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Hello Bar ranks 13 with 43 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'Dobry stosunek jakości do ceny, Łatwy w użyciu, Gorąco polecam' as the most positive attributes of Hello Bar. On the other hand, they point out 'Nie można anulować subskrypcji, Obsługa klienta jest zła, Zła dostępność' as not living up to their expectations.

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Pros: I love how easy it is to set it up and customize it for different pages. Cons: The software is not very conducive to things like adding to posts only and other capabilities that exist in other pop-up plugins. Overall, my experience has been positive. I will say that I've struggled to get the support I need in answering questions and solving problems. There's no number to call, only a chat that takes over an hour for a response.

Pros: I'm not a huge fan of sumome because there's TOO MANY OPTIONS. I use HelloBar on most WordPress sites that I manage. My favorite thing about it is the easy A/B testing. Cons: I have to use Zapier to connect it to Ontraport. It's only a tiny inconvenience. Helps me convert visitors and curate where I want them to go. I saw from heatmapping that people went to the hellobar before any of our CTA Buttons!

Pros: It's easy to ease, and more importantly, highly effective. Our new contacts were down 35% compared to last year. Within a month, we are 25% ahead of last year. Cons: Fear of the unknown. I was worried that it would make our B2B website look too 'retail'. I was so wrong. It works great for all of our customer types. Easy to work with. Responsive team with great ideas. It literally turned a serious business concern into a strength for us. Highly recommended.

Pros: There is no guesswork to this program. It is straight-forward and easy to set up and use. It is very easy to update and also customize for your needs. Cons: We needed the paid version to get the features we needed, but didn't need all the features that the paid version included. Would have liked a smaller tier. We added this to our website and would update it frequently to cater to our immediate needs at the time.

Pros: None at all the company is a scammer - avoid Cons: Have asked four times for them to cancel my account and stop billing. Now reporting them to my bank for fraud Terrible

Pros: At the start Hello Bar did one important thing well: it gave you an eye-catching contrast header at the top of your website/blog. It allowed you to serve a call to action and it was the King of the Jungle. Cons: The rest of the internet and web developers and themes and plugins and everyone else caught up. What was once the gold standard became common place overnight. It was a great service that did not evolve with the times to stay current. It does what you need it to do, but if you should have better alternatives as close to free as possible.

Pros: Was affordable before. Backed by [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]. Cons: Hellobar was great, 2 years ago... They stopped maintaining the software. Support is now outsourced to god knows where and they are not helpful. Out of a sudden we started experiencing bugs. They trashed our traffic and keep lying about it. Switching providers as this is totally unacceptable. There are plenty of options and it's not good value anymore.

Pros: Hellobar is a 5-figure and affordable lead capturing tool design to capture and grow your email list. It has great user interface and light popups that converts traffic very fast in to ideal leads. Cons: Hellobar has been a perfect resource over the years and I have know problem with it I'm impressed with Hellobar because of it targeting option. It let me drill down in to the right set of audience that I need to convert in to clients. With this incredible tool, it's very easy to generate leads by informing my audience about a promotion.

Pros: Hello Bar offers multiple ways to collect emails and they all look great on my site. There are many templates to choose from and customization is easy too. This is a very solid platform that makes it very easy to get started. I don't like complicated tools and settings and was glad to experience how easy Hello Bar makes it to start collecting emails on your sites. Cons: Hello Bar is a solid tool, but over the years other tools copied (and sometimes improved) the technology. That being said, Hello Bar also evolved and now has more features that marketers will love. I hope the team stays on top of new technological trends. Overall this is a very good tool to capture leads and grow your business. It added new features over the years and makes it very easy to get started. All the years of user feedback has made this a tool that evolved and constantly gets improved. If you have any site, it's a great idea to play around with Hello Bar and see what difference it makes. I found it very easy to use and definitely recommend it.

Pros: Functional for single line of text sticky banners. Ease to teach others how it worked Cons: The platform was very slow & glitchy. While it was effective in getting simple messages out, the time consumed in making minor edits made otherwise small edits a tedious and drawn out process, that sometimes resulted in the browser needing to be restarted altogether because of slow/failed loads. Hellobar is great for smaller business starting out with banner popups and personalizations. For multiple banners thought, it became tedious to work with and relatively glitchy when trying to incorporate more advanced design features (ex countdown timer, imagery within the banner,