hubspot. So, if you want a system that will automate any facet of your marketing or outreach then it is not the best system for you. There may even be a time soon where we switch to a system like Hubspot while still using Pipedrive. Why? Because Hubspot supports Pipedrive integration - which was great news for us.

Gerard Compte

Pros: It's easy to move leads from begining to end. It integrates great with Gmail. It's easy for sales people. Cons: Some times too much writing, I would be better to have more automatic integrations. Adding new contacts is difficult. Full integrations with LinkeIn or Twitter. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We love to use Pipedrive. We have a B2C and B2B customer base. PipeDrive has helped with the B2B business part; is very easy to implement and very visual like Trello. We have tried other CRMs but they are too complicated. With PipeDrive we have better communication with our customers. Likelihood to Recommend: For a small amount of leads, it's good. When you have a big funnel, the integration is not so good! It requires manual work. It is very visual which is good!

Paul Halvorson, PhD

Pros: Helps us know where each customer is in the deal making process. I can review notes, summary of conversations and emails sent in way that is easy to access, use and sort. We can compare our monthly results to monitor our growth and progress. It is very visual. We can add customized fields useful for us to capture. Cons: The forecasting feature is not as robust as I would like. For example [I would like] to create a 3 month target and then see how we are doing with our current deals in play. There are no sales steps per pipeline stage. For example in Stage x, we might have 6 items that need to be completed. Currently we have to remember what they are or refer to list and manually type them in for each deal. It does makes our deal managing process (execution of calls, tasks, emails, meetings) more manual and tedious to manage. Would be nice to see an "If Then" option for task execution. If the customer is X, then execute Y, otherwise go to Z. Would like better security for increasing users. For example as loan officers, we would like to give access to our realtors. Since they run separate businesses, we need to keep their data base separate from ours, but have a way to jointly collaborate around helping to close our shared home-buyers. Building an interface between two companies each using Pipedrive, but the sharing same customers would be awesome. Alternatively, we add them aa a limited user in our system, but give them the ability to create their own lead management system and steps and tie shared ones to us. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We use Pipedrive to capture interest in future home buyers and relationships with potential realtor partners. Pipedrive helps us manage all aspects of the deal making process and track our results in closing home mortgages. It is very intuitive and affordable to use and helps us keep track of where each customer is in the process. It also helps us manage results with each of our realtor partners. Likelihood to Recommend: Price is good for those needing a simple solution. For those wanting more pipeline activity management (at greater price) I would recommend a tool like PipeLiner.

Shannon McNamara

Pros: Ability to assign tasks Integrations with other softwares such as HubSpot and Zapier Ability to track activity in a detailed fashion Cons: Definitely a major learning curve to understand Pipedrive New features are rolled out without any explanation on how to use them Not nearly enough features/capabilities as other CRMs such as Salesforce Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Our entire department uses Pipedrive. We use it from every stage in terms of qualifying a lead, going after a lead, winning a deal, and then creating another deal for that lead in terms of implementation - and all of this is done in Pipedrive. So primarily, the 2 main departments that use Pipedrive are Sales and Implementation. I would say about half of our total company interacts with Pipedrive every day. Likelihood to Recommend: I believe that Pipedrive would be well suited for a company that wants a CRM that is in between, on the lower end of the scale, using an Excel sheet to manage leads, and, on the higher end, a CRM such as Salesforce. I believe that Pipedrive, in terms of price and abilities falls right in the middle of these two. Also, I can say with experience working with a start-up company, we started with Excel sheets, moved to Pipedrive, and are about to implement Salesforce, so Pipedrive was great for us for a short time but the abilities we needed had to be found through another CRM.

Lawson Brooks III

Pros: Pipedrive is easy to use with a great interface. It's clear cut with logical organization. Cons: From my perspective, there is very little that needs to be improved. I've worked for three large technology companies that possessed overly complicated CRM/CMS tools and Pipedrive stacks above those because of its ease of use, while maintaining the ability to add detail to the existing categories. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: I used Pipedrive as a CRM and contact management tool for my consulting firm. I'm a company of one with strategic partners and virtual assistants. I wanted to determine if Pipedrive would be the most useful tool going forward. The use of Pipedrive was not due to any problems, but to find a tool that would track sales, manage contracts and integrate with other systems that I used. Likelihood to Recommend: It's appropriately suited for adding and tracking leads through to closing.