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Best Photo Restoration Services

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Relive memories of the past with the best memento of all—A picture. With photo restoration, improve the quality and repair damages on your photos. Choose one from the top service providers today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Photo Restoration Services

What file format can I upload on photo restoration websites?

If you're dealing with an online service provider, you need to upload the photos on their website. Most online photo restoration companies accept JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats. Just remember that whatever file type you send the images in will be the file type of the restored photos you will receive via email.

Do I get the original photos back after the restoration?

Yes, you'll get the original photos back after the restoration. For offline stores, most service providers just scan the images and return the original copies to you right away. On the other hand, online stores won’t give you this problem since you'll only submit the photos in digital format.

What is the process for the rush restoration of old photos?

Depending on the service you'll get, most service providers ask for an average of 5 days for old photo restoration. However, if you want to rush the process, some companies allow it for an additional charge. Some service providers can finish the job in less than 24 hours, depending on the restoration's complexity. 

Can I have printed copies of my newly restored photos?

Yes, there are service providers that offer printing services of restored photos. Since the images are newly enhanced, you can also bet that they have higher quality. You just have to add a small fee for the printing service, and you'll have high-quality printed photos you can display.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the finished product?

Most service providers offer a happiness guaranteed feature wherein they'll accommodate multiple revisions until you're fully satisfied with the result. However, not all service providers have this feature, so you should carefully inquire about the packages before getting the services.

Can my service provider change the background of my old photos?

Yes, changing the background of old photos is possible. This type of service falls on the photo reconstruction type. If you're dealing with an online photo restoration service provider, just upload the leading photo and the additional background photo. For offline shops, you can drop the images and explain your desired outcome to the service provider.

Can my service provider send my digitized photos in PSD with layers?

Some customers want their files in PSD format with layers to make additional changes in the photos. Most service providers allow this setup. However, you'll be charged an additional amount if you want this format. Just remember to ask your service provider before getting the services if you wish to have a PSD layer format.

Can I review the edited photos before paying?

Yes, most service providers will send you a low-quality photo with a watermark via email to ask for your final feedback. Once you're happy with the results, they will send you an invoice so that you can make the final payment. After the payment has been verified, you'll receive a high-resolution copy of the digital photo.

Will photo restoration affect the original photo?

Photo restoration will not in any way affect the original photo. Since all alterations and enhancements are done in the digital copy, you can ask for your image to be returned to you after the scan. Thus, you don't need to worry about any damage to your original photo.

Can sun-faded photos be restored?

Displaying your photos inside your home is something many people do. However, being exposed to sunlight for many years can cause sun fading. But don't worry because there's nothing a simple photo enhancement can't do. Expert photo retouchers can even remove those sun-fade marks in a matter of hours. 

How do I scan my photos for online photo restoration?

The key to getting high quality restored photos is the quality of the initially scanned images. Make sure your scanner is dust-free to avoid any particles in your digital copy. You should also scan your photo in 24-bit color with at least 600dpi resolution to ensure the highest quality.

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