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OptiMonk ranks 1 with 240 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Nic, co by się nie podobało, Naprawdę doceniane przez użytkowników, Darmowa wersja jest świetna' as the most positive attributes of OptiMonk. On the other hand, they point out 'Zawsze się otwiera., Zbyt drogie' as not living up to their expectations.

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Verified Reviewer

Comments: I have been able to grow the Amount of Visitors that are interested in my Offers in less than 30 days Pros I like the ease to set up Appealing Offers and Campaigns that Converts for my Customers Cons I would love to have the possibility to also create landing pages in OptiMonk - that would be a great Asset

István K.

Comments: One of my favorite online tools. The real value for money at my side starts when I put 1$ in and get at least 10$ out. With OptiMonks kickass premade popup templates I've made so powerful campaigns (no design skills at all, I've grown up on Canva ), that it's crushed my ROI. With the FREE trial, it's a real no brainer. Pros Tons of free templates, outstanding design, powerful triggering settings. I've tried a couple of alternatives, but this one is delightful Cons The only thing I'm missing is the built-in embedded forms function. That would be reaaallly astounding

Norbert S.

Comments: One of the best marketing softwares that I use continously. Pros Targeting and design options, and the first-class support. Cons There are smaller bugs in the editor that I don't like.

John V.

Comments: Amazing ROI, tons of templates, versatile editor. Highly recommend it! Pros The possibility to capture Messenger subscribers is beyond imagination! Amazing tool Cons Nothing I can think of at the moment, I like it as it is.

Richard J.

Comments: Simple, easy to use. It just works. Pros It's reliable targeting and the ability to create popup series, each one triggering the next in the series. Cons Sometimes is was slow to load, but this is just as likely to be my connection than their tool.

Zsolt D.

Comments: Pros I love the great built in designs, and drag and drop builder is cool as well. But what I like the most is that you can make money with Optimonk. There are lots of special features, that allow popups to be personalized and triggered at the best moment and place. Cons The software itself is really smart, so you need some time to get around. But after that, you're good to go.

Soma T.

Comments: With 80-90% open rates, Messenger marketing is the new email marketing. OptiMonk is one of the earliest adopters of boosting Messenger sign-ups that comes with lots of personalization features. Pros Smart form display: asking Messenger opt-in instead of forcing email sign ups when the user is logged into Messenger. That's super useful especially on mobile devices. Cons I don't really have any complaints, rather a feature request :slightly_smiling_face: More templates (e.g. side messages) with Messenger opt-in.

Gabor P.

Comments: Powerful app that comes with fair prices (including a totally free plan). Pros Personalization and segmentation. Behavioral targeting enables to treat your visitors as humans (not just 'users on a website'). Cons Set up, like in all new platforms, requires a little bit of a learning curve. But thanks, Monkie, for making this journey fun! :)

Verified Reviewer

Comments: Highly recommended - especially for email capturing. Pros The best exit-intent popup plugin I've ever used. It provides mobile exit intent as well! OptiMonk saves lots of abandoning visitors day by day in our garden store. Cons I can't see detailed statistics by device.

Gabor I.

Comments: When it comes to collecting email subscribers, OptiMonk is the best option you can choose. Recommended! Pros Gamification popups (e.g. lucky wheel) and wide range of targeting options. Cons I use a smaller CRM system and there is no direct integration (although we can connect the 2 systems by using Zapier).