Best Photo Restoration Services in June 2022

Relive memories of the past with the best memento of all—A picture. With photo restoration, improve the quality and repair damages on your photos. Choose one from the top service providers today!

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Forever Studios Photo Restoration Services logo

Forever Studios Photo Restoration Services

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Photo Restoration Services logo

Photo Restoration Services

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Image Restore Photo Repair and Restore logo

Image Restore Photo Repair and Restore

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Digital Pro Lab Photo Restoration logo

Digital Pro Lab Photo Restoration

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Larsen Digital Photo Restoration logo

Larsen Digital Photo Restoration

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Fiverr Photo Restoration Services logo

Fiverr Photo Restoration Services

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ScanCafe Photo Restoration Services logo

ScanCafe Photo Restoration Services

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The Photo Mender

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Fix The Photo Restoration Services logo

Fix The Photo Restoration Services

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Color Experts Photo Restoration Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a photo restoration?

With all things going digital, nothing beats the nostalgic feeling you get when looking at old photographs. Luckily, photo restoration can make those photographs last forever. Using modern digital restoration tools, you can create digital versions of old pictures while improving their quality. With photo restoration, you'll have memories to last a lifetime.

Why do you need a photo restoration?

Photo restoration will not only bring back old photos to life, but it also protects new ones. Using advanced editing tools, experts can repair almost any damage so that you can have a clearer look at the past. If you're still not convinced, here are a few more photo restoration benefits you should know about.

Preserves Your Original Photos

Old photo restoration preserves your original photos. Instead of just leaving them in a box to deteriorate, you can create copies that will last years. Because the memories captured in those photographs are essential, photo restoration services ensure that further damage will be prevented on your original photos so that you can preserve them longer.

Eliminates Photo Damages

Experts in the restoration of photos can help eliminate photo damages. They can help remove scratches, folds, tears, and even fadings in the digital copy. Using advanced editing tools, they can create better copies of the photos. Though there are free software tools, you can use for photo restoration, treating damages should always be left to restoration experts.

Adds New Colors

While your photos are being restored, you'll have the option of whether you want to add a natural sepia or full color to the images. You'll be able to put more life into the photos by adding pigments. These colors will help add clearer focus and sharpness to the pictures. Experts also use advanced techniques to add realistic shadings to images for better quality.

Lets You Store Photos Electronically

Another benefit of getting photo restoration services is easy electronic storage. You don't need to print the photos and put them in boxes because you can have digital copies safely stored. You can even place an entire collection in your computer or external storage to view them for later. It will provide you an easy way of storing and retrieving old photos safely.

Lets You Share Photos Easily

If you have keepsake family photos, digital photo restoration can help you share them with family members. Gone are the days when the images have to remain with one family member. Now you can have a single image shared via email or social media. You can even print as multiple copies, so everyone has a share of the family memories.

Traces Your Family Tree

One overlooked benefit of getting a photo restoration service is that it helps you trace your family tree. Experts will be able to restore historically significant photographs, so you'll know who you descended from. If you're one of those people who are keen to discover their family history, photo restoration will help you take a trip down memory lane.

Protects Your Photographs

When photos are stored for a long time, damages are unavoidable. They will have fold marks, scratches, and even mold. If you have old photographs you were lucky to find, why not have the photos restored digitally, so you'll have a copy that will stand future damages. Don't let your precious memories become prey of time; have your pictures restored now.

Preserves Your Memories

Photo restoration services can preserve your memories. If you have printed photos just a few years back, you'll notice that the colors will start to fade eventually, even if you put them carefully in albums. Photo restoration services help you protect the quality of the photos, so you'll still see them the same way even after many years.

Reassembles Missing Areas of Your Photos

Some photos, when not appropriately stored, may have significant damages, which can erase some areas. Using advanced editing tools, experts can restore these areas. They can even repair ripped or water-damaged photos to show severely damaged parts of your photos and give you a complete image.

Creates Heirlooms for the Next Generation

Photo restoration services also help you create unique heirlooms for your family's next generation. You can preserve all printed photos you have and protect them. You can also store them safely via the cloud, computer, or storage device to save your family's memories for the next generations to look at.

What are the core features of a photo restoration?

To restore your photos, photo restoration service providers use advanced techniques and features. By combining traditional and advanced editing tools, they can bring your memories back to life. Read below to know more about the features you should look for in a photo restoration service provider to preserve your special moments.

Auto Photo Editor

The auto photo editor is an excellent feature for those who want to do their own photo restorations. You can use it for minor photo enhancements. With the intelligence-enhanced automatic editing, you'll have social media-worthy pictures. This online photo restoration feature works best with new photos. Older photos should be endorsed to expert restorators.

Realistic Photo Restoration

The realistic photo restoration feature works best for older photographs, especially when adding colors. Service providers ensure that they use true-to-life colors and tones in their antique photo restoration works. It doesn't matter how old the photos are because experts will use advanced color-matching techniques to find the right colors and tones for your images.

Bulk Services Discount

Most service providers also offer discounts for bulk orders. You can have a whole set of old photos restored and kept digitally. This feature is especially useful for people who want to build an entire gallery of memories. This affordable package can help you create a database for all your family photos for future generations to look at.

Old Photo Scanning

The old photo scanning feature is simple. You just give printed copies of the photos to your service provider to create digital copies. This feature will help you make a high-quality electronic backup of all your pictures so that you can preserve your memories.

E-commerce Editing

Photo restoration services are not just for old photographs. Most service providers have an e-commerce editing feature that retouches the photos you want to upload on your website. Using web-based editors, they retouch product and fashion photos. They also utilize techniques like shadowing, background removal, sizing, etc. to make images appealing.

World-class Retouchers

Most service providers also take pride in their world-class retouchers who do the restorations for them. They are experts in using different editing tools to make old photos come to life. Some retouchers even have graphic arts degrees and took courses on photo restoration. This expertise ensures that you'll get fantastic service and value for your money.

Video Tape Transfer

Since VCR (Video Cassette Recorders) are hard to find nowadays, you might not be able to play your videotapes anymore. With this, photo restoration service providers offer video transfer features that transfer videos stored in magnetic videotape formats to electronic copies. This feature will help you preserve videos and convert them into playable formats.

Slide Scanning

Similar to VCR, slide projectors are rare now. If you have film slides that contain photographs, don't let the memories go to waste. Photo restoration service providers also offer slide scanning features that convert the slides to digital images to bring those captured moments back to life. Plus, you don't need to worry about finding a slide projector just to view them.

Negative Scanning

The negative scanning feature lets you create superior quality photos just by extracting them from the negatives. You don't even need to have them printed before scanning. Using premium negative scanning technology, service providers can even obtain better photograph quality than from printed photographs for a superior digital copy.

Quick Service Turnaround

Photo restoration companies also boast their quick service turnaround. This feature is mostly applicable for scanning and simple retouching services. Most service providers can finish the task in just a few days. For more complex restorations, they might ask for a couple of weeks. But given the work needed, especially for old photos, the timeline is still reasonable.

Free Trial

Most service providers also have a free trial feature. They will let you test their services by asking for two sample photographs you want them to restore or retouch. Through this free trial feature, you'll be able to gauge whether the services they offer are right for your photo restoration needs, especially for more complicated images.

Free Quotation

Photo restoration online companies also have a free quotation feature. You can send them a sample of the photos you want to be restored or retouched. They will then examine the image and send you a quotation free of charge. This feature will spare you from the hassle of going to an actual shop to have the photo/s examined since you can do everything online.

Transparent Pricing

Photo restoration companies also offer transparent pricing. Most service providers have a photo restoration price matrix displayed on their websites. They create price tiers depending on the complexity of the photo restoration works. There are also samples shown to determine what types of works would fall into a specific price tier.

What are the types of photo restoration?

There are different types of photo restoration services, depending on the complexity of the changes you want to be done on your photos. Whether you just want a digital copy or restore your family’s keepsake images, there is undoubtedly a type of photo restoration perfect for you. Read below to know more about the types you can choose from.

Photo Enhancement

Photo enhancement is a type of photo restoration that works with both old and new photos. It turns old pictures into high-quality digital copies and enhances different areas to improve visual quality. For new photos, a combination of photo restoration and retouching techniques are used, including color correction, contrast adjustment, and other minor changes.

Photo Reconstruction

Photo reconstruction services deal with more advanced types of restorations. This type is especially useful for significant damages such as water damage, molding, or ripped photographs. It helps restore even severely damaged pictures back to life. Since the restoration here is more advanced, retouchers use multiple editing tools to achieve results.

Photo Coloring

Another type of photo restoration is photo coloring. As the name suggests, this service adds colors to black and white photos. Service providers use advanced editing tools to determine the correct colors for sepia or black and white images. Photo coloring can also be used to brighten or correct color saturations of colored photographs.

Digital Conversion

Another type of photo restoration is digital conversion. It converts printed photographs, films, and projector slides to electronic copies. It is one of the most basic photo restoration types, considering it does not involve any visual enhancement. Some service providers even offer advanced services like videotape conversion.

Who needs a photo restoration?
Product Photographers

Product photographers need photo restoration services to enhance the appearance of raw photos. When you're shooting for ads, you need to make the products look as attractive as possible, especially food. Photo retouchers use special editing tools and techniques like shadowing, 3D, color correction, etc. they guarantee to make product shots look amazing.

Fashion Photographers

Fashion photographers also need photo restoration for their shots. They can get photo enhancement services to make the clothes in the images stand out. If you're shooting models, sometimes you need a little something to make the clothes stand out. Photo enhancement helps you put the right emphasis on the products, so customers know where to look.

Events Photographers and Videographers

If you are an events photographer or videographer back in the days when everything's done via film, photo restoration services can help you. Most service providers offer digital conversion services that can convert your videotape and negative video and photo coverages into digital copies. These copies will preserve your works, so you can show them to clients.

Website Owners

If you're a website owner, you want to make your content stand out. If there are photos on your website, you have to make them visually appealing to make the customers stay on your page. You can get photo restoration services to put a little touch up on your photos, so they look well on your website.

E-commerce Website Owners

E-commerce website owners need photo restoration services to have enticing product photos on their pages. Customers will not buy your products nor stay on your website if you have poor quality photos. Luckily, you can get photo enhancement services to retouch your product photos, so they will look amazing on your page and encourage people to buy them.

Freelance Artists

As a freelance artist, you surely have a portfolio to get clients. Since a good portfolio is your ticket to high paying gigs, investing in it will be a good call. You can get photo restoration services to improve photos of your existing works. Photo retouchers can help you make the images sharper to show every beautiful detail of your work.

Online Magazine Publishers

Online magazine publishers also need photo restoration services to make sure the photos they publish are up to the magazine's standards. They can get bulk photo restoration and retouching services to touch up all the images they will post. Doing so will ensure that all contents are visually appealing to the readers.


Elders need photo restoration services to bring their old photos back to life. Whether the photos are damaged or old, there are services that can help restore them. They can get photo reconstruction and have even significant damages repaired. Since the photos will be digitized, they will be preserved, and future generations will have the chance to see the life they lived.


Parents want to cherish every memory with their kids. If you have printed photos that are already starting to fade, it's time to get photo restoration services. You can bring your pictures to experts to treat the fading and avoid any further damage. Also, since your photos will be automatically digitized, you can keep them forever without worrying about further damage.

Graphic Artists

Graphic artists can learn photo restoration techniques using photo restoration tutorials, so they can add it to their current gigs. Since more people are preserving printed photos, you can bet that the rewards of photo restoration jobs are high. If you want to gauge the process first, there is even software for old photo restoration online free of charge you can try out.

What are the steps on how to choose a photo restoration service package?
Step 1: Check Your Photos

The first step is to check the photos you want to restore. You can get higher discounts for bulk restoration works, so you should compile all images you want to be restored. You can also sort out photos, so you'll know which ones should be scanned, enhanced, or reconstructed.

Step 2: Look for Reputable Service Providers

The next step is to look for reputable service providers with expertise in photo restorations. Some websites offer services online, but if you want an offline store, check out keywords like "photo restoration near me," "photo restoration services near me," "photo restoration places near me," and "old photo restoration near me." to get a suggestion of shops within your city.

Step 3: Check Services and Pricings

Once you shortlisted service providers, check their services and pricing. Most photo restoration companies have a website that displays their previous works and photo restoration services prices. You can use the information you'll see on the website as a guide in choosing a service provider and package.

Step 4: Ask for Peer Recommendations

The next step is to ask for peer recommendations. Before getting services, you can ask your peers if they already tried out photo restoration services before and if they can refer you to their service provider. Getting first-hand reviews will help you decide which company and the package is right for you.

Step 5: Get a Free Trial and Quotation

After choosing a service provider, you should take advantage of free trial and quotation features before getting the services. Some service providers let you submit 1-2 photos they restore for free so that you can gauge their services. They can also give you a free quotation service.

What file format can I upload on photo restoration websites?

If you're dealing with an online service provider, you need to upload the photos on their website. Most online photo restoration companies accept JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats. Just remember that whatever file type you send the images in will be the file type of the restored photos you will receive via email.

Do I get the original photos back after the restoration?

Yes, you'll get the original photos back after the restoration. For offline stores, most service providers just scan the images and return the original copies to you right away. On the other hand, online stores won’t give you this problem since you'll only submit the photos in digital format.

What is the process for the rush restoration of old photos?

Depending on the service you'll get, most service providers ask for an average of 5 days for old photo restoration. However, if you want to rush the process, some companies allow it for an additional charge. Some service providers can finish the job in less than 24 hours, depending on the restoration's complexity.

Can I have printed copies of my newly restored photos?

Yes, there are service providers that offer printing services of restored photos. Since the images are newly enhanced, you can also bet that they have higher quality. You just have to add a small fee for the printing service, and you'll have high-quality printed photos you can display.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the finished product?

Most service providers offer a happiness guaranteed feature wherein they'll accommodate multiple revisions until you're fully satisfied with the result. However, not all service providers have this feature, so you should carefully inquire about the packages before getting the services.

Can my service provider change the background of my old photos?

Yes, changing the background of old photos is possible. This type of service falls on the photo reconstruction type. If you're dealing with an online photo restoration service provider, just upload the leading photo and the additional background photo. For offline shops, you can drop the images and explain your desired outcome to the service provider.

Can my service provider send my digitized photos in PSD with layers?

Some customers want their files in PSD format with layers to make additional changes in the photos. Most service providers allow this setup. However, you'll be charged an additional amount if you want this format. Just remember to ask your service provider before getting the services if you wish to have a PSD layer format.

Can I review the edited photos before paying?

Yes, most service providers will send you a low-quality photo with a watermark via email to ask for your final feedback. Once you're happy with the results, they will send you an invoice so that you can make the final payment. After the payment has been verified, you'll receive a high-resolution copy of the digital photo.

Will photo restoration affect the original photo?

Photo restoration will not in any way affect the original photo. Since all alterations and enhancements are done in the digital copy, you can ask for your image to be returned to you after the scan. Thus, you don't need to worry about any damage to your original photo.

Can sun-faded photos be restored?

Displaying your photos inside your home is something many people do. However, being exposed to sunlight for many years can cause sun fading. But don't worry because there's nothing a simple photo enhancement can't do. Expert photo retouchers can even remove those sun-fade marks in a matter of hours.

How do I scan my photos for online photo restoration?

The key to getting high quality restored photos is the quality of the initially scanned images. Make sure your scanner is dust-free to avoid any particles in your digital copy. You should also scan your photo in 24-bit color with at least 600dpi resolution to ensure the highest quality.

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