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Leadpages ranks 3 with 628 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Łatwy w użyciu, Wiele szablonów do wyboru, Wielu długoletnich użytkowników' as the most positive attributes of Leadpages. On the other hand, they point out 'Obsługa klienta jest zła, Ograniczona funkcjonalność, Stroma krzywa uczenia się' as not living up to their expectations.

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Brandon Jefferson

Way overpriced for the services. Come to fishtale media. We will get you up for the cost of a month with lead pages.

Bryan Schild

On paper Leadpages is great. In practice, it's been a nightmare. - Copying of pages is useless, because copied elements often lose functionality. - Leadboxes created inside a leapage has limited functionality - Integration with MailChimp has been non functional - The list goes on, from formatting, to colors, to image adjustments. It's terrible Customer support has been terrible. They pass off a support ticket from one rep to the next and as a result nothing ever gets resolved. This service has cost me so much time (and therefore money). I asked for a refund due to their inability to deliver their service as advertised, they REFUSED. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and Leadpages had the audacity defend against the chargeback saying that they've delivered the services charged for. I tried multiple times to resolve the issues amicably, but their CSR's refuse to escalate or have anyone give me a call. They've grown too fast. Caveat Emptor.

Mark MacKenzie

I don't have many regrets in my life, but making a purchase from Leadpages is now one. Customer service ignores my request for a fair and ethical solution.

Daan Schmidt

LeadPages is one of the best systems we use in our marketing!

Diane Labrie


Elizabeth Harrington

Leadpages is my #1 Tool for building good relationships with my perfect customers! Now they are my #1 go to resource for keeping on top of training, education AND trends! Love these people!

James E Woods

Leadpages is the best thing you can get to expand your business.

Ryan Ketelsen

I'd give this ZERO stars if it were possible. They do a good job marketing their product as being the industry leader...but it's a disaster!! Not flexible at all. With technology where it's at today, their drag and drop features should be a lot more flexible than they are on here. What's worse is some of the most basic functions and features are not even available.

Daniel Ramos

In the last three days, I have left THREE different messages on your sales line. NO ONE has returned my call. I have tried making a purchase to become a member and your website is telling me "Your card was declined at our gateway" and will not allow me to complete the transaction; it is a US-based MasterCard, not complex. WHY DO YOU NOT RETURN PHONE CALLS FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO BUY YOUR PRODUCT???????

Penina S. Finger

The POTENTIAL of this tool is great. IN PRACTICE, there is abundant room for improvement. First issue is that the Help pages do not seem to have caught up with the latest updates, referring to tools that are not there, and containing nothing on newer (or renamed?) features. Second, the interface needs to be drastically streamlined! Case in point… WHY are there FOUR ways to save work? This is was today's headache: 1. There is an Update button at top right 2. There is a Save button at top left in Edit Your Form pane 3. There is a Save & Close Form button at the bottom of the Follow-up pane 4. There is a Done button in the Add a File pop-up Too too too much!! Because there are so many ways to save, we would click whatever we could find only to discover that our work was not saved. We'd go back in, find another 'save' button we had missed, discover our work wasn't saved, and then repeat the process until we discovered the next 'save' button. ***An important plus: We found customer service to be responsive and helpful.