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Are you in need of a utility software provider that can meet your data recovery, file conversion and photo editing needs? Bitwar is a company that specializes in creating and offering utility programs for android, IOS, and computers. Whether you’re trying to convert a PDF or recover lost data from your device, Bitwar likely has a solution for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Bitwar?

Bitwar is a software company that offers a number of products ranging from data recovery to watermark removers.

What is Bitwar used for?

Through Bitwar, you can find a number of applications to help you solve issues on both mobile devices and computers. They provide multiple methods of data recovery that can be used on either Mac OS or Windows OS. With Bitwar, you can easily retrieve files that have been lost or accidentally deleted from your iPhone or Android.

Additionally, you can find PDF and HEIC converters for all operating systems. With these programs, you can easily and effortlessly convert files on the go or from your home computer. Video converters are available as well, but only for Windows OS. With this service, you can convert videos to work on multiple devices –DVD player, XBox, Switch, etc.– and even create shareable GIFs!

If you’re looking for a way to extract from a document or E-book, Bitwar’s text scanner for Android, iPhone and Windows allows you to do so instantly. These files are then converted into images or editable Excel files.

Lastly, Bitwar offers watermark removing software that helps make editing your photos and videos quick and fun. The program is available for Windows OS and lets you erase watermarks, logos, text and unwanted figures from your gallery.

How do I use Bitwar data recovery?

The data recovery software works on both Mac OS and Windows OS. With their program, you can recover lost documents, photos/videos, audio files, emails and more. You can use Bitwar to retrieve data from hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, laptops and other storage media with a straightforward, user-friendly process.

To begin the recovery process, you will need to first download the Bitwar software which is available on their website. It is free to download and the installation process should be automatic. After the software install is complete and the set up menu is showing, you can choose between Standard Mode and Wizard Mode. If you know how or why your files were deleted, you can recover using Standard Mode. You will select the area in which you lost your data and Bitwar will retrieve it from there. Otherwise, you should choose Wizard Mode, which does more of the recovery work for you.

When using Wizard Mode, you will be directed to pick one of their three scanning methods: Quick, Deep or Formatted Recovery. Bitwar recommends first trying to recover using a quick scan. You will be able to retrieve most files this way. However, if for some reason the quick scan doesn’t work correctly, a deep scan will complete a more comprehensive search into your hard drive. Finally, if needed, you can use the formatted recovery scan on files that have been quick formatted.

Once your scans are finished, you will be able to preview the files before exporting and or saving them to your device. The entire process is uncomplicated and will help get your data back quickly!

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