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Bullhorn ranks 28 with 1,049 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Obsługa klienta jest świetna, Przyjazny dla użytkownika' as the most positive attributes of Bullhorn. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Nie jest przyjazny dla użytkownika, Musisz zapłacić dodatkowo' as not living up to their expectations.

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Adrian Wright

I'm having some major issues with Bullhorn, has anybody else had any problems? The integration with Outlook does not work, it takes over 20 seconds to load up my vacancies list, it creates CVs that look weird due to the formatting and the CRM functionality is limited (Bullhorn do not even use their own system and keep all their details on SFDC instead).

Jay Green

I have had a HORRENDOUS experience with bullhorn. I created a ticket ONE MONTH AGO which should have been easy to accomplish and am beyond frustrated that my business is not being taken care of. They bounce me around from rep to rep, no one knows what they're doing. It's insane that they call themselves the leader in ATS. I made a horrible mistake choosing them. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID.

Lori Chegan

Been having issues with BullHorn since June, 2021 and they are still working on it!! and its worse!!! Look into other CRMs for your staffing needs!!

Phaps Ditori

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Pros: Easy to navigate User friendly Offers learning opportunities Cons: Bullhorn seems to have a lot of technical issues- Freezing, closing, etc. At times some of the function buttons will disappear and you need to log out & back in to get them to reappear Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Bullhorn is the ATS system our agency uses for all of our candidate and client information. Its used in all of our staffing departments (i.e. HR, Admin, IT, Accounting/Finance). I've been working on Bullhorn for approx. a year. This is the first experience I've had working on an ATS system and I find Bullhorn to be very user friendly. It's extremely user friendly. Likelihood to Recommend: Def. user friendly for Talent Acquisition

Pros: The search feature allows you to enter multiple criteria to find candidate matches. It is integrated with our website, so candidates apply online and are filtered into Bullhorn. The system allows email activity to be kept in the system and notes so a detailed picture is there for all who access the candidate Cons: The search feature could be enhanced to provide better, more relevant results. It would be great if web responses were visible only to the req owner. An auto-filter of candidates matches to the req would be a good feature. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is used by our Human Resources department to recruit and hire candidates. It is integrated with our website so candidates flow into the system. Likelihood to Recommend: A key question would be to ask if they plan to use the system to house all recruiting activity, including notes and emails. Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is great to use for nationwide recruiting and searching. It also works well when integrating with the company website. I've noticed the application response is lower than when another system was used. Feedback was that it was because of the amount of steps for applicants to apply.

Paul Sabatino

Pros: Bullhorn provides seamless integration with MS Exchange that allows for tracking of in/outbound communication with clients and candidates. Emails are clearly tracked replacing the need to document activity or cross-reference multiple systems in preparation for your next call. Through customization; You can configure Bullhorn to fit your organizations workflow, naming conventions or custom fields et al. As an Administrator for our organization; I've found that most functionality can be achieved with no additional cost or custom development. Resume Parsing and Document Management; Adding new Candidate records is as simple as drag and drop, the parsing engine updates standard fields and documents (references, work samples, background checks, offer letters, etc.) can be managed and saved within a contact's record. Cons: Integration with Bullhorn Marketplace: the solutions offered in Bullhorn's Marketplace are extremely relevant; however the integration and go-live process lacks the support and guidance that we've come to expect through our experience with the core ATS product. New API unveiled with Bullhorn S release offered cross-browser accessibility; however some solid features were left behind and modular layout took a step back which added a few more clicks per page. System up-time: Extremely reliable, but back-end performance and data indexing has, and continues, to be an issue from time to time. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: How to sum up our use of Bullhorn in a nutshell? It is the transparent foundation for our Agency's book of business. Think organization, data visualization, accessibility and the added capability to search our candidate database right at our fingertips. Explorers of yore depended on the North Star when no other landmarks were in sight; when the recruiting world has me turned upside down and inside out, I look to Bullhorn as my guiding light. Bullhorn’s streamlined workflow and added functionality from The Bullhorn Marketplace has us covered from front-office to back. Over the past 3 years we've transitioned with ease from a relatively paper based process to a software based solution; we've been able to simplify our time and expense process through the web, broadcast opportunity via Bullhorn Reach and quickly view our open opportunity at the click of a button. Bullhorn truly is our Heads-Up Display as we manage the agency side of full-life cycle recruiting. Likelihood to Recommend: Depending on the current state of your organization, user adoption will more than likely be your biggest hurdle along the way. Take the time to map your company's workflow prior to scheduling product demos with your vendor list. It's best to view Bullhorn as an Applicant Tracking System, it remains their core offering and what they do best. Reporting, time & expense, background checks can be tied into the product, but they leave the heavy lifting to 3rd party vendors which means additional contracts and monthly spend. Also, if your organization has a high turnover rate on the sales and recruiting side, you have to get creative as far as ways to query your database based on past record owner.

Pros: The Candidate profiles are very fulfilling. I can keep all the information needed in a candidate profile almost causing the elimination of a folder on the computer. The Distributions Lists are great! Easy to send a mass-mailing to multiple candidates without having to go through a rigorous process. It also allows the option to make a note in the candidate profile for you to know you emailed this information to the candidate. The tearsheets feature is great as well, it offers a way to organize candidates, contacts, and jobs into a "folder" type function for easy to find access. Cons: One of my biggest complaints is the Candidate Search Function. It is not a very easy system to search for candidates with a particular skill set. It can sometimes vary and it is not always clear why certain candidates came up in the results. Making it difficult to adjust your search criteria. The Activity Center, shows emails, however it does not show true activity levels. It would be nice to see recent activity - notes left, submittals, interviews, etc. all on one screen to be able to look at what your activity that day was. It would also help keep track of your active people you are talking with or still need to talk to Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Bullhorn is used for a major function of our business. We utilize Bulhorn to track our recruiting efforts as well as a CRM tool for our sales team. Everyone in the company uses it, utilizing Bullhorn keeps our company organized and all on the same page with status of people and clients. Likelihood to Recommend: Bullhorn is great for tracking a candidate from start to finish! You can keep up with everything that needs to be done to get a candidate hired and placed. The only place it is not very applicable is as a CRM tool. It can be used as one, but is not as appropriate due to its main function as an Applicant Tracking System. Functions are geared in this direction not in a CRM direction.

Taylor Dorius

Pros: Bullhorn allowed us to capture lots of detailed information about the candidates we recruited, as well as track the open job orders they were matched with and notes on their interview progress. Bullhorn allowed us to easily post and edit open job orders the company was working that were then listed on our own web site as well as other job search web sites we had accounts with. Bullhorn was easily accessible for our whole company to use on daily basis, all over the country. Bullhorn provided quick data on our clients and job orders to be used for company reports. Cons: While the multiple functionalities were great, Bullhorn as a product was a bit cumbersome to use if you didn't interact with it on a daily basis. It could be easy to get lost in. Bullhorn wasn't incredibly intuitive, especially for those who are not familiar with VMS tools. It was hard for some employees to learn and manage. It is definitely a product that one must take time to learn and use. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System was used by the entire organization at a company I previously worked at. The organization was a recruiting organization and Bullhorn was used to track all of our information on the candidates we recruited, their interviews and progress, and any job orders that came in that the companion was actively recruiting for. Basically, Bullhorn helped us run the whole show from one database the entire company could interact with. Likelihood to Recommend: Definitely a worth while product if you make sure you take the time to learn it thoroughly. The ideal user will be looking for something that allows for a lot of functionality!Key questions to ask yourself:Do I want a product with many layers of functionality?Do I want a product that allows for a lot of detail on my subject matter?Will all of the users be willing to take the time to learn and interact with Bullhorn?

Kristin Calder

Pros: Confidentiality: As a Recruiting company, we need both our clients and candidates to feel safe sending us information. Connectivity: Everything in the Bullhorn ATS connects. Nothing goes untracked and it's so easy to go back and find someone or something that you haven't interacted with in months. Efficiency: Both speed and accuracy are important in my profession, and Bullhorn is made to be efficient. You can access multiple functions from the same page, and gather all the information you need in a short time. Cons: Every so often, Bullhorn cannot handle large amounts of data, and freezes. It takes time to reboot the system. I would like to see how Bullhorn ATS works without the email function, if the overall candidate searching and parsing is faster--Email in Bullhorn ATS often prolongs your wait. Although it is a cloud-based software, it can run slow sometimes. I think it is becoming more popular so I hope the next version accommodates that. Use Cases and Deployment Scope: Yes, the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is being used by my entire organization. The problems it addresses are unorganized ATS and confidentiality--both things that Bullhorn ATS excels at. Likelihood to Recommend: It is less appropriate when I am simply screening a candidate. I draw dialogue from my own intuition and Bullhorn ATS is not utilized until after that time.