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Inpaint is an easy-to-use application for removing photo watermarks. Accessible online and available in desktop version, Inpaint is the perfect solution for erasing logos, date stamps and other unwanted objects from photos. With Inpaint, you can get flawless results even if you don't have any experience with photo editing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Inpaint the best photo watermark remover?

Inpaint is a photo restoration tool that uses AI technology to magically erase unwanted objects from photos and then seamlessly fill the void with the surrounding background.

While many other photo watermark removers are effective in erasing watermarks, most of them leave a blurred or pixelated area where the watermark has been. Inpaint has the Guide Line and Donor tools to help you fill in the space instead, making your photos free of watermarks and blemishes.

Why should I use Inpaint photo watermark remover?

Inpaint reconstructs images based on the surrounding pixels, so the final result often looks better than if it would if the watermark had been removed using a traditional photo editor. Thanks to the AI-powered tools built into the software, you can remove watermarks and unwanted objects from any photo with relative ease.

How do I use Inpaint to remove photo watermarks?

Online Version

Upload the photo on the Inpaint online restoration tool. A window will open to reveal the Inpaint interface.

Select the watermark by using the Marker, Lasso or Polygonal Lasso Tool located on the toolbar on the left side of the interface. Use the Eraser Tool to make your selection more precise.

Use the Donor tool to select an area that you would like to copy pixels from to fill in the removed areas.

Click Erase on the top toolbar and wait a few seconds for the results. Repeat the process as needed, especially for problematic spots.

Click Download on the top right corner. You can either download a low resolution version of the photo or purchase credits that enable you to download a high resolution copy.

Desktop Version

Run Inpaint and load the watermarked image onto the program by clicking Open Image on the top toolbar. Select the photo and click Open.

Paint over the watermark using the Marker tool. You can also use the following tools:

• Lasso— create a free hand selection.

• Polygonal Lasso— ideal for areas with regular shapes.

• Magic Wand— best for areas that are roughly the same color.

Using the Donor tool, select the color or texture that you want as replacement for the removed watermark.

Click Erase to remove the watermark. Repeat the process until you get the desired results. Tap View Original on the top toolbar to compare the edited with the original photo.

Save your watermark-free photo.

Is Inpaint photo watermark remover free to use?

Inpaint online is free to try, but you have to buy credits to download the watermark-free images in high resolution.

• 1000 credits— $29.99

• 200 credits— $19.99

• 50 credits— $9.99

10 credits— $4.99

Alternatively, you can download the Mac or Windows version for $19.99.

How do I register for an Inpaint account?

Click the Register button on the top right corner of the Inpaint website. Register through your Facebook or your Google account. You can also choose to create a new account by entering your email address and creating a password.

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